Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ebony Overtakes Ivory! An Island Tale....


Hi Sara, Gaywayne a/k/a Cockfairy asked me (a freelance writer for women's magazines) to send a story to your blog (which I think is fabulous). He thought it would be nice to have a story from a woman's point of view. Well, you all must of heard about Robyn, I mean Robinson Crusoe, who lived on a remote Island for many years alone after he was shipwrecked. Until he met his boy Friday.

Well that one-sided story that Daniel Defoe wrote about after interviewing Robyn never sat well with me. How he made that poor black man into his servant. So I thought a 2010 update version was indeed needed for a younger generation to read. So I pressured one of the magazine editors I freelance for called WOMEN IN POWER to foot the bill. The magazine chartered the plane to fly me to that small remote Island which was not easy to find since it was still not registered on the map. But once I got there the rest was easy and then the real fun began!

I found Robinson Cutehole I mean Crusoe to be very egotistical and boring (not to mention having a low opinion of women and blacks). His story sounded like a lot of hot air to me. I decided to straighten this white guy's attitude out once and for all. I asked him to call for his boy Friday. When he whistled for his boy to come in to his hut, I could not get over the very huge and sexy muscles this hot and very good-looking ebony blackman had when he walked in with a tray of fruit wearing nothing but a tiny loincloth that barely covered his well-hung manhood.

I eyed Friday up and down then said out loud to Robyn. "There's no way you could wrestle down this big hunkful of a blackman and make him submit to you." I challenged them both to a wrestling contest. I was right. In no time Friday easily manhandled Robyn like the pathetic whiteman that he is. I laughed at Robyn struggling uselessly against the bigger and stronger black man. After Friday pinned him to the ground, he sat on his chest with his huge cock facing Robyn's terrified face. Then I had Friday spank his ass. Boy did Friday (no pun intended) make Robyn look like a silly little fool. I then sent Robyn away and fucked Friday all night long.

The next day when Friday went out hunting I went to work on Robyn. I told him things were now going to change for good. I told him to first shave off that long ugly beard and all the hair on his body. When he protested I said when Friday comes back, I'll have him bitch slap you. He meekly obeyed with his eyes full of terror. I gave Robyn a perm and bleached his curly hair blonde. As I was applying his eyeshadow, I asked him how did it feel to get his ass kicked by his former black servant in front of a white girl? And what goes through a white guy's mind when he has to look at as a black man's cock up really close? Woundn't he just love to stare at it up that close everyday? How did he like being over Friday's black knees being ass spanked like a helpless little sissyfag?

I thought Robyn was going to die when I applied his red lipstick and said to him, I bet you never thought your nose would be up a blackman's ass cheeks huh? His face turned dark red when I said, "Woundn't you just love to have a blackman's balls bouncing up and down on your nose more than seeing a girl in a bikini? Wouldn't it be worth it Robyn?"

I put on my Lexington Steele strap-on and fucked Robin's cherry ass all week long. I told him when I'm gone Friday's big black cock would be the only thing to replace it. By the end of the week I had him dressed as a sissy maid with a Maxwell House GOOD TO THE LAST DROP apron. As I ordered him to fetch me a cup of coffee, I checked out his whiteboy tushy covered in silky panties. I knew right then and there that all he would want is a big black cock to stuff and satisfy his pussy.

To Robyn, not only civilization, but also women were just memories in his past. The only thing I left him to read were Betty Crocker cookbooks and Dark Inches magazines. That's all a whiteman should be reading today. Before I left the Island I fucked Friday till my pussy was sore. When we were done we called in Robyn for refreshments and snacks. Friday checked out the new sissymaid Robyn carrying a tray of fruit along with drinks in coconut shells. I told Friday that white fags are now replacing the old stereotype of the subservient female housewife. I knew Friday liked the idea when he told Robyn to turn around and bend over. Then Friday pulled down his panties and stuck a big bannana up Robyn's girlish ass. We both laughed as Robyn winced.

Let me read the cute little postcard Robyn send me when I got home. IT READS:

Greetings, I want to thank you for turning me into a sissyfag housewife for my beautiful blackman Friday. I never thought being a silly gay ivory fairy would be my destiny. Yesterday I pouted to my black man for not appreciating the cooking I learned from your the cookbooks you left me. He in turn grabbed my gay ass and proceeding to give me a very big wet and hot kiss. Just the thrill of his big black lips touching my tiny white ones made me want to faint. It was enough to make me explode in my panties. Can't wait for his massive manhood to stuff my hungry white pussy. Must run and do more housefairy duties now. Doodles, Robyn Cutehole your Faggot

When I read this post card to my girlfriends at a holiday drink-fest we had at a niteclub, they all died laughing. When a stupid whiteboy recognized me and came up to complain about my new magazine article "Ebony Overtakes Ivory", I said to him: "Well you see that black man over there, no, not the bouncer, the other one, well he's my boyfriend. Go tell him you don't agree with my article." He said: "No thanks." And lowered his head. I said to him: "Now run away little girlyboy and find a blackman to be a sissymaid for." All of us girls laughed and gave each other the high five. Happy New Year Sara to you and your friends and your blog readers!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Poem from my devoted peewee

If- (Was A Night Before Christmas)

If you can ask Santa for another year of celibacy, when all about you

Are kissing under misletoe and blaming it on you,

If you can worship Black Bulls so that girls humiliate you,

But make allowance for Empress Sara's teasing too;

If you can send Christmas wishes to Sara, Nicole and Ember, as you're cruelly berated,

But never pretend to be hung, don't deal in lies,

If you're there to be laughed at, don't give up because you're hated,

Accept your place this winter, and your feeble penis size:

If you can dream of Sara - and pay her every Xmas Bonus Buck

If you can think of Her - and make those thoughts your aim

If you can hope for girls to go black, and accept that white boys suck,

And encourage real men to hit on your most beloved old flame;

If you can bear to hear the brutal truth the Goddess has spoken

And look upon Santa as a cuckolded fool,

Realizing that, to Mrs Claus, he is no more than a token,

As on Christmas Eve she's filled and thrilled with Big Black tools:

If you collect all your presents, cash and trimmings

And send them to Ruiness Sara who is your true Boss,

And when you've paid, start next year at your beginnings

And never breath a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and mind and purse

To serve your Empress for now and forever,

And accept your shriveled, snow white willy is the worst

But that being owned by sweet Sara is worth the endeavor!

If you can sing your Christmas Carols with meaning and virtue,

Then talk with Size Queens you can never touch,

If the hotties in red Xmas stockings laugh at, and hurt you,

And this makes your lil' dick stand out, but none too much;

If you can fill 2009's final minute

With sixty seconds' worth of Niteflirt fun,

You belong in Sara's Playroom, with everything that's in it,

And - which is more - you'll be a Yuletide Cuckold, every last one!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) & Peewee (1976-Present Day)

peewee that is truly amazing, I went back online to read the original poem and you've crafted something quite wicked and extraordinary! Merry XXXmas! ~ Ruiness Sara

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A New Wood in Tiger's Future

Gaywayne becums Cock Fairy!!!

Cock Fairy's Update!

Dear Sara, I honestly think if there were more girls who thought like you, no woman would ever have to wash a dish or vacuum ever again, because girls like you would turn us whitebois into pretty little Suzy Homemakers or Maxwell Housewives.

I have noticed in porn movies, the porn starlets are becoming more aggressive. Rubbing their finger(s) on men's assholes to make them think they have pussies. Also a good way to start making them yearn for cock. And do housework.

Where do you find such hot-looking black men? I love the bit you did on Chad OchoCinco. I also really like how you and Nicole choose the most darkest studs over the whitebois. I'd love to see a photo of Chad nude. Is there a website that has that?

I also love the new family arrangement in the Windows 7 video you posted on your blog of a woman having two men: a real black man and a wimpy whiteboi. Thank god the days of the a man having two submissive women are over. I wonder if that black man feeds the whiteboi any cock. He can't be getting any pussy from the whitegirl. Not when she has a hunk of a black man like that.

Finally, I noticed at the supermarket check-out the other day on one of the tabloid magazine covers, there were three female celebs on the front cover. You guessed it. They're all married to black men. Khloe Kardashian, Tiger Woods' Wife and that Playmate Kendra Wilkinson who is married to that black football player. It's interesting that all of Tiger's "mistresses" are white. No wonder why there are so many whitebois becoming gay. Love Cock Fairy P.S. I love that other name you call me is Wussywayne

Where Size Queenery runs in the family, Khloe (with Lamar Odom) takes off where Kim began (with Reggie Bush)

Wussywayne, I haven't found a pic of Chad's "OchoCinco", tho it might be larger than 8.5", if you find one, email it to me!

I'll Take the Rugby Player or Footballer, thank you....

peewee, my intrepid UK blog reporter sent me these awesome pics of different UK sportstars in Football (soccer), Rugby and Cricket being used in an advertising campaign in the UK

Notice the skinny, wimpy whiteboi Cricket players hiding their pathetic lack of manhood with big black bats! Subliminally obvious!