Sunday, February 21, 2010

What is "Victoria's Secret"?

From peewee intrepid UK blog reporter....


Until now, it was assumed that Victoria's Secret models shared only one thing in common - their unrivaled beauty. Besides being the most beautiful white and Latina girls in the entire world, these stunners share another common trait. A trait that is Victoria's Secret - these perfect models have ALL gone black!

First up is Heidi Klum. She was so smitten by the contents of Seal's cycle shorts when she spotted him in a New York City hotel that she since married him and the rest is interracial and cuckoldress history.

Adriana Lima is another Size Queen who went for dark meat. She is perfect, one of THE most desired girls on the planet. Formerly engaged to the legendary 'Blacker' of beauties, Lenny Kravitz. Thus, she was ruined for all whiteboys! Indeed this is evident since she married gargantuan Slavic basketball player, Marko Jaric.

Likewise, Doutzen Krous makes no secret of her preferences. She told the Dutch Telegraaf: "I represent a young healthy woman and I am not as thin as all other models. This has advantages and disadvantages because you are always different than the rest. But I also have a private life and I have a preference for black men and they mostly like curvy bodies, and eh, I am very proud of my butt...haha. It's true that black men have an extra flavor." Doutzen doesn't hesitate showing off her desire for big black men in public. Watch and weep, lil whiteboys!

Petra Nemcova, one of the most perfect creatures to ever walk the earth, is also hooked on black cock.

Petra is hooked in a BIG way. She is utterly perfect, so it isn't a surprise to find she's gone black only. Petra has enjoyed a number of relationships with well known black men: Wyclef Jean, Russell Simmons and John Legend, the latter would have been a legendary blacking to behold!

Finally, Adriana Sklenarikova is not going to disagree with her black cock lovin' VS lovelies, as she is married to huge black stud, Cristian Karambeau.

So, ladies and gentleman, now you know precisely what Victoria's Secret is. It is an overwhelming urge by their perfect, gorgeous models to jump on as much big black cock as possible!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

And Speaking of Size Queens....

It's been established that Megan Fox likes it large and in this case, the only fuckable guy in her tv commercial is the BBC hot piece! Mischievous Megan snaps hot pics of herself using her Motorola Devour (great name for a Size Queen's cell phone brand) and the mayhem follows.

from peewee intrepid UK blog contributor....

In the tv commercial, Megan, as always, looks pretty hot. But I notice that the white admirers are presented as, in turn, a loser cable guy with middle-aged spread, someone wanking in his bedrooom, a pussy-whipped manbag sporting hubby and smacked gayboys. Only the black guy looks man enough for Megan herself! About right eh?!

Another Size Queen Speaks Out....

"I'm really shallow when I come to guys. I only date really good
looking, well-endowed guys, with great bodies. My friends are always
going on at me. I'm like I can't help it! I'm just a woman with high

Sports Illustrated Model Josie Maran should keep up the high standards! ~Sara

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Olivia Munn - Size Queen and Oral Slut!

peewee had alerted me to tv show host Olivia Munn being an unapologetic Size Queen and more details are in from one of my underhung admirers....

"Olivia Munn states how size matters frequently and without apology. This comes up a lot because she has been the host of a couple of sex talk shows, including one with Dr. Drew. The only problem is that her co-hosts are always trying to tone down her comments so her true Size Queen preferences always get a bit smoothed over.

Anyhow, it gets more fun.

Recently, Olivia was photographed buying condoms:

Olivia Buying Condoms

I was curious about the brand - Crown. As it turns out, it's used by porn stars due to its silky invisibility and durability.

So I ordered some...really curious to see how it would fit on my cock, as I'd seen conflicting review online about what sizes it was good for.

Well, the condoms came in this week. I have a friend who likes to cuckold me and she was interested in trying them on my cock for amusement. She's 23, hot and enjoys telling me about her sexual exploits with studs. A couple times she has jacked off my little dick while telling me about how well she has recently been fucked by someone much bigger, laughing at my inadequate cock when it cums in her hand - dreamy stuff really for a guy like me.

So she came over last night. Sara, it was classic! Even with my little dick as rock hard as it has ever been, it was comical. I was disappointed that the condom wasn't loose related to thickness. I'm about five inches thick, so not very thick, but there are more slender guys, and it fit pretty snuggly thickwise. But length - there was a huge flappy sack at the tip of the condom. My friend couldn't help but laugh at me, I had to laugh too, it was comical. So we know Olivia isn't fucking a five inch guy - the condom would be ridiculous for someone of my size. Even six inches would leave a pretty decent sack at the tip.

So, we got curious. I have a larger strap-on dildo, eight inches long and six and half around (so very thick). Unfortunately, that thickness was too thick for the Crown, I was kind of disappointed. But I did notice that at the thinnest part of the dildo, near the head, around six inches around, which is still a pretty decent thickness, the Crown seemed fine. I didn't have any more toys, but did have a water bottle, just a little thinner, and while it was still too tight thickwise it gave a good idea of the thickness tolerance, it did shed light on the length - up to eight inches would be not much problem in the Crown, with seven or seven and a half being perfect.

So whoever Olivia is fucking as of the condom purchase is way bigger than me that's for sure - either on the large side of average or pretty big. I thought that was hot. My cuckoldress friend is going to try it on her current fuckbuddy but she's pretty sure he's too thick."

And now a classic video of Olivia deep throating a hot dog! ~Sara

Oral Olivia!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

The moron writes to itself again, how pathetic!

Tap tap tap go the little moron's fingers on its keyboard as it taps out its handiwork, another self-humiliation message for its Owner to post here on her blog for all her readers and girlfriends to laugh it and they do, especially Nicole who takes great delite in knowing such a pathetic creature exists!

Poor little moron. It was so mortified that it came crawling back on its knees.

Poor pathetic idiot. It was so desperate that all it could say when it arrived was “Own me, please, I beg of You.”

Poor mindless zombie. It’s utterly disoriented, thinking only what it’s told to think, feeling only what it’s told to feel.

Poor jerk-off addict. It’s so wild over its enslavement to and adoration of its Owner that it finds every possible opportunity to jerk off as it imagines one more degrading insult after another at the hands of its Owner.

Poor little poet of submission. It is so deeply enslaved that it desperately tries to find any moment available to write humiliation messages to its idiot self.

Poor, sad little man with no integrity. It is so beaten down by its Owner that there is no line it is capable of drawing and saying, “No, this I can’t and won’t do.” It is now incapable of any resistance or defense to any command, direction, or instruction from its Owner.

Frightened little troll. It knows that its Owner will now use and abuse it in unheard of ways, and there is not a single thing it can do about it. Its Owner knows that She will not have to force any abuse upon it. That fragile resistance is just a game, a ploy to try to salvage some little shred of dignity. It will beg and plead for the abuse it craves from its OWNER.

And it will pay, and pay, and pay out of its own craving to give away to its OWNER anything and everything that might indicate potency of any kind. Especially financial tributes, since there isn't anything potent otherwise that the moron can offer!