Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blame it on the Food!

Dear Sara,

I read an article online that said one reason why so many males are going gay or sissy is that there are too many hormones in our food, female hormones, in milk products, meat, you name it. It is especially happening in the US because of all the milk products and meat we consume. What do you think?

I think men who are somewhat uncomfortable with their sissy self or gaysex orientation will look for any reason to absent themselves from feeling like they were doomed to be gay from the start, that the fault lies with burgers and milkshakes. Why not just accept their sissy nature or gaysex urges?!?!

Thursday, April 08, 2010


So many of you Niteflirt cocksuckers are confused and ask me "what is the glory hole exactly":

Is it the Adult Bookstore / Sexstore?

Is it the arcade / booths are where the cocksucking takes place?

Is it the hole / cut-out in the wall that the cocks slide thru?

My answer? As long as you go suck cock, the glory hole is any of the above and all of the above.

Where did the term glory hole come from? Dating back to the olden days of sailing on the high seas, the glory hole on a ship was a catch-all area, small room, large closet, compartment where a mish-mash of things were stored. Instead of just 'frigging in the rigging', those who went 'gay while underway', would meet up in the glory hole for cocksuckery and assfuckery. Stories have survived about sailors who liked to suck cock so much, they would situate themselves inside empty barrels in the glory hole, with a hole cut out in the barrel side into which horny sailors would insert their cocks to be sucked. The glory hole as sexual slang carried over to dry land.