Thursday, December 28, 2006

Alpha Male....

When I googled Alpha Male plus Photo (alpha male + photo), the top sponsored link was (cue drum roll.....)

I so doubt this is true.

Usually the ones with $$$$ have the smallest dicks, and they have learned to compensate or overcompensate for their lack of manhood by building their fortunes. They obtain positions of power to compensate for their lack of penis size. The Napoleon Complex can be lived out phallically. But in reality, women would reject them for sex otherwise in favor of the well-hung, alpha males.

Why else would my girlfriends and I troll the clubs for black guys, not caring if they have status jobs or money or whiteboy bling? All they need is a big cock. All we want is to do is fuck them.

When you (meaning me and other whitey type girls in S-FLA) meet a black guy at a club, all you want them to do is manhandle you, grind against you on the dance floor, tell you what they want to do to you and then go do it. You only want their first name, you give them your cellie info, and hope they give you theirs, but not always, they don't want a bunch of bitchy horny white girls hounding them for cock. But you don't ask black alphas: So what do you do, what kind of car you drive, you don't try to suss out what kind of money or bling they might have. That kind of shyte doesn't matter.

It's the white guys you have to do your detective work on: job or business? condo w/ocean vu? car(s)? toy(s)? net worth? dick size? fuckability? use-ability?
as in uuuuuse....

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Once you go Black....

CONFESSION: I have an inferior white clitty cock and deserved to be punished for not being able to satisfy my wife. My tiny balls cant even shoot any potent sperm so my wife fucks black guys so they can fill her with their superior seed. She punishes my worthlessness by stomping my balls. All women should thank Sara for helping to wipe out the inferior men.

Note from Sara: Pic of one of my friends T. out clubbing it in Miami! Yes, they did hook up later!

Sunday, December 24, 2006

How we will turn you gay on XXXmas

it's just another xmas in southern F-L-A

tis the season to make you turn gay

it wont take nicole n me singing an xmas carol

to make you don your gay apparel

it's time you learned how to smoke some pole

so head on down to the glory hole

balls will jingle against your chin

while the big black yule log slides right in

and don't you dare choke or gag

take it you whipped prancer fag

how much do you crave cocksuckery?

santa left you a Blackzilla dildo under the xmas tree

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Stick out your can!!

Sara is making me go after black cock. She said it is not enough to just jerk off to it or call one of those gay chat lines and try to hook up with a black guy to get off on the phone. I told her: where I live there aren't any bookstores or adult places or escorts due to zoning and other right winger laws. So Sara asked day to day where I see black guys and of course the garbage men popped into mind. So Sara started making me leave stuff at the top of my bin, gay stuff, like pictures torn from gay magazines with post it notes about how gay I am how much I want to suck cock and be a faggot for black. I wake up early every Monday morning to wait for them to come down my street then I peek out the window to see if they noticed. I told Sara I didn't think they did. Perhaps they get used to seeing just about everything in people's trash. But one morning they were laughing and said: here's the faggot's! So Sara said since it's Christmas I have to tape envelopes to the outside of the bins with tip $ in there and say how I would like to show them even more appreciation and to please knock on my door. Since Monday is Christmas, they will come on Tuesday. Tuesday I know I will have to suck them off or do whatever they say. I am nervous, but it is keeping my little dick hard just thinking about it. Thank you Sara.

Another Lover of Black Dick Confesses

My confession: When I was in high school, my buddies and I stole a car but we went across state lines with it, not knowing this made it worse for us when we got caught. So I had to do time in juvenile. It was like 'boot camp light'. The part I am getting to is every week, a dude from the big house would come to speak with us, 'Scared Straight' type talks and usually these dudes were big and black or big white dudes with prison muscles and loads of tats. When I got out of 'juvee', all I masturbated to were these fantasies of being taken by a big black dude in prison or more than one in a gang bang. It was this overwhelming fantasy to be forced to suck or take black dick. I still went out with girls and had girlfriends in high school etc, but all I masturbated to was cock. Lately after talking to these harsh chicks on Niteflirt incl. Sara (who isn't so harsh but more coercive) I started posting on websites about looking for black and I've hooked up with black dudes, once in a park I started to get ready to suck this dude, but it was a set up and his friends jumped me and took my wallet, but I didn't have anything in there because I knew better than to go to a blowjob rendezvouz with a bunch of cash and credit cards. One time, I hooked up with a black truckdriver at a truck stop, he said there is a lot of action at truck stops gay and straight. He made me lick out his ass, lick his big black balls. He shot his load all over my face. Then he made me whack it, but every time I got close, he pinched and squeezed my balls so tight, I couldn't cum. He told me that I had little white baby balls and there was no cum in there anyway. Sara makes me whack it onto a toothbrush and brush my teeth with it, then I wake up in the morning with cum breath, I feel so gay.

A Slut for Big Cock shares his Yahoo Group Lust

I'd like to confess that I use yahoo groups and to try and find big cocks to suck. Its a fantasy of mine to be owned by a Mistress and have her watch while I get used by multiple cocks daily. Usually when I play with myself I think about being dressed as a slut as instructed. Then I get to satisfy who ever she likes. Sometimes I get to lick her pussy as my ass gets pounded but usually I have a long thick black dick in both holes. Some of the groups I visit daily are:


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Burn your girlie mags!

Dear lovely Sara; I know it's been a while since I talked to you but I feel you should know I about the progress from macho straightman to punk fag. I did burn all my naked ladies mags only to replace them with naked men mags. First I bought Playgirl, but like you said it was not dirty enough. So when I burned Penthouse girl mag I went out and bought Torso. Then burned Gallery and bought Blueboy. Then OUI for Score. Then Cherry for Black Inches and so on. Before when I bought Playgirl mag the cashier girl thought it was for my girlfriend. Now buying a book like Inches she now must think I'm a total fag. I did go to a bookstore last weekend and I did go in a booth. I was hoping a black well hung musclebound guy would walk in, but no one came in. Every cockmaster must be out shopping for xmas. I need a woman like you Sara to make me do the unthinkable. Hope to hear from you my Goddess

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Saras Playroom on Google

Did you ever Google your name to see what would come up? I haven't found myself on Google yet, but maybe I haven't been bad enough ;-) I did Google my Niteflirt username. Google magic, a few of my links popped up along with a few giggle-worthy finds. My favorite...a quote from a story titled 'A Little Princess' <---- how fitting!!

"Is it true," Ermengarde whispered, as they went through the hall--"is it true that you have a playroom all to yourself?"

"Yes," Sara answered.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Gay Straight or Taken! New show on Lifetime

How I wish I could be a contestant on this show. I have supreme gaydar and could suss out the little faggot asap. But my tests would be a little too xxx for Lifetime network. I mean isn't Lifetime the network that my Mom and her friends watch?

The premise is that a pretty girl will have to figure out which of the 3 guys in her episode is either gay, straight & available or straight but taken. If she wins, she gets a vacation with the straight guy. If she loses, the guy she chose gets the vacation instead.

But in my case, the straight guy would have to be well-hung or else the vacation would be a waste of time!

Gay Straight or Taken debuts on January 8th! Check it! Oh and the dude in the photo? G-A-Y!! Sara

His Name Says Everything

Dear A. Dick,

If you are going to dress up and sing "It's Raining Men" on Karaoke Night, then please remember to shave or wax your arms first. It's just not proper for a sissy to have any manly attributes. And please address the treasure trail (wax wax wax), although in this case, calling it a treasure trail is most likely an oxymoron (emphasis on moron).


P.S. Love the pearls....surely this is hanky code!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Twink in a T-shirt Confession

And yet another entertaining confession from an 'unmanly sissy'

When you told me I should hire a hung latino and suck his huge hairy balls I had to lay down in bed with a sheet over me and wait for my shivering to go away.I did not know that girls knew of such things and the unmanly sissy thoughts that go through a gayguy's head. How did you know that my biggest fantasy is being a fluffer boy at a bachelorette party? It's like you have my number and melt down all my defenses and see right through me. I would also love to wear a cute short cocktail outfit so every time I bend down to serve the drinks the girls would get a very liberal view of my ass in red panties and the idea of me fluffing those hot those hot black and latino malestrippers. Oh my god I think I would faint.You must be giggling at my weak queerboy thoughts right now. So every time I did what you said except I tried to locate a male escort but unfortunately I live too far from the city for them to come out.

As the punishment for not getting an escort, you ordered for me to walk around a mall or someplace where there are alot of giggling girls wearing a t-shirt with a nasty slogan, I made a list of humiliating shirts to choose from. Here's the list so far I found:

COCKSUCKER or I SUCK A MEAN DICK or BIG COCKS ROCK or WOMEN DON'T SUFFER FROM PENIS ENVY. MEN DO or I SWALLOW or WHO DOESN'T LOVE THE COCK or ANAL SLUT or MANWHORE or CUM DUMPSTER. Sara which shirt do you think would give girls the biggest laugh to let them know that their competition is a loser faggot. Should I order a baby doll t-shirt to make me look a more gayish twink? Love. Your faggot

Note from Sara: I made him buy the CUM DUMPSTER baby doll t-shirt