Monday, November 12, 2012

Saras Playroom Update

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Newest Blog in the Sara's Playroom Empire

I haven't had time to write my first blog post, but I proudly announce the "fresh", sexy and newly designed: is the newest blog in the Saras Playroom blog empire. This will be an adult Barbie blog with naughty Barbie Doll stories. If you see a naughty Barbie article in the news or have an idea for my Barbie Blog, send me an email:

Barbie isn't just a doll or girl's fashion icon, she is a sex symbol and well, I've always suspected she gayed up Ken! You'll be able to read more as soon as I have Barbie blog posts written up! This popular doll blog may truly fit the literal Sara's Playroom (wink wink).

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Site is Up - Forced Fem by Sara's Playroom! is up, it's the newest site in my growing Sara's Playroom empire ;-) Unfortunately, I had to take the .org domain extension, because .com and .net were not available. I love the Forced Fem website design! Allie did a beautiful job with the site design and in creating the cartoon version of me. Did you notice, she gave me bangs, haha, I've always thought about getting bangs. I've envied Cat Power's bangs for yeeeears. And to those of you who know that I've tried to run into Cat Power aka Chan Marshall here in Miami for yeeeears, no, I haven't run into her so far. I still hope to, but to be honest, I don't even know what I'd say. I love your music? (Lame, everyone probably tells her that.) I have a poster of you? (Even lamer, sounds so groupie-ish.)

So, back on topic! It's easy to get distracted by Cat Power ;-) If you're into Sissification or Forced Fem, call me on Niteflirt to be sissified or forced fem!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sara's Playroom :: Traffic Report

News, weather and traffic report? Well, not that type of traffic report. Sara's Playroom wants to thank all of my friends and admirers for taking the time to vote on the various Toplists and Topsites in the blog post below. Voting as definitely moved Sara's Playroom up, up, up in the ranks as you might have noticed if you've been voting for me. Voting gives my website more visibility on these crucial sites and more visibility means more clicks over to which potentially means more revenue for me. It's always a challenge to source traffic on the net, which is the actual traffic report I was referring to and which I'm sharing with you. After sourcing the key traffic, the next step is to convert the traffic into dollars. It sounds clinical, but it's really the primary principle of success in having a website and online biz especially with so much traffic parked on Facebook and other social networking media. So this was just a quick blog entry to want to thank you for helping me be more successful. Keep voting for Sara's Playroom! Even if you only vote on a favorite site or two on the list, every vote counts.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sara's Playroom Asks - Into Forced Fem?

Sara's Playroom is opening up a new site - - well, the site is actually up, but I need a redesign on the Wordpress theme as the theme isn't functional for some strange reason, and I want more of a visual design instead of a newsy header. In the meantime, you little Forced Fem sissy sluts, I need some nasty confessions, naughty fantasies and real life stories about your Forced Fem experiences. I want to make this site a real go-to for Forced Fem with lots of RSS feed subscribers. So get tapping on the keyboard and write me a confession, fantasy or story. Remember it must be ORIGINAL material only then email it to me via my email link here on my blog to be posted on Forced Fem. You may already know that with all of my blogs, my girlfriends read and get a good laugh or get a kick out of what I write and what you write ha. So my girlfriends will be reading Forced Fem from time to time to amuse themselves. The Forced Fem audience will be primarily other sissy sluts like you and secondarily, some of the hottie GFs you have heard me talk about or have read about on my blogs. This should make your Forced Fem experience either more humiliating or exhilarating or both!

What else is going on with Sara's Playroom? If you haven't already checked out or then check out my other blogs which are fully designed and feature many stories and blog posts for your reading pleasure or humiliation!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sara's Playroom -

Sara's Playroom thanks you for the super ideas and stories you've been submitting to - my other site - which features stories, articles and confessions about Cuckolds, Cuckoldresses and Cuckqueans. did reach the first page of Google searches for the term - Cuckoldress - and the first page of Bing / Yahoo / MSN for the same search term. I hope Cuckoldress can hold page one on all major search engines as it means tremendous traffic and hopefully $$$ follows the traffic.

If you have a Cuckold or Cuckoldress story or confession to submit to my blog, email it to me at Sara (use the @ symbol) - be sure to anonymize names and / or locations in anything you submit to me and above all, your work must be original. Don't lift shit from Penthouse Letters like some ass tried to do, I run everything thru Copyscape and will find out you are just a lazy content thief trying to impress me with your "original" writing.

I try to update weekly and any of your real life Cuckold experiences or Cuckoldress fantasies are exactly what readers want to see on my blog.

As far as Sara's Playroom, I do accept material related to the Interracial niche, take a look to see what I've been writing there. And special thanks to peewee the cuckold for his continued adoration and contributions to all of my blogs, kisses!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sara's Playroom - 600th Blog Post!!

Sara's Playroom blog milestone self-serving pat on my back atta girl Sara. Yes, it's true. Like the one billionth burger served, I have reached my 600th blog post on my blog with this monumental entry. Maybe I should have written a book instead? Or at least an eBook! I think my writing skills aren't being focused to make me as much money as I deserve ;-)

I want to thank all of my readers, the members of the Academy and Blogspot. Without you, this would not have been possible. I remember when I first began blogging, I left my Yahoo Group behind! Guys on my Yahoo Group were complaining I wasn't posting in my Group. Does anyone even care about Yahoo Groups any more? Now I don't go into as much depth in writing here on my old Sara's Playroom blog as I do on my website. And, yes, I get guys complaining about that. Not sure why, maybe they have this blog bookmarked. You can bookmark or subscribe to the RSS feed on my site too! But I shall not abandon my first entree into the world of blogging. I feel strange when I come across an abandoned blog, like it was once loved, and now it's like a ghost town. Can't let that happen to the original Sara's Playroom. So again, thank you and yes, I will occasionally be posting here, but be sure to check out my sites, - - and I'm still working on - it's going to be redesigned...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sara's Playroom - Cuckoldress Movies Recommended

Sara's Playroom received a superb list of Cuckoldress movies to potentially review which include both American films and foreign films, both contemporary films and classic films. Here it is or Voila, as the French say:

1) Jungle Fever
2) Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
3) One Night Stand
4) Bitter Moon
5) Boogie Nights
6) "O"
7) Belle De Jour
8) Melinda and Melinda
9) Eyes Wide Shut
10) A Serious Man

Some of these films are not just cuckolding themed films, but also interracial themed. I'm not familiar with all of the movies on the list, so I will have to look up the ones I am not familiar with on or check on for movie clips.

I've already started a review of the heist double-cross movie, The Getaway, actually, I'm reviewing both the original and the remake. The original features Ali McGraw and Sally Struthers as the Cuckoldresses, I know, neither have aged well and I don't think too many of my readers will be attracted to them now. However, the remake of The Getaway features Kim Basinger and Jennifer Tilly as the Cuckoldresses, so the hotness factor is upped exponentially!

I am familiar with Belle de Jour and loved Catherine Deneuve's performance in the wickedly delicious French film. But, truthfully in Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise deserves to be cuckolded for being much shorter than Nicole Kidman and, well, who doesn't suspect in reality he's gay! So it's hard to play a real man and "get away" with it. Keep the lists for Cuckoldress movie reviews or individual film suggestions coming! Thank you for assisting the Cuckoldress!

Sara of Sara's Playroom

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saras Playroom - Cuckoldress Movies

Please leave a comment here on my Saras Playroom blog or email me about a catchy new movie review feature I'm going to launch and I need my blog readers input. This will be on both and where I plan to occasionally review Interracial themed movies on Sara's Playroom and Cuckold / Cuckoldress themed movies on If you have a favorite Interracial movie or Cuckold / Cuckoldress movie from the past or present, I'd like to know the movie by title and why you found the movie intriguing or sexually exciting. No porno movies, I'm talking about feature films or indie films or foreign films that most of the Sara's Playroom or Cuckoldress readers would either be familiar with or films that most of my blog readers would enjoy my interracial or cuckolding interpretations and reviews of the films from those contexts.

I've found a few films to start out my Cuckoldress reviews, but I have quite a few films for Sara's Playroom in mind, too many! I definitely need to narrow the list down for Sara's Playroom. On I already reviewed the British Keeley Hazell interracial film which didn't see a theater release, sad face, but it must have been terrible, even tho the plot idea of a modern day Venus who only speaks Latin and falls in love with a black Adonis sounded interesting.

I may also extend this to Forced Fem, where I would review movies where guys have crossdressed or gone sissy. But for now I'm sticking to Cuckoldress and Saras Playroom.

Friday, July 08, 2011

SarasPlayroom 5 Year Anniversary!

Sara's Playroom is celebrating its 5 Year Anniversary! 5 years online is a long time for a blog ;-) As most of you know, blogs come and go, or just lay dormant as the blogger abandons their once loved blog. While I've moved Sara's Playroom to, I plan to occasionally write a blog post here to keep you readers amused. Also, I actually get traffic that lands here which then jumps over to my site !! Thanks to Google's Blogspot which features SarasPlayroom high up in the search engines...

And more good news for me, SarasPlayroom just attained a Google PR2 ranking, a page ranking which is tough to achieve for a phone sex or adult site. Google no likey adult sites that much. But I've worked hard to fill SarasPlayroom with content, namely articles, stories, etc., which I feel are of high quality and I hope you agree and even more so, that you find interesting.

If there's something more you'd like to see at, please email me and let me know. Remember, I have to split my time between my regular career job and my online pursuits (i.e. all my websites) so I do have time constraints as to what I can fulfill. I just launched Cuckoldress and am continuing with Red Car Small Penis. Forced Fem is still in design. Look for more from SarasPlayroom as I have time and the creative urge to add to my empire. Here's to another 5 years! Salut!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Sara's Playroom - Cuckold - Forced Fem Stories - Confessions Needed!

Sara's Playroom Productions needs to fill up Cuckoldress and Forced Fem with original, written content to keep my readers cumming back for more Cuckoldress and Forced Fem entertainment. Sara's Playroom Productions specifically needs:

  • Cuckold or Forced Fem // Sissy Stories
  • Lists of at least 10 or your favorite Cuckold or Forced Fem / Sissy Sites or Forums - free or paid (Yahoo Groups do NOT count)
  • Cuckold or Forced Fem / Sissy Confessions

Send to me at Sara =|at|= SarasPlayroom ((dotcom))

Format my Saras Playroom email address before sending. I only cloaked my Saras Playroom email addy to avoid evil trolling spambots ;-)

Original means original. I cannot emphasize this enough: Your Cuckoldress and Forced Fem / Sissy written submissions should be original! I already had one sissy ho-bag try to pass off a long detailed sissy confession letter from Penthouse Letters as his original work to try to faux-finesse 3 free minutes of Niteflirt phone sex. I run everything I receive thru Copyscape, since I don't want the excrement to hit the fan as in Penthouse coming after my hot ass. If you're a member of Niteflirt and you send me an original work of at least 250 words in length that I publish on one of my new Sara's Playroom Productions websites, then I'll send you 3 free minutes of Niteflirt phone sex talk time as a thank you. Lists of at least 10 of your favorite Cuckold or Forced Fem / Sissy sites will earn 1 free minute of phone sex call time, but no sites listing any of my competition will count, meaning no Femdom, Cuckold or Sissification Phone Sex or Phone Domme websites. So earn your 1 - 3 free minutes of phone sex the honest way. Write up something original! Offer limited to one submission in each category. I'm not in the biz of giving away free phone sex, but I'm not an ungrateful bitch!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Site by Sara's Playroom Coming Up

Forced Fem will be the newest site presented by me, Sara of Saras Playroom ;-) for all you sissies, girlie bois and twinks. Right now Forced Fem is in design stage and it will probably take another week or two before the finishing touches are completed on my newest site. I will be accepted sissy photos for that site, so if you have a sissy photo of yourself you'd like to submit for consideration, or a sissy story or confession (original work only!), then please email pics or stories or confessions to me using my email listed here on my blogspot blog.

I'm so excited to add another site to my empire. I started the Saras Playroom blog back in 2006 on the blogspot's free host blogging platform and never dreamed I would be able to expand and have a collection of websites with each one focused on different fetishes and niches that I enjoy. As many of you know, I have real time experience in Interracial, Cuckolding, Small Penis Humiliation and Forced Feminization, so it seems natural to keep expanding and entertaining all of you too!

The Slave Trade will also be another project I hope to complete later this year. Because of the size of the existing Slave Trade archives, I really need a slave to transfer all of the blog posts starting in 2007 thru the present, any volunteers?

Check out my trilogy of sites if you haven't already:

Red Car? Small Penis!

I try to update all 3 sites at least once a week, but sometimes as you know, I'm a little busy. Guest bloggers for Saras Playroom and Cuckoldress are especially invited. Email me!

Monday, June 06, 2011 - by Sara's Playroom!

My newest site: is now up! joins Sara's Playroom and Red Car Small Penis to create a trilogy of sites which focus on Cuckolding, Interracial Sex and Small Penis Humiliation. features news stories related to cuckolding plus cuckold, cuckoldress and cuckquean confessions along with the popular Dear Cuckoldress advice column. In addition, you can talk to me, The Cuckoldress, by calling me on Niteflirt. I'm not setting up a separate Niteflirt Phone Sex listing as The Cuckoldress, I will be available at Saras Playroom.

If you have a cuckold confession or a cuckold question you wish to send to The Cuckoldress (me! winks), then use the comment feature on The Cuckoldress or email me at

I may even add more sites to the Sara's Playroom empire in the future!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The History of Sara's Playroom

Some of you have asked: Where did Sara's Playroom (a/k/a Saras Playroom) originate?

I liked the idea of a catchy name that would indicate a Femdom or Mistress playspace, since that is what some Mistresses call their dungeon, instead of using the ominous word "dungeon". Sara's Playspace just didn't sound as catchy as Sara's Playroom to me. At the time I wasn't thinking about how confusing it might be to guys since apostrophes aren't used in Google searches. Sara's Playroom would need to be known as Saras Playroom or Saras+Playroom in a search box. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't use the name! Truthfully! I would have gone with something completely different. What it would be? I don't know. And as one internet consultant told me, I've already established the brand name, despite the potential confusion. Too late to change: Sara's Playroom or my website or here on blogspot Saras-Playroom

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Loser of the Month - Sniffalot!

Sniffalot comes into work early and stays late. How dedicated, you might think, but really he's not that dedicated to his work at all. Sniffalot comes in early and stays late so he can sniff the office chair seats of the women who work at his office and go thru their drawers (their desk drawers, not their panties) and see what interesting items he might find. He reported that he only sniffs the office chairs of attractive women in the office, but I've told him he must sniff every woman's seat from now on, that as a loser, he can't be so selective.

I asked if he's ever been caught and he said not yet, but the thrill of it excites him. He said it's why he comes into the office early and goes around sniffing the pretty girls' seats, hoping that as they arrive to the office, they might catch him en flagrante. Sniffing gives him a stiffie and then he goes to the men's room and alleviates his stiffalot. When I asked how close he's cum to getting caught seat sniffing, he said he's almost been caught, meaning he's been found in a female colleague's cubicle or office, but since he works in the IT department, his responsibilities include all the office computers and phones, so he usually just says he was fixing something and no one suspects, or so he claims. He told me that most of the women in the office probably think he's a harmless wimpy nerd.

Sniffalot was too scared to send a picture of himself, lest he be identified by a colleague, because I'm so sure that someone from his office reads my blog LMAO.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Twitter Emasculations!

Does forcing a guy to watch a chick flick on a date shrink his dick by 1/2 inch?  This is a theory actress Alison Brie put forth on her Twitter.  Instead of going to an LA Kings hockey game that was her date's choice, she forced her date to see "No Strings Attached" starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher.  Actually, I think that movie would have forced me to vom, let alone shrunk my date's penis size.  So I totally agree or ITA as I would write it in text-ese.  If you want to shrink your date's penis size, don't go to a testosterone-fest sporting event!  Chick flick it!

Alison Brie from Mad Men and Scream 4

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gay Wayne's Chicago Adventure!

After visiting some distant relatives in Wisconson Cheese Country for the holidays, due to terrible weather and risky driving in the heavy snow, instead of making one long marathon drive back to New York, I decided to stop in Chicago. At a bar near the hotel I stayed at, I took one of those freebie magazines you can pick up at the exit door titled:  Hot Places Chicago.  One place in the magazine caught my eye called “Peppermints” which pimped that it was popular with the interracial crowd.

So I went back to my hotel and got ready to go out, thinking why couldn’t I be a crazy horny fuck like Charlie Sheen.  Pick a hot porn girl or model, wine and dine her, have great sex and then move on to the next one. No commitment. Did I leave out the part where he has to pay for the girl? But what better way for my evening of debauchery to start than by going to an interracial joint so I could win back at least one of the white girls taken away from me by black men.  I was feeling confident and even cocky after downing a few shots as a warm-up, literally since it was so cold, at the bar.

On the way to Peppermints, I did feel like a dirty little sneak.  Sara always told me that I should only think about about cock. White pussy should only be a black man’s right. But I said to myself, how is she going to know? So you see this is a hard thing for me to write about. You know being a sneak and all. That’s why I hesitate to write this, but I thought I’d be able to keep this a secret from Sara.  But I should know, I’ve never been able to keep secrets from her, sooner or later I wimp out and confess them.

Entering Peppermints, I lucked out, it was Happy Hour (reduced drinks for ladies only).  There were hardly any black guys there yet. Standing next to me were a couple of white guys.  I ordered a beer then we got to talking. The bartender named Figgy was a white dude wearing one of those double printed t-shirts that had a picture of Obama on the front.  On the back it read HONOR and RESPECT the BLACK MAN.  The white guys standing next to me agreed that Figgy the bartender was totally gay, wearing hoop earrings and sporting bleached blonde hair.  He took his time waiting on us, but jumped to attention for a black stud. It was obvious he had some kind of fetish for black men.

Me and my two new white friends (Chicago locals) saw a table clearing and decided to take it. I found out the white dudes were just like me looking for white pussy.  But they did not know they were in an interracial bar, which I informed them I had found an ad for Peppermints in Hot Places Chicago and that it was advertised for white girls and black dudes.  These guys were from the North side of Chicago and weren’t familiar with the South side, but had wrapped up some biz in the area and decided to have a few brews.  After downing a lot of Sam Adams we started talking a lot of trash. How white girls should be dating only white guys.  That it was a white man’s world.  We decided to a have one more Sammy before we approached the ladies to shame them into going back to white guys. Down the hatch, we drank to our new coalition.

With hardly any black guys in the place, we decided to make our move. It was now or never!  Much to Figgy's disgust, my two new juiced up buddies and I went around the bar insulting white girls about their lust for dating black guys.  We laughed because the only negative response we got back from a girl, while the others held their tongues with resentment, was a “shut the fuck up you frosted flakes”.  I wasn't sure if that meant we were sugar frosted white boys or flakes or both.  After we were done making our rounds at the bar, we felt victorious.  We thought we had planted the seeds for the white girls to remember us white guys.  Then we started to leave the bar in triumph.  We were going to go out for a steak dinner next.

Now that should have been the end of the story.  Ahead of the game, we should have walked out of that bar without saying another word.  Even though we did not pick up any hot ladies, at least we had spoken our mind and we should have just gone and gotten our steak man-meat dinner.  Y’know it's sort of like walking away with your winnings at the gambling table before you lose it all.  But my new so-called friends had to add insult to injury.   On the way out there were three white hotties sipping drinks and talking by the exit door.  What would come after using bad judgment could have been easily avoided. We had no idea what was waiting in store for us.

 The two white guys stopped before the doorway and urged me to make a comment to the girls standing there. They said it was my turn.  I did not want to be a chicken, so I said:  "Hey girls." No answer. The girls were too busy chatting. The guys urged me on.  So I raised my voice:  "Hey girls!" They looked at me and said:  "Are you talking to us?"  I looked back at the guys and they nodded to carry on.  I said hesitatingly: "Yes, do you girls by any chance date black guys?  I mean is that who you are waiting for?"  "What’s it to you?"  The girls responded.  The guys urged me to push on.  "Well, you know you’re going to be looked at as sluts if you date black only." The guys cracked up. The girls replied: "You got to be fucking kidding us, right." I could tell they had started fuming.

One of the girls began to verbally spar with me: "You’re coming in here talking this pompous crap?  I bet you’re one of those little white assholes on Twitter who leave racist comments. What, are you jealous because a white girl picks a black man over your bigoted asses?”  I could tell that white girl was more pissed off than the others.

I looked to the side at my white buddies with “beer” confidence thinking I had scored a big hit with them.  My Chi-town buddies coaxed me on saying, “Com’n Wayne.  Tell these girls off.”  I faced the pissed off girls trying to be as cool as I could and said something really nasty where I used the “N” word.   I turned to my side to look for my buddies approval. Suddenly they were no longer laughing, but had an awfully worried look on their faces.  I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I turned around. My heart dropped. My knees quivered. A big powerful black man at least a head in height over me was staring down at me with his arms crossed, looking pretty damn mean. I knew right then and there that the white man domination experiment had expired. The party was over. P.S. This may be a good time to end here because this material probably isn’t suitable for all your readers unless they like gay interracial action…

 "You want to say that N word to my face whiteboy?" SMACK. I immediately fell to my knees and cried:  "No sir, I did not mean to say it sir."  He smacked me again and said: "And did you  call these white girls sluts for dating us?" SMACK.  "Sorry sir for acting like such a stupid whiteboy sir?" He then hesitated with his arms on his hips thinking about what to do next.  The girls didn’t even come to my rescue or ask him to spare me, in fact, they thought this was hilarious and said "Darien, what did you stop for? Keep smacking that smart mouth fairyfag. Teach him a lesson."

SMACK. SMACK.SMACK. BIG ROLLS OF TEARS NOW CAME ROLLING FROM MY EYES.  I looked to my so-called buddies who had my back just a moment ago. But they were both standing there scared shitless. Smack Smack Smack. I cried like a little bitch who owed money to a loanshark and was getting a beat-down from his enforcers.

''Who’s laughing now whiteboy?" The girls said.  The humiliation was becoming increasingly unbearable. The girls were laughing at the way I was crying.  He made me apologize to them.  “I'm sorry ladies for calling you sluts for dating black men who are better than us stupid whiteboys. Because it is step down for you beautiful white ladies to date wormy white fags like me."

The black man then looked up and said to my useless white buddies:  "Did you two whiteboys come in here to pick up white girls?'' “No, sir," they said in unison. Darien then said:  "The only whiteboys who come here are fags.  So I want you two to start making out with each other right now.  I want to see tongue action. NOW!"  The two guys were in such a state of fear that they began to make out. The girls were getting a little thrill about the kiss and were yelling things like: "Com’n fags, kiss like you mean it! Pussyboys!  Just remember those gay video clips you watch online when you jerk off."

The black man then grabbed my arm and took me into the Mens Room while this was happening. He told me my days of thinking about white pussy were over.  He started to pull down his zipper and told me to get on my knees. Then he whipped out the most beautiful long thick black cock I had ever seen, I nearly fainted.  He proceeded to whip my face with it, telling me this was the cock that’s been inside many white ladies that I could only dream about.  He made me beg to worship it.  Telling me to kiss it and tell him what a white fag I was for making love to his black cock. But then he said he needed a beer first and dragged me to the bar.  I had no idea what my fate would be after Darien had downed his beer.

Out in the bar area, my two buddies were still making out.   I could not get over the fact that they came in all cocky like I did, after making their business deal, cruising for pussy, but were forced to go gay instead. Again, so much for winning back the white ladies. When Figgy the bartender served the beer to my black master he said to my defense:  ''You know Darien, I’ve been watching all this from the start, it's really those two North side guys making out who instigated this whole thing and edged him (me) on to annoy the girls."  The black man said "Is that so?" With that he downed his pint of beer and grabbed the two white boys each by their ear and took them out into the alleyway.  The girls followed them outside,  thrilled that they were gonna see two  big mouth white fags get smacked down by a big black stud.  

I saw an emergency exit door on the other side of the barroom and thought this was my big chance to escape so I ran out the door and fell over a garbage can outside in the dark alley and got my jacket and shirt all covered in dirty snow. I got up and started running again.  Did I feel guilty that I left my two new friends back there in the other side alley? Well did they come to my defense when I was being humiliated and smacked around? I thought it was a clear case of every fag for himself.  I know that it was three against one and technically, we should have been able to stand up to the black guy, but then again, we were three white wimps, so probably not.    I learned two things that night:  1.  Respect women’s choices as to whom they go out with.   2. Black men will take over all white women.  It's hopeless for white men.

As I ran back to my hotel I was thinking how much like a dirty little whore I felt like.  I wished I could be safe in my home back in New York watching gay porn in my ballerina outfit while Sara could be telling me on the phone what a dirty little GAY CUNT I AM.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clean Your Dirty Balls!

Click on the Blog Title above for the hilarious Axe Body Wash infomercial about cleaning your dirty balls.  Axe Body Wash commercials have always pushed the envelope for their raunchy or nude content.  Some of their commercials have even been banned for being, yes, too sexual. 

Jaime Pressly plays Monica Blake, a former tennis star, in this humiliating 3 minute short-form infomercial piece stuffed with Small Balls and Small Penis Humiliation double entendres, innuendos and tiny cock teasing

Notice how the biggest sack of balls (soccer balls) are tossed to the Size Queens:  Axe Body spokesmodel and Jaime Pressly by a hot studly black dude.  Stereotype of Small Penis Humiliation?  The small dick loser wimpy white boys only offer up tiny golf balls and fuzzy used tennis balls for the Axe Body Wash to clean.  In a comedic bit, an old white dude shows up with two shriveled unrecognizable balls. 

Jaime and the hottie spokesmodel cuckold and embarrass the white boys in the infomercial audience about their small "sports" equipment.  Complete Small Penis Humiliation and Small Balls Humiliation!   

Friday, August 27, 2010

29% of Adults (Men!) Visit Porn Sites at Work

Yes, 29% of American adults, which in this case means men, visit porn sites at work and spend an average of 12 minutes surfing porn at work. What else takes about 12 minutes to do? Yeah, you guessed it.

But a higher percentage or American workers overall visited:  social networking sites, online gaming, personal email and instant messaging websites. However, porn did beat out eBay and Craigslist and news site cruising.  So when is any work getting done?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Quickest Retirement Ever!

Amanda Bynes tweeted that she has returned to acting. So we can look forward to more of Amanda on the big and little screen. Well what else was she going to do? Interracial Porn? As you may remember, Amanda had confessed quite a few times on Twitter and in interviews that she prefers chocolate over vanilla. See post below for more details on Amanda's black cock lust....

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amanda Bynes retires from acting, still loves big black cock!

Amanda - Chocolate Wrestling - leads us to Amanda on her Twitter:

"I love dudes that know how to respect a woman like me. I only smile if I’m happy if you catch me smiling I’m happy. I save my energy for someone who deserves it and earns it. I like black men I’m very attracted to them just fyi. I’ve never written the movies & tv shows I’ve been apart of I’ve only acted like the characters the producers or directors wanted me to play. Being an actress isn’t as fun as it may seem. If I don’t love something anymore I stop doing it. I don’t love acting anymore so I’ve stopped doing it. I know 24 is a young age to retire but you heard it here first I’ve retired."

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Black Cock Lust Takes Over the UK!

from peewee, intrepid UK blog correspondent...

"I certainly think Cheryl Cole has fulfilled your prediction and has moved on to bigger and better black cock, since her split with love rat Ashley Cole. Will.I.Am seems smitten with her and the word over hear is that she is falling for him fast!


I am actually pleased to see her looking so very happy with her new man. And it's great to see her spending her time away from Will by perfecting sexy dance routines with another hot big black man. She knows how to keep all her whiteboy fans over here in our place I can tell you!

That said, Will and Cheryl would be a great couple. A pretty brunette with a big, rich, black man is a good match I have to concede. I think ALL English whiteboys would secretly admit that Cheryl belongs with a big black man now. It just seems so right.

And as for Ashley Cole, there has been a leaked story that he has already moved on from the FHM No.1 Sexiest Woman.... to the FHM No.4 Sexiest Woman! Namely Frankie Sandford from the band, The Saturdays!! She's another crazily pretty young brunette. He must have something, that man!!


The story was denied by Frankie's agents and there is a suggestion that she has since got back with her whiteboy ex. But those rumours of secret meetings with Ashley, and indeed another black man (Aston Merrygold from boyband sensation JLS), will not die down. Rumour has it that - surprise, surprise! - she really likes black men.


In fact, the JLS boys are so popular with British hotties that they are inducing hysteria not witnessed since the Beatles days!!


And the marketing men behind these 4 young successful black men are cashing in with some imaginative flourishes. Such as their decision to unveil JLS condoms!! They talk of colour coding the condoms but I wonder if there will be a black coloured one to give the ladies a taste of the real thing?

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I'm just so thankful that you've already conditioned me on how to accept and deal with the fact that ALL pretty girls want big cocks and are attracted to black men. A lot of white guys must not yet realise that it is our place to be marginalised, rejected and cuckolded by pretty girls. So thank you very, very much Empress Sara. I can now genuinely enjoy watching and hearing about beautiful girls such as Cheryl Cole, Frankie Sandford, Sophie Reade and yourself going black, and not feel negatively about my own obvious inadequacies. Your blogs are therefore an invaluable tool for ALL whiteboys nowadays. They should be prescribed reading!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Golddigger A-Go-Go!

Playboy playmate, Jenna Bentley, supposedly 21, landed herself a rich Sugar Daddy. GO Golddigger GO! She is engaged to the king of pawn shops, whose age was not available on google. So he must be a mythical figure, like Santa Claus. For Jenna, it's Christmas every day of the year! Here are some tasty pics of them on vacay. Wait till Nicole sees them! It might light a golddigger fire under her ass.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

cUcK Update! from peewee

from peewee, intrepid UK blog reporter....

Reverse cucking!! Love it!! Kim K seems to get involved in the world of cuckolding, as I understand that she also briefly hooked up with Britain's most famous cuckold, Wayne Bridge. And naughtily (not to mention bizarrely!) she did so whilst still seeing Reggie Bush! Reverse cucking with a cuck! Impressive Miss Kardashian, impressive! Haha! She also just met up with Cristiano Ronaldo, who you so aptly nicknamed Crissie, top footie (soccer) player of questionable sexual orientation. Is he homosexual, metrosexual or heterosexual - consumes a lot of pub talk.

Also, I stumbled across a great article inspired by the England Captain's cuckolding of his team-mate. More interestingly, the article focuses on the premise that to be cuckolded in Britain is, perhaps more than anywhere else, truly contemptuous! Whereas some nations accept the horns of a cuckold more readily, over here in the UK, to be a cuckold is, quite frankly, pathetic:


And did you know that the gorgeous Amii Grove is with a black man again? Yeah, she's reported to be happily loved up with black footballer, Gabi Agbonlahor. Amii's calendar, as you well know, was on my wall all last year and now it seems 100% official that she is 'black only'. I'm happy for her, and I mean that sincerely.

It's the same with American Barbie Doll, Aubrey O'Day. As with Cheryl Cole, Kendra Wilkinson, Kim Kardashian... and you, it seems that a love of black men is hard to repress.


Lovely stuff!

And speaking of lovely stuff, Aubrey O'Day and Kim Kardashian, two BBC lovers!