Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ebony Overtakes Ivory! An Island Tale....


Hi Sara, Gaywayne a/k/a Cockfairy asked me (a freelance writer for women's magazines) to send a story to your blog (which I think is fabulous). He thought it would be nice to have a story from a woman's point of view. Well, you all must of heard about Robyn, I mean Robinson Crusoe, who lived on a remote Island for many years alone after he was shipwrecked. Until he met his boy Friday.

Well that one-sided story that Daniel Defoe wrote about after interviewing Robyn never sat well with me. How he made that poor black man into his servant. So I thought a 2010 update version was indeed needed for a younger generation to read. So I pressured one of the magazine editors I freelance for called WOMEN IN POWER to foot the bill. The magazine chartered the plane to fly me to that small remote Island which was not easy to find since it was still not registered on the map. But once I got there the rest was easy and then the real fun began!

I found Robinson Cutehole I mean Crusoe to be very egotistical and boring (not to mention having a low opinion of women and blacks). His story sounded like a lot of hot air to me. I decided to straighten this white guy's attitude out once and for all. I asked him to call for his boy Friday. When he whistled for his boy to come in to his hut, I could not get over the very huge and sexy muscles this hot and very good-looking ebony blackman had when he walked in with a tray of fruit wearing nothing but a tiny loincloth that barely covered his well-hung manhood.

I eyed Friday up and down then said out loud to Robyn. "There's no way you could wrestle down this big hunkful of a blackman and make him submit to you." I challenged them both to a wrestling contest. I was right. In no time Friday easily manhandled Robyn like the pathetic whiteman that he is. I laughed at Robyn struggling uselessly against the bigger and stronger black man. After Friday pinned him to the ground, he sat on his chest with his huge cock facing Robyn's terrified face. Then I had Friday spank his ass. Boy did Friday (no pun intended) make Robyn look like a silly little fool. I then sent Robyn away and fucked Friday all night long.

The next day when Friday went out hunting I went to work on Robyn. I told him things were now going to change for good. I told him to first shave off that long ugly beard and all the hair on his body. When he protested I said when Friday comes back, I'll have him bitch slap you. He meekly obeyed with his eyes full of terror. I gave Robyn a perm and bleached his curly hair blonde. As I was applying his eyeshadow, I asked him how did it feel to get his ass kicked by his former black servant in front of a white girl? And what goes through a white guy's mind when he has to look at as a black man's cock up really close? Woundn't he just love to stare at it up that close everyday? How did he like being over Friday's black knees being ass spanked like a helpless little sissyfag?

I thought Robyn was going to die when I applied his red lipstick and said to him, I bet you never thought your nose would be up a blackman's ass cheeks huh? His face turned dark red when I said, "Woundn't you just love to have a blackman's balls bouncing up and down on your nose more than seeing a girl in a bikini? Wouldn't it be worth it Robyn?"

I put on my Lexington Steele strap-on and fucked Robin's cherry ass all week long. I told him when I'm gone Friday's big black cock would be the only thing to replace it. By the end of the week I had him dressed as a sissy maid with a Maxwell House GOOD TO THE LAST DROP apron. As I ordered him to fetch me a cup of coffee, I checked out his whiteboy tushy covered in silky panties. I knew right then and there that all he would want is a big black cock to stuff and satisfy his pussy.

To Robyn, not only civilization, but also women were just memories in his past. The only thing I left him to read were Betty Crocker cookbooks and Dark Inches magazines. That's all a whiteman should be reading today. Before I left the Island I fucked Friday till my pussy was sore. When we were done we called in Robyn for refreshments and snacks. Friday checked out the new sissymaid Robyn carrying a tray of fruit along with drinks in coconut shells. I told Friday that white fags are now replacing the old stereotype of the subservient female housewife. I knew Friday liked the idea when he told Robyn to turn around and bend over. Then Friday pulled down his panties and stuck a big bannana up Robyn's girlish ass. We both laughed as Robyn winced.

Let me read the cute little postcard Robyn send me when I got home. IT READS:

Greetings, I want to thank you for turning me into a sissyfag housewife for my beautiful blackman Friday. I never thought being a silly gay ivory fairy would be my destiny. Yesterday I pouted to my black man for not appreciating the cooking I learned from your the cookbooks you left me. He in turn grabbed my gay ass and proceeding to give me a very big wet and hot kiss. Just the thrill of his big black lips touching my tiny white ones made me want to faint. It was enough to make me explode in my panties. Can't wait for his massive manhood to stuff my hungry white pussy. Must run and do more housefairy duties now. Doodles, Robyn Cutehole your Faggot

When I read this post card to my girlfriends at a holiday drink-fest we had at a niteclub, they all died laughing. When a stupid whiteboy recognized me and came up to complain about my new magazine article "Ebony Overtakes Ivory", I said to him: "Well you see that black man over there, no, not the bouncer, the other one, well he's my boyfriend. Go tell him you don't agree with my article." He said: "No thanks." And lowered his head. I said to him: "Now run away little girlyboy and find a blackman to be a sissymaid for." All of us girls laughed and gave each other the high five. Happy New Year Sara to you and your friends and your blog readers!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Poem from my devoted peewee

If- (Was A Night Before Christmas)

If you can ask Santa for another year of celibacy, when all about you

Are kissing under misletoe and blaming it on you,

If you can worship Black Bulls so that girls humiliate you,

But make allowance for Empress Sara's teasing too;

If you can send Christmas wishes to Sara, Nicole and Ember, as you're cruelly berated,

But never pretend to be hung, don't deal in lies,

If you're there to be laughed at, don't give up because you're hated,

Accept your place this winter, and your feeble penis size:

If you can dream of Sara - and pay her every Xmas Bonus Buck

If you can think of Her - and make those thoughts your aim

If you can hope for girls to go black, and accept that white boys suck,

And encourage real men to hit on your most beloved old flame;

If you can bear to hear the brutal truth the Goddess has spoken

And look upon Santa as a cuckolded fool,

Realizing that, to Mrs Claus, he is no more than a token,

As on Christmas Eve she's filled and thrilled with Big Black tools:

If you collect all your presents, cash and trimmings

And send them to Ruiness Sara who is your true Boss,

And when you've paid, start next year at your beginnings

And never breath a word about your loss;

If you can force your heart and mind and purse

To serve your Empress for now and forever,

And accept your shriveled, snow white willy is the worst

But that being owned by sweet Sara is worth the endeavor!

If you can sing your Christmas Carols with meaning and virtue,

Then talk with Size Queens you can never touch,

If the hotties in red Xmas stockings laugh at, and hurt you,

And this makes your lil' dick stand out, but none too much;

If you can fill 2009's final minute

With sixty seconds' worth of Niteflirt fun,

You belong in Sara's Playroom, with everything that's in it,

And - which is more - you'll be a Yuletide Cuckold, every last one!

Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936) & Peewee (1976-Present Day)

peewee that is truly amazing, I went back online to read the original poem and you've crafted something quite wicked and extraordinary! Merry XXXmas! ~ Ruiness Sara

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A New Wood in Tiger's Future

Gaywayne becums Cock Fairy!!!

Cock Fairy's Update!

Dear Sara, I honestly think if there were more girls who thought like you, no woman would ever have to wash a dish or vacuum ever again, because girls like you would turn us whitebois into pretty little Suzy Homemakers or Maxwell Housewives.

I have noticed in porn movies, the porn starlets are becoming more aggressive. Rubbing their finger(s) on men's assholes to make them think they have pussies. Also a good way to start making them yearn for cock. And do housework.

Where do you find such hot-looking black men? I love the bit you did on Chad OchoCinco. I also really like how you and Nicole choose the most darkest studs over the whitebois. I'd love to see a photo of Chad nude. Is there a website that has that?

I also love the new family arrangement in the Windows 7 video you posted on your blog of a woman having two men: a real black man and a wimpy whiteboi. Thank god the days of the a man having two submissive women are over. I wonder if that black man feeds the whiteboi any cock. He can't be getting any pussy from the whitegirl. Not when she has a hunk of a black man like that.

Finally, I noticed at the supermarket check-out the other day on one of the tabloid magazine covers, there were three female celebs on the front cover. You guessed it. They're all married to black men. Khloe Kardashian, Tiger Woods' Wife and that Playmate Kendra Wilkinson who is married to that black football player. It's interesting that all of Tiger's "mistresses" are white. No wonder why there are so many whitebois becoming gay. Love Cock Fairy P.S. I love that other name you call me is Wussywayne

Where Size Queenery runs in the family, Khloe (with Lamar Odom) takes off where Kim began (with Reggie Bush)

Wussywayne, I haven't found a pic of Chad's "OchoCinco", tho it might be larger than 8.5", if you find one, email it to me!

I'll Take the Rugby Player or Footballer, thank you....

peewee, my intrepid UK blog reporter sent me these awesome pics of different UK sportstars in Football (soccer), Rugby and Cricket being used in an advertising campaign in the UK

Notice the skinny, wimpy whiteboi Cricket players hiding their pathetic lack of manhood with big black bats! Subliminally obvious!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Condomized by #85 !!!

Chad OchoCinco (high up on Nicole's and my FuckList) is cumming out with own condom line according to Twitter, the font of all truth.

Chad's Tweet

I know only 1 or 2 of my blog readers will be able to wear these with pride, the rest of you will be forced to try them on to humiliate yourself for having such small whiteboi peens!

Do GAYPHONESEX for me!!!

Do GAYPHONESEX for me! Here is a reap-ort from one of my GAYPHONESEX puppets:

I had my NF line up for You last night Empress. I received two calls and managed to keep both on the phone for over five minutes so I was happy about that.

The first guy wanted me to describe myself as a giant as I walked through a city nearly stepping on him. I toppled buildings and smashed cars beneath me. He lasted six minutes before blowing his load.

The second guy was a top and wanted to humiliate me. He made me go to the freezer and get ice cubes before laying on the floor. He told me to fuck the floor as I forced three cubes in my ass. He laughed as he heard me doing it and told me to beg to kiss his feet in thanks. I begged. He laughed more. He then started calling me a stupid fag and cocksucker. He told me to add more cubes and beg to be allowed to suck his cock. I inserted more and begged the best I could. He laughed and called me more names before making me describe how I would suck him off. After I spent several minutes talking about his dick and my mouth he finally came and sent me back to the ground to lick his feet again in thanks. I kept him on the phone almost 10 minutes and I have sent Your account all the money I made from both calls. I also added a little extra as a thank You for training me to be a useful little phone slut for You.

I'm planning to do a PTV with complete instructions on how to do GAYPHONESEX for me, where I reap all the reward$!

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Someday I hope to have a blog or site where I could feature more literate erotic stories, rather than the forced cocksuckery....

Threatening rain persuades him into a cafe. He asks for green tea. The waitress introduces herself, Luisella. Not old, not young, long chestnut hair...occhi belli? (pretty eyes?) He would practice even more Italian and tell her she has pretty eyes, but feels momentarily too shy. The tea is too hot to drink. He sits, waits.

Waiting is not a good thing. In such a suspended interval, he feels compulsed. He does not know who to confess this to, a stranger? This pretty waitress without any other customers on a slow afternoon? She lights a cigarette. He sees she wears no rings. She tells him he can smoke if he wishes, but he says he does not smoke. She asks if he is on vacation. He tells her two weeks. Not many tourists, not like before, she sighs, seems sad. Usually he hates smoke, but the smoke is not tobacco smoke. It is sweet, aromatic, spicy. He looks at her, tilts his head. Oh, my cigarette. I'm not sure how to say it in English? Clovers. Cloves, he corrects her. Cloves. Not so bad for your health. She raises a small Espresso cup and toasts him, to our health!

He so badly wants to tell her about his dream, but they continue to make small talk. The weather. The best restaurants in town. Where is he staying. Where is he from? She has never heard of it. She only knows New York, California, Florida. He asks about a pharmacy, he needs something to help him sleep. The time change, he lies. She refills his cup with more green tea.

It isn't the time change, but the dream, the same dream, like the same song playing in his mind, his only dream. He forgot how the dream even started. He stares into the verdant tea in the ivory cup to concentrate....and lets the dream overcome his wakefulness. Long palm fronds are stirred by a sea breeze, a rustle in the palmetto beach grass. Burgeoning lushness. Sitting, with his back to him and motionless, a tall young woman in an ivory kimono-like robe. Long black hair, lustrous despite the sun which does not penetrate the low, dark clouds. Clearly her dunes and beach, here in the dreamer's mind...and he's confused since he finds himself at least a dozen paces behind her, somehow naked and hunched and embracing his own arms for warmth. Chilled from the sudden rising wind. Body bent, he sees his manhood, limp, lifeless, contracted. The wind barely covers his awkward silence. She laughs a familiar, fluid laugh, but does not turn.

Luisella speaks surprisingly good English, and is getting more flirtatious with him, but he informs her he has a girlfriend, as a shield, so she will not think his friendliness is anything more than a simple exchange between customer and server. “Well, I hope she is a good cook, at least. Capellini and marinara...or pesto, lovely green color, pesto, hmm? Why don't you just say 'angel hair' like all Americans? It makes you sound smarter, I suppose and less...'unmanly' than saying 'I love angel hair pasta.' The pesto is the best in this region. It's in the soil, you cannot fight it. Does she know all the things you like?" Then he begins to daydream, like... besides jazz, old Madonna songs with pulsing beats, colors like plum and turquoise, having long talks about small things, the smell of saddle soap or the thrilling prospect of an athletic male in restraints at the mercy of a determined woman?

Back crouched on the beach, he sensed a long dark eyebrow lift with the question, but without seeing it. He concentrated to swallow. “Wasn't it a bit rude to never explain your dropping our chats you enjoyed so much?” His busy brain suddenly matched the sultry voice to the letter 'S'. “You think you've buried your old passions and life, but you're mistaken. While you babble your excuses to me, I want to look squarely into my...”

His knee bangs the table enough to rattle the cup noisily as some tea spilled onto the ivory saucer. He feels his face flush, reaches into his pocket, produces some coins, and quickly bidding farewell to Luisella, he gets out into the open air. Finds himself gasping for breath.

He walks several miles thinking about definitive things to “clear his mind”. He drums up old movies, the tenets of Buddhism, a favorite running coach's training advice and of course his feelings for his present girlfriend. Suddenly feels exhausted. His sleep has been poor, he keeps waking up from this same dream. But to finish up the day he is compelled to visit the local museum as planned, and maybe sketch something.

He was always weak at drawing, but the “new man” he is these past months likes to keep busy. Soon, his heels are echoing on the marble of a museum gallery and then another. Rather at random, he sits on a bench in front of a few breath-taking Renaissance oil paintings. Out comes art pad and pencil. Eyebrows, has always liked long brows and finishes them energetically. The eyes, he thinks, are an unusual blue like the calm Mediterranean. Leave the eyes for later. The nose is not Greek, but has the nice, natural flair of most girls. He is drawn to the chin. His tiredness makes him vulnerable to the soft girlishness of this “mento bello”. He fixates on it and surrenders to conjecturing about it and the girl's sweetness. He glances back up at the eyes. “Blue eyes?” He rubs a bleary eye of his own. As clouds move outside and light swarms through windows, he sees the eyes are green, bottle-green maybe.

He goes back to his drawing, and he thinks of this Italian girl at a train station, even though she is not from the time of trains. He sees the dark hair framed by a billow of steam on the platform. Her chin quivers as the good-bye approaches. The male facing her, a young soldier going off for a year of duty. “You'll write me?” she asks as the eyes fix on him. “Every week” he says without thinking “ least”. The soft chin quivers a bit..."yes?" He hopes for a tear or two to roll downward to show her grief at parting, but tears don't come. Why not? Any softness in the eyes, he hopes? The bottle-greenness brings on an image of a bottle on the sea. He knows painfully well that inside the bottle is the penned confession of his love for this exquisite girl. The bottle bobs and hopes...inside it is a message that she may never get or may never read. The light changes and the eyes are the emerald eyes of a Persian princess and then they are the haughty green of a regal cat of the Pharaohs. And he sees finally the perfect and unforgiving curvature of the chin, that of a statue of stone or alabaster. He stops, his eyes travel downward toward her clavicle and its dimple, because he is afraid he'll become frozen and helpless at the sight, as if he were trapped in a classic myth, or like some ancient sailor who comes across the fatal song of the Sirens. Going back to the eyes, he finds no precise name for the color, as these eyes are of an intrinsic beauty and have no need to be copied or be like anything else.

The eyes belong to the distinct voice he knows so well, the familiar soft laugh. “So, how is that going for you now, burying your memories?” And he notices now a slight smile to the lips of the girl. “In any case, whatever you decide to do, I wish you well.” The sunlight fades from the gallery as quickly as it came, and he puts away pad and pencil.

As he walks outside he feels pretty good for the day he's had so far. Busy-ness buries dreams, memories of dreams. Now to think about where to go for dinner, considers Luisella's suggestions. There is a soft rain falling, but it doesn't bother him that he doesn't have an umbrella. He shields his sketch pad under his shirt, so as not to dampen his drawings. “She's absolutely right that pesto sauce is the best in this region”, he mutters as he walks over the worn brick sidewalk and sings a bit of an old Madonna song, a message from a message in a dream he cannot fight. "If I'm smart then I'll run away, but I'm not so I guess I'll stay, take my chance on a beautiful stranger. I looked into your eyes, and my world came tumbling down, you're the devil in disguise, that's why I'm singing this song."

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Size Queen Fergie!!

Sorry peewee, in this case, I'm not referring to the former Duchess of York....

From an interview in The Advocate:

Fergie said, "I’ve been very honest with (my husband Josh Duhamel) from the get-go. I think women are beautiful, I’ve had a lot of fun with women, and I’m not ashamed of it. The problem is that I also love a well-endowed man. But just because I enjoy women doesn’t mean I’m allowed to have affairs in my relationship. I learned through talking with my therapist that it is still cheating even if it’s with girls, so there is a rule there."

Screw the rule! And screw the therapist, well not literally, unless she's hot. Being with girls is NOT cheating! But at least this means Josh is packing major heat.

Size Queens on the Rise!

from peewee, intrepid UK blog reporter!

I found an internet post that showcases another hot outspoken US Size Queen! It's strange, I always thought that in America, attitudes were more reserved than in the UK, where freedom of speech is absolute [ish!]. So it's refreshing to see that a very pretty brunette, Olivia Munn, can be relaxed enough to tell it like it is on US tv!


He Thought a STRIPPER Could Turn Him un-GAY!!!

Partly to satisfy my curiosity - and partly to see if I could finally silence that small voice in my head telling me I'm still a real man and that real men get turned on by pussy, not cock - I went to a strip club a few weeks ago to see if I could get aroused by a sexy naked woman.

I had not been to this club in years, so none of the dancers knew me. As soon as I walked in one of the dancers got all over me - she watched me enter the club and winked and stared at me from the small cage stage next to the bar. She started to talk to me - then came and sat next to me after her set. We sat and talked at the bar for a good while. She danced a few sets but always came right back to me. She got really pissy every time another girl would come near - funny cause I was not really tipping or buying her drinks - she was sponging them off one of her regulars sitting on the other side of her who she pretty much ignored otherwise. (She was really pretty too - she was in several ads in the local Strip Club magazine.)

Eventually I got drunk enough to ask her back to a private room - where, to leave out the unimportant details and cut to the chase, she eventually backed her ass into my face, trying to get me to smell her lil pussy - but I could not resist her starfish, I grabbed her hips and went to town eating out her sweet butthole ... mmm, luv'd munching on that. She did not resist at all. However I was not aroused at all when she pretty much forced her pussy into my face. I ate her - but clinically - and never got hard all night.

She got off at least once and even kissed me, not just a quickie kiss, but like this raunchy French kiss which I thought, other than she was trying to work a fat tip out of me, was hot. Then because she had been drinking the champagne (extremely overpriced champagne you buy to get to the private room), she got a little confessional and told me that she had never gone as far as this before at the club. I'm thinking, yeah this is a good line, she probably works this on all the guys. Then she went on and told me (she crossed her heart that it was the god's honest truth) that her boyfriend had taken her virginity a few years ago - his was the only cock she had ever let in her pussy despite everyone thinking her occupation means she's fucked a million guys - and that I was the first one to really physically turn her on besides him. She gave me her number, actually she punched it into my cell phone then practically got on her knees and begged me to call her after she got off work. I know she actually liked me and was not faking it - I didn't tip her much at all, actually I tipped pretty badly - that was the give-away. So did I take her out after the club closed - take her to a motel and become the second man to fuck that tight hot stripper's pussy?

Hell No.

After leaving I went home that night and fucked myself with a nice big rubber dicktoy while watching gay porn movies on the net. I sat there edging and rubbing my pre-cum all over my lips and sucking it off my fingers - and I literally exploded when I came and gobbled my own cum after rubbing it all over my face. It was one of the most intense orgasm I've given myself yet.

And oh yeah, I deleted her number from my phone.

Dating and having real sex with a hot female dancer was actually my number one fantasy up until you changed me into a faggy little cockslut, Sara - and I still can't believe I had the reality in my hands and let it simply slip away without any regrets. It is so perversely humiliating to know I turned down a hot stripper who any real man would have given his left nut to fuck down cold; and instead had a mind-blowing orgasm using a dildo while watching two hung studs do a hot 69 on my PC.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Windows 7 is Calling all Cucks!

from peewee, intrepid UK blog reporter....

Have you and your loyal army of bloggies seen the new Windows 7 advert? A lot rests on the success of this advert, as Windows 7 is Microsoft's new big thing. The advert features a happy American household talking about the new updated version of the software, and it's GREAT to see that Bill Gates' advertising gurus have wisely opted to depict an interracial cuckold family!! ;-)


The hot wife, and her understanding mum, seem to relish presenting this international showcase for how happy a little white cuck can be, even if he is relegated to watching his beautiful wife cozy up with a huge black stud! This worldwide commercial will sell Windows 7, but let's hope it also leads to a massive increase in interracial cuckold households all over our planet!!

It's the weekend and that means the moron

must write to itself!!!! yes I force the moron to leave a fat tribute and write a debasing, degrading, humiliating message to itself, because I don't even have the time, and if I did, my time would be worth even more than the moron's tribute!!! and the moron knows I text my bff's after I post another self-flagellation blog so they can laugh over how weak and pathetic the moron is!

Many people go through life with a vague, gnawing sense that they are suppressing something vital and deep within themselves as they attempt to manage the many requirements and obligations of their lives and seek sexual release when that is possible. They sense there is something they should be experiencing, feeling, exploring, but never quite get around to allowing that part of themselves to find its voice and open to what is calling. I was such a person until I met Sara. I was all wrapped up in all of the things I just had to do to cope with the various aspects of my life and never allowed myself to feel more deeply and act on that call from within. Sara sensed this immediately, knew that with her guidance and instruction I was ripe to take the next steps toward what was calling out to me, the steps toward renouncing any sense of myself I had held and replacing it with Sara's desire to force me to become something else, her slave.

Sara recognized that beneath all of the things I did in the rest of my life, I was ripe to become utterly enslaved by her and in particular to be reduced to her mindless moron who would know only to accept and and be grateful for all of the mocking and stinging abuse that Sara would enjoy inflicting.

I want everyone to know, and Sara wants me to tell everyone, how grateful I am to Sara for taking me under wing and turning me into a pathetic moron whose mind has been turned to mush and who knows only to do as I’m told by Sara, including welcoming the laughter at my plight that rings in my hears from Sara and her friends.

You will have some idea of the depth of my enslavement when you consider what Sara has already told you on these moron blogs on which I humiliate myself by writing abusive message in words I imagine coming from Sara: that it is not enough for me to write such mortifying messages for everyone to read, but that I’ve become so dependent on Sara, so desperate to please her and find some basis on which to feel even slightly close to her, that Sara taunts and teases me, telling me she won’t post a blog I have ready unless I find new and more vile ways to humiliate and degrade myself and beg her desperately to post the message, and that I must also beg her to allow me to pay her a substantial tribute as well for her to agree to post my self-debasing messages.

Sara has helped me lose and find myself, and while to some it may sound disgraceful and a waste of a human life, I have never felt so strongly that I finally am the person (or non person) I should be and that I’m with the person who deeply understands all of this and will continue to teach me all I should know. And of course with Sara’s brilliance, creativity, and beauty, the thrill I experience daily as I feel her power over me, is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. Truly, I belong to Sara, am her property, am owned by her if she will allow me that divine designation.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nicole & I made our World Series Decision....

....based on team hotness. As you all may remember we picked the Superbowl winners based on hotness and well, reported 'size'. So for the World Series, we also took into account the gayness factor and we picked up more gay coming from the Yankees bench than the Phillies bench! So we are going with the Phillies! We wish we had more info on size! Because we could be off on the size factor. At least we don't have any $ riding on our pick, just our reputation ;-)

Oh and Nicole says that the black guy who left with the hottie white girl from the pub where peewee and friends were imbibing is a ringer for Derek Jeter, captain of the Yankees. See for yourself here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Return of the MORON

Yet again, the moron must write humiliating messages to itself and PAY for the privilege. All my gf's will be ROFLAO. Let the moron do all the work and the Empress collect the money!!!

Listen up, pig! In your typical servile way you sent the largest tribute I recently demanded of you, but you then added that of course I know that you can't continue to send in such amounts. Don't you ever dare to tell me, even suggest to me in the most polite way, anything about the amounts you can and cannot tribute. You have nothing to say about it, scumrag! I have a good idea of your financial situation, and I'll be the one determining how much you do and don't tribute. And when I demand it, regardless of how great the amount, I never want to hear a single word from you about it other than to tell me that you are blessed to be allowed to send the tribute to your Empress. Then you will sit there like a good bitch and wait for me, as you always do, unable to find anything or anyone else in your life who can show you again and again what a pathetic moron you are, that you need that instruction and demonstration more desperately than anything else in your life. Admit it to me now, you worthless piece of shite (olde English spelling), admit it in the most subservient, desperate way imaginable and beg me to take you deeper into the most vile of degradations!

Blow Bang Slut! -- A Gay Confession!

I responded to an ad on craigslist for a group that occasionally does "orgies" in my city. It is a group of men who have parties occasionally, usually attended by about 15-25 guys, either during lunchtime or evenings. Their ads stress that newcomers or inexperienced types are welcome, so I thought, why not. After exchanging some emails and jumping through their hoops to be approved, I got the time and address for a noon party. It was at a pretty classy hotel, not too far from a Victoria's Secret. I thought this was super convenient and I had an idea. So after getting permission from the host to dress as a girlie girl and about an hour before the party, I went to VS to shop. Surprisingly, the girls there were very helpful.** And since it was early in the day, the store was pretty empty. I bought a matching bra and panty set--black--with a garter and thigh high stockings. The look was classy, but very close to slutty.

After paying, I asked the salesgirl if I could put the items on before I left. This took her by surprise, I think, and I realized at this point that she might have been inexperienced or new at the store. I felt like I was turning red, what if the manager just booted me out of the store. But the manager just walked past at that point and the salesgirl blurted out the question: "This customer has just purchased some stuff--is it ok um if he puts it on before leaving?" And the manager said, "Oh, sure. That's fine. Just make sure to keep the receipt with you." Excited, I put my new items on and left, with my clit pretty engorged at that point. I then stopped in at a Marshall's right by the VS store to buy a blouse and miniskirt. I was disappointed with their selections, but I found some things that fit. At that point, I vowed to shop earlier and be more prepared the next time.

When I arrived at the hotel, I asked to use the bathroom. I changed and emerged dressed like a total whore, Sara! You would have been super proud of me! I even had on lipstick to help me in sucking. I had my man clothes in a gym bag. I walked over to the elevators and drew a few stares, but no one stopped me. There were mirrors lining the elevator car, so I could see myself from every angle, I did look hot! But not passable....

I arrived at the party. There were about 20 guys. There was champagne flowing and gay porn playing on the hotel room tv. Some of the guys didn't seem into me, and really only wanted to do stuff with "real" men, but there were about 8 - 10 guys who liked it. I was totally amped that I had attracted a fair degree of attention and asked that they formed a line. I sucked about 6 cocks and got fucked twice in the ass. When I was done I had cum all over my face and new clothes! The guys who fucked my ass used condoms, but I did swallow a few of the loads and took sticky facials. As a reward for being a good cocksucking sissy, I asked a guy for a handjob, and he gave one to me, but he didn't do as good a job as a woman. I really like looking at a woman's hand with nail polish when she strokes me. I showered in the hotel room, threw away the cummy blouse and skirt, kept the VS lingerie in my gymbag and got back in my man-wear then headed to work. My work isn't 9 - 5, I have flexibility to be naughty when I feel in the mood.

So it's been a few days since my blow-bang experience, and while it was pretty hot and humiliating, the more I thought about it, I don't know if I will attend another one. Everything felt a little too consensual, not enough like I was a gutter ho tricking for crack money. That level of humiliation gets me off harder. I will be sure to let you know about my next adventure(s) as they happen!

**The girls at VS are on commission, they know sissies are easy marks to sell to, so of course they are very helpful! ~ Sara

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The sportscaster that is....

Troy is mmmmm delicious! And you know he not only envies Troy's hair, but also, every other manly body part and Troy knows it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Peewee gets CUCKED!

an update from peewee, intrepid UK blog correspondent!

Went out with my mates, I was so drunk by the end of the night. By 4am, I was the last man standing, but it was tough! Here I am, throbbing head in hands and hair ruffled by an annoying admirer who was just a tease or maybe she knew I didn't have anything going on in my pants except draining my wallet to cover the bar tab. But the best thing that happened was that the hottest girl in the place left with the ONLY black guy that was out! Typical eh Empress? (Pic attached for your amusement!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The MORON writes to itself AGAIN and AGAIN!

The moron loves to humiliate itself, because I don't have the time to deal with it!!! And then the moron begs for me to post its' self-flagellation messages for extra humiliation, because he knows my gf's read this blog and get a good laugh at how pathetic the moron truly is!

So it's back again, writing to its' idiot-self, what a laugh! Now fess up -- I've been so busy and ignoring it for greater periods of time than ever before. It must have been thinking, "Maybe this is enough; maybe I should just end it now. Think of all the additional money I would have and could use if I were no longer sending all of the tributes to Sara. And sometimes the humiliation is really a bit too much and Sara has crossed a line that is beyond what my limits are in taking all of this degradation and humiliation from her. Yes, I think maybe I'll end it on a good note, no hard feelings, and, who knows, maybe I'll even contact Sara again some time in the future and we'll play again."

Ha ha! What a pathetic asshole you are! Do you really think there is some line I won't cross, can't cross at will? Do you really not know that I'll cross any line I choose to cross, that in fact such lines are as of now nonexistent in your life with me. It meaning you are bound to me, utterly incapable of escape. If I were to cut you off this moment and set you free, you'd almost instantly be begging me to take you back, begging me to take even more money from you and to degrade you in the most vile ways imaginable. But don't worry, moron, as you won't have to go through begging me to take you back because you're not going anywhere. Right now you are going to beg me to keep you as my pet, my fool, my most deeply enslaved pig, and you're going to beg me to take money from you, above and beyond the substantial amounts you are already sending. Too much to take? Ha! What a sad figure you are, a pathetic man who had a normal life but who is now a helpless moron to his Mistress who will continue to taunt and torment him in ways that take him, take you, ever more deeply into abject slavery, finding your existence defined entirely by me and accepting, even begging for, your experience of total disgrace as a human being. Going anywhere, imbecile? No, I didn't think so.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Royal Fan of BBC?

as peewee reports from the UK, this Royal fan is not enamored with the British tv network, but with....

As ever, the UK is awash with Jungle Fever, and therefore my update is long overdue. Never-the-less, I will limit this particular update to a rumor. But it is a very special rumor. A Royal rumor in fact!

My previous reports have documented how widespread the lust for dark meat has become in the UK. Our most beautiful pop stars, our hottest models, our sexiest actresses and our perfect young reality tv stars are truly becoming the exclusive reserve of the big black men.

So it came as no surprise to see that our dour Prime Minister's wife was somewhat taken by super-masculine black stud, Tyson Beckford, as reported in a previous blog. Sarah Brown could hardly tear her straying eyes from Tyson's ripped ebony body.

Equally, this black Adonis seemingly turned our sweet young Princess's head. Our Royals are a kinky bunch, so it is only a matter of time before the young generation of the British Royal Family's sexy young Princesses go black. This view is evidenced by the report (attached below), outlining Princess Eugenie's frenzied admiration for the Tyson's black body.

The difference is that our young nineteen year old Princess, unlike the doomed Mrs Brown, could yet have a satisfying future on the end of a huge black cock. According to an article in the respected UK newspaper The Daily Mail, our Royal Highness has a real taste for black cock:

"Eugenie got all hot and flustered when Tyson came on stage" , says a front row mole.

Another pal said: "It’s well known in her circle that she really likes black men. She thinks they have the best bodies".

Eugenie lusts for BBC?

Everywhere I go, and everything I see & read in the media, is depicting the total blacking of our prettiest and most precious young sweethearts. Our girls have got Jungle Fever in a BIG way, and little white boys like me totally understand and admire them for that very fact. If our beautiful music stars, actresses and models attain Princess status in the minds of the white boys, after they go black, surely young Eugenie will become our Queen!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm Listed on Cuckold Index!

Thanks to all my contributors and faithful devotees for all your stories and confessions! My blog is now listed on Cuckold Index. Check out the index by clicking on the Title Link!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

King Sized Condoms Cum to the UK!!!!

from peewee, intrepid UK blog contributor....

Britain's leading supermarket giant, Tesco, is standing by it's famous slogan that "Every Little Helps" by launching Britain's biggest-ever condom. Tesco will now stock 'XL Durex', after their research revealed that the size of mens' penises are on the rise! The full details are here.

According to a report about the same subject, in a tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star, 'Scientists have long predicted that men are getting "larger" and by the year 3000 blokes will all be sporting monster packages'.

So, Scientists, Supermarkets and Sara all agree that 'size matters' and that 'every little helps'! Suffice to say, even if I wasn't your ever-faithful cuckold, and thus celibate, I would NOT be in the market for the new XL range. And as far as I know, they don't make 'durex XS'!

If we'd been born a few hundred generations from now, we'd be living in an age where interracial romance is the norm and where men are blessed with massive cocks! Unlucky eh!

The link to the Daily Star article that makes the assertion is here.

I've actually been sexed up by guys who tore regular condoms due to their massive size. XL Durex better be cumming to the States too! -- Sara

And Again!!! the moron has to write to itself hahahaha

The moron even has to pay me to view its' self-degradation messages which makes it even more humiliating!!! Plus my gf's read my blog and laugh at all the pathetic posts from peewee, gaywayne and the moron! Literally, I don't have to lift a finger except to text my gf's that a new message is up from the moron!

Well moron, I call this excellent progress, a.k.a descent into my hell. With just three of your demeaning messages to your idiot-self posted on my blog, you've come a long way, from at first pleading with me not to make you write such messages for posting (what a sad and laughable plea) to now begging me to allow you to continue to make a complete fool of yourself to all who read my blog by continuing to write these degrading messages as you desperately imagine how I might write to you.

It's so sad for you. You've not even reached the status of an ordinary submissive or slave who pays his Mistress to demean and degrade and further enslave him. No, you demean and degrade yourself to deepen your enslavement to me without my having to lift even a finger or utter a word. You already are hopelessly enslaved, an imbecile who can't find in himself the slightest hint of self-respect to say no to anything at all I decide to put you through. You'd better start showing the capacity for at least a little resistance or I might just get bored with your being so very easy to destroy and decide to dump you, cut you off, and leave you only with the indelible memories of me to drool over for the rest of your life.

In your world of work you supervise people who believe you are a man of power and influence, but I quickly recognized you for what you really are, a pathetic, weak little wretch who needs to be used and abused for my amusement. And now my girlfriends are getting some entertainment from hearing what I'm doing to the MORON. You are the laughingstock of my large community of friends and lovers, and to amuse all of us I think it might be fit for your next stage of development that I start requiring additional tribute to the already substantial amount you send (though barely enough for me to tolerate such pathetic neediness) along with your begging and pleading for me to post your messages on my blog so that you can confess to all that you are now OWNED by me, my possession, my property, with no degrading act too appalling for you to perform. I told you early on that I was your undoing!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The MORON writes to itself AGAIN!!

I made the MORON write a humiliating email to itself again, because I have NO TIME to deal with its' whining:

"Listen up, moron. You think you've been enslaved, but you're just at the beginning of a long and winding road. As I told you once before, I am your undoing, your blessing and your curse. You are now a frightened pathetic little mouse, terrified of offending me because of the possibility that I'll banish you, something you cannot even allow yourself to imagine. So here's the deal, asshole: I'm going to turn you into a robot, a puppet with no mind left except just enough to know your sorry degraded state and the shame of it all. You will now be utterly, completely, comprehensively dehumanized, turned into an object over which I have total control, and I do mean total. If I tell you to remain at home one morning to jerk off repeatedly over my words and images, you'll do just that and be late for work. If I tell you to put a bowl down on your floor and eat from it like a dog, you'll do it. If I tell you to crawl around on the floor and squeal and oink like the pig you are, you'll do it. If I tell you to send additional tribute, you'll do it. If I tell you to refer to yourself only as the moron and "it", you'll do it. Your little islands of normalcy will become smaller and smaller as my brainwashing brings you to the point of a mindless, complete obedience. For someone who was supposed to be something worthwhile in this world, your descent is a sad, pathetic story, but one which I'll relish with glee as I amuse myself abusing you and taking your money whenever I feel like it."

Zebra Action -- How to Get it -- by Gaywayne

I asked several whitebois lately (who scored big with hot looking Afrostuds) what advice they could give me and other wimpy whitebois to be picked up by blackmen. Since I cockdocked and got french kissed by a blackman at a gaybar recently, I was very interested and craved more Afrostud attention. This is what the whitebois had to say:


1) Always smile or make obvious eye contact (or even wink) when a blackman walks into bars or any place else.

2) Always be the loudest one in the room to cheer and get more excited than the girls when a blackman comes out on stage to dance at a strip club.

3) If winking does not work, you can go over and ask him politely: Does he work out a lot because you noticed how big and lovely his muscles are. Or be more direct by going up to tell him how much you would love to shine his shoes and be his personal shoeshine boi. Black men love hearing this especially while they are chatting with the white ladies and you would not believe the surprise looks you'll get from the ladies when you say this. You know you've scored if he grabs you in front of the girls. The girls will get a big kick out of watching this. He might even say GET LOST QUEER, but later he will come looking for your queer ass.

4) You must dress the part. Always wear something faggy when you go out looking for brothas. If you have short hair grow it long. Get your hair frosted, faggy! Pigtails are good because the brothas will grab them while you blow them. Don't forget the earings, toe-rings, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara. Get your tongue pierced and wag it at them so they can see you want to suck their cock. Like Sara has said, let the whole world know what a fag you are!

5) Make yourself horny before you go out... Do not jerk off for several days. Like Sara has ordered, only buy Dark Inches mags. No more porn mags with girls. If you have to look at girls, only photos of white girls with hot looking brothas. Get it in your head that white piece of ass is for blackmen only and that white girls are too good for you.

6) Prove to yourself that the whiteboi is no longer good enough for the white ladies by offering a blackman's white date a pedicure. Making sure that she knows that you are only interested in painting her toenails. This will also make her think that you must be little queenie or something and also offer to make her look pretty for her black date.


Think how much you love hearing their response when you're serving at a girl-only party and the blackman's white girlfriend brags out loud to her friends just to make your face turn red about how much you love to slurp on her black lover's big and beautiful long cock after she has sex with him. Make sure you are looking at their laughing faces when when she tells them that you particularly love cleaning out the crack of his big black ass. Make sure you confirm what she says by repeating it in front of them. You may want to die from deep embarrassment of saying this. But the rewards are worth it especially when she tells how he grabs your pigtails to go down on him.

Finally you must accept your low self-esteem status by having the brotha put you down in front of whitegirls or the other way around. Think of the relief you give to white ladies who had to hear for years bullshit for dating black guys from the whitemale ego. Now whitemale ego bashing is important to white girls so just accept it. You were never worthy of them anyway.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I'm on TWITTER :: Follow ME!

Add me to your follow list:

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaywayne forced to COCKDOCK!

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of a gaybar after a big black man was hitting on me. Sara and her bff Nicole told me to get my ass back in there. Since I'm their little pussyboi, I thought I better do what they say. When I went back the next Saturday night on Labor Day weekend, the big black guy who had laid his lips on me was not there. Since I did not have the balls to tell Sara this I thought I better just go the following weekend and what happened was an experience I will never forget.

I sat on the same 'lucky' stool where a met the brotha the first time. But this time I thought I better get prettied up. I remembered seeing a prison movie on cable tv where the toughest whiteboi got easily beat up an average black man so the rest of the scared whitebois started to dress slutty to become Ho's for the blackmen. It was funny. But then I thought, that would be me, if I ever went to prison.

So what I did in the Men's Room: I tied the shirt tails up over my belly with my silky red hawaiian shirt. I also tied a long red silky hankerchief around over my ears and gave myself playboy bunny ears and put on bright red lipstick to match. I looked in the mirror and said Sara and Nicole would be proud of their little pussyboi.

When I sat down again and ordered a drink, Tha Lezbo bartender said, "My, Wayne, you got very pretty all of a sudden. I bet you doin' it for that afrostud Cleveland." I blushed. "You little white fags are all alike, you run out of the bar like little pussies when a black man hits on you then you come back dressed like a little fairyqueen a week or two later. Am I right?" I was embarrassed, but mumbled, "Yes". She walked away with a smile.

I waited until 12 midnite and decided to leave, got off the barstool, gulped down the last of my drink and felt relieved saying to myself, well at least I can say to Sara -- I tried -- THEN IN WALKED CLEVELAND.

He walked right up to me and said in a big smile, "Wha' where yo' going honey the night is just beginning and I must say yo' looking very hot." With that he grabbed my ass and gave me a big shocking french kiss right in front of everyone. I immediately popped a boner. Sara was right when she said when a blackman puts his huge tongue in you it takes up your whole mouth. How do girls do it? And I have a big mouth. All I could do is suck on his muscular tongue like candy, I got so hot I didn't even see how many people were staring at us. After a minute of this and big smiles from the other fagbois, the Lezbo bartender, and the faghags, he whispered in my ear. "Boy, did you ever try a little cockdocking?" I said "Um what is that?" "Well come with me to the Men's Room and find out." I said, "What's the rush?" He said,"The night is still young but I'm in a hurry." His big strong black hand grabbed my little sissy one and pulled me along like I was his little bitch. The lezbo bartender blew me a knowing kiss. I though I was going to die.

We went into the stall inside the Men's Room. Then Cleveland pulled out his huge uncircumsized prick. I was shocked again. He told me to do the same. Then he did the most unusual thing that I ever seen. With his thumb and forefinger from each hand he pulled his prickpouch over my little six inch white wimpdick which almost sucked it halfway up inside of his. He held both our pricks together with one hand and said to start rocking back and forth until I get a boner. I said, "Sir I already have a boner." He smiled and said to just enjoy the action. As we started I began to sweat and get real hot with excitement. I watched Cleveland's cock swallow up my whole dickie like a snake. Then his footlong hotdog started to push my little vienna sausage out of his pouch. When my weenie started to fall out Cleveland said. "Wait I have an idea."

He told me to give a dollar to him for the trojan machine. He bought a rubber. Then he did the most amazing thing. He bit the end off of the head off the rubber and put his dick in the big opening and had me put my dick inside the opposite side that he bit off. When our cocks met in the center, just my head touching his made me want to explode. He told me again to start rocking back and forth. In a minute we both start moaning. When I told him I was about to explode, he said to go ahead and do it. As I shot my whiteboi wad inside the rubber he told me to pull out as he again held the rubber up with his thumb and forefinger of each hand.

As the big finish he said, "Whiteboi get down on yo' knees and open yo' mouth now." I meekly obeyed of course. Then he let my cum slowly leak out of the bitten off side of the rubber that was still on him. He told me to stick out my tongue and catch every drop. Then he told me to hold my cum in my own month for a minute. When he told me to swallow I remember Nicole's voice saying SUCK IT DOWN and that I did. Cleveland said, "See ya around whiteboi" as he smiled pulling up the zipper that covered that massive monster dong.

When I finally left the Men's Room, I saw why Cleveland did not shoot his load. I realized that he was saving it for his little white loverboi. They were kissing each other at the bar. I have to admit I could not compete against this pretty whiteboi. He had lovely blue eyes to match his blue lipstick and his long beautiful silky blonde hair ran all the way down to his cut-off jeans that fit his cute little girlish ass that Cleveland was groping.

When I took a closer look I was shocked to realize it was someone who I remembered from high school. I remembered reading in the newspaper he got kicked out of the state college for multiple drunk and disorderlies and had 2 DUI's, so on the second one, he would have had to do jailtime. I wondered if he "went black" in prison. Who knows? Either way last Saturday night is one I will never forget. Gaywayne

PS Sara are you satisfied with my performance? Am I still your little pussyboi?

From Sara: Yes, Nicole and I are pleased with your cockdockery!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Cuckoldresses Wear...

peewee wanted to know what Cuckoldresses wear to symbolize that they cuck weedick wimps and crave big black cocks. He correctly listed ankle bracelets, toe rings and queen of spades symbols (such as queen of spades earrings) to which I added zebra-striped or any black & white animal print clothing. So if you're wondering why there is a proliferation of these on hot girls in clubs, on the beach, on the net, anywhere(!) you'll know why....

UPDATE FROM PEEWEE: Sophie is auctioning her outfit below including her Zebra Skirt on eBay UK, bidding is currently at L280 (L = pounds). FROM SARA: I have given peewee permission to spend MY MONEY to bid! But if he wins, he must auction off everything else but the Zebra Skirt and hang the Zebra Skirt somewhere in his bedroom, to remind himself of his cuck-li-ness. FINAL AUCTION UPDATE: peewee's high bid was sniped at the last second by another bidder, dammit! But we all know what the winning bidder will be doing with this outfit, don't we....

Sophie Reade wearing the outfit she is auctioning on eBay UK:

peewee caught on why I was wearing a black & white animal stripe bra and panty set on my Cuckold Listing on! peewee is the only cuck to have ever figured out the symbolism!

Also, I save my black and white pawprint top for special occasions!

Moron Assignment - Completed!

In response to my assignment to write something humiliating
this weekend, my moron has written this story about what he
knows I would do to him while my girlfriends watch!!

I'd never done anything with a guy, but Sara has her mind
set that she'll teach me to suck cock and learn to love it,
one important component of her total annihilation of my
former self and imposition of her will upon me as she molds
my new self to comply with her wishes.

Sara first had me looking at gay porn. I found some of the
guys and their organs distasteful but with other cute guys
with beautiful cocks I could feel a twinge of excitement
beginning to form as I imagined myself on my knees
before them, with Sara instructing me on how to worship
and please cock.

She told me about a particular young man she knows, very
handsome and well endowed, whom she uses to humiliate
one of her slaves with cock, and I began fantasizing about
worshipping this friend of hers as Sara and her girlfriends
laughed hysterically at my humiliation.

I then began imagining kissing, licking cock, slurping on
balls, using my hands to thrill this guy I was worshiping, all
the while Sara pushing me further and further, telling me
such things as, "Admit it, this is where you belong, cockwhore,
where you long to be, worshiping cock, loving cock, living for
cock as your Mistress instructs you and guides you ever more
deeply toward your destiny."

To add to my conversion, Sara has me tickling my ass with
cucumbers and bananas, which I also practice on for improvements
in my cocksucking.

Through all of this indoctrination, Sara keeps taking my money in
large amounts, and reminds me that I am so completely enslaved to
her that she will do whatever she wants to me and in turn will have
me do whatever she wants.

A few months ago I had a fairly typical, uneventful life, not a bad life at all. But with her keen insight, intelligence, and creativity (not to forget her beauty either), Sara has reduced me to an empty shell of a person, to be filled with whatever she wishes, whatever will serve her purpose, which comes down to having me around to toy with, to degrade for her amusement and enhancement of her power over me and to take my money so that she can enjoy things in life that I pay for, as should be the case -- a moron and fool, giving up his money for the magnificent woman who is his Mistress and Controller. Sara has so completely reduced me to enslavement, that my only additional longing is that she proclaim me "owned", officially her property and possession.

Big Cocks vs. Small Cocks!

Small cock wears his underpants when he gets out of bed.
Often sliding them on and off under the bedclothes.

Big cock grabs your head and pushes it down.
Small cock waits and hopes.

Small cock: "Does size matter?"
Big cock: "Did you know size matters?"

Small cock will give you oral for hours.
You make big cock stop and put it in after a couple of minutes.

About four inches?
Three squeals and a shriek?

Small cock sticks to one or two positions that work.
Big cock keeps switching.

Big cock hopes the condom doesn't split.
Small cock hopes the condom stays on.

Big cock worries he is stretching you too much.
Little cock worries he isn't at all.

Small cock brings you strawberries and champagne after sex.
Big cock just leaves you hanging half off the bed exhausted.

Big cock comes back from the front door saying:
"That was the neighbors complaining about your noise."
Small cock says "Did you cum?"

from message board

and small ones shouldn't be called cocks! -- Sara

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Newest Gay Slave

Well Mistress Sara, it has happened to me now.

Since i last sent you an update i have visited the ABS more and more going into the booths and watching gay porn and into a small theater area showing gay porn and now sitting in there watching gay porn with other guys. It is like a gay orgy every day in the theater. Always 3-10 guys in there and having gay sex in the open. After watching a couple of times, i could not take it anymore and joined in. First time a guy sat next to me and started rubbing my crotch, i was so hot watching the gay porn and the action in the theater.

He pulled my cock out and stroked me and then pulled his cock out, i stroked him also. Then he told me to go to my knees and suck his cock. OMG, i was so hot and ready, i went down on my knees and sucked him. He came hard in my mouth and i swallowed his big load. It was so wonderful to suck his cock and then get the load. OMG, it was wonderful. i loved it. i was then crazed for more and joined in with some other guys that were into some action in the theater. i got on my knees in front of three of them and sucked them all, two came on my face and one in my mouth. i ate the cum and Sex with men is absolutely the best and all i want. i do not want women anymore. This is tough since i am married. But i need guys now all the time. i still cannot believe now how this has happened, but i think i became conditioned to gay sex thru watching only gay porn and following your gay brainwashing game steps completely. i now have also hooked up with guys thru which i am a member of and meet up with them for more gay sex. i even feel proud now to say i am gay or a faggot. i plan to tell my wife soon, as she is wondering what is wrong since we have not had sex for the past 2 1/2 months since i started your gay steps and reading all your stories.

i don't know what else to say, except that i am so excited and feel great, best sex and best i have felt ever. i just returned from sucking four cocks and taking all the loads and one load in my ass. i am filled with cum in my ass as i write this with some dried cum on my face. Thank you Mistress Sara, thank you!

Your new gay slave

Moron Assignment

I imagine you telling me, "I have no time for you over the next few days, moron, so what you'll do is write messages to yourself; that's right idiot, you will write demeaning, degrading, humiliating messages to yourself that you wish I were writing and sending to you. Each day you will send me a concise message of humiliation (none of your endlessly boring piece of shit mails) that you write to yourself because, oh so pathetically, it's all you can do when your Owner won't feed you and you are desperately hungry. You will continue to do this over the next few days, until you hear from me telling you to resume typical correspondence." Again, of course I would obey.

Sara, please don't do this to me. I write this only to show you the desperate, pathetic state you have me in.

Well I did order the pathetic moron to write humiliating messages to idiot-self, because it's the weekend, I'm busy and have better things to do than overindulge my needy moron!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Big Brother UK Winner!

Breaking news from peewee, UK blog correspondent....

Britain voted in droves for the BB Contestant who voiced her Size Queen tendencies and her preference for Black men. Sophie (as featured in your previous blogs) is this year's overall winner.

Years ago, a pretty young English girl admitting, live to the nation, that she prefers big black men would have caused resentment, hostility and contempt. Nowadays, it invokes popularity and respect. That is evidenced by the overwhelming 74.4% of the final vote going to Sophie. Ok, I concede that her MASSIVE fake breasts, pretty face and fun ditzy personality may have had more to do with it. But it just goes to show that Britain's most attractive, likable hotties want big black men. And we all love and accept it.

She chose to leave the house, victorious, in a tiny skirt that was - fittingly - zebra patterned. I wonder, is the zebra pattern some kind of code for white girls who love black men? I know ankle bracelets, toe rings and queen of spades symbols are usually a giveaway. But is the zebra pattern another tell-tale sign? I think of the picture of you wearing zebra patterned panties - and believe me - it turns little boys like me on. To say the least!!

It will be interesting to see how long it is before Sophie starts dating another black footballer. I imagine the bookies' odds have just been slashed!

yes peewee, zebra pattern bras, panties, bikinis, skirts etc. do mean a white girl is into black men! In fact, one Niteflirt caller even told me in the city where he lives there is a Club Zebra where white women go shopping for black men, or vice versa....

From Straight to GAY! A Confession

I had always been totally straight and had never even considered doing anything with a guy. But then I met, well, met on Niteflirt, Sara. She made me listen to her Becum an XXXmas Ho Ho Ho recording and in our conversations she was very convincing that I should start going to adult bookstores and posting/replying to ads on Craigslist and other sites.

The more the thought was on my mind, the more I was compelled to try it for Sara. And so it happened. What happened next I never anticipated. On a couple of my cocksucking extravaganzas, when it was over, the guy either handed me some money, or, I even asked for cab fare (even though I drove over). So I thought I could make a little extra cash on the side doing this and then spend the $ on whatever kinky sex type stuff I craved.

Now I usually contact men through their ads and once contact has been established, pictures exchanged, time/location details worked out, and finally, once I am confident they are not insane, I bring up money. So far I have been charging $50. I would charge more, but I am not very good at it yet and I want to be a cheap street whore. I have met about 15-20 guys so far, and for the most part I am still disgusted by it. I don’t like doing it, but I do love the sense of humiliation and degradation. Most of the time it is pretty ordinary. I show up, small talk for a minute, then pants are dropped and I get on my knees and start sucking. Some guys have special requests like wanting me to show up in a bra and panties. One time a guy wanted his girlfriend to watch. I actually enjoyed this because she was very talkative and offered helpful advice and encouragement.

The weirdest so far was this: One time a guy asked me to dress up in his wife’s clothing and I think I will be meeting him again this weekend. He put me in her bra and panties, skirt and top, stockings and asked me to prance around the room. Then he asked me to dress in her workout clothes and do the same thing. Finally, he brought out her wedding gown. I really couldn’t fit in this very well, and the zipper up the back wouldn’t go up very far. But I got in it the best I could and then sucked him off. Some of his cum dribbled onto the bodice/bust area.

Now I am into trannies, and use the money I make from sucking cock to spend on them, and also on Sara.

Sucking Cock for Cab Fare!

When you do my Niteflirt Gay Brainwashing Game, it will happen to you. You will find yourself so hungry for cock, you will do anything to get it. You will crave cum-plete humiliation for being so cock-starved and cum-crazed. Realizing that asking for money up front may land you in handcuffs, the type you wouldn't want to be in {wink wink}, most of you sexstore gloryhole cocksuckers go legit and ask for tips, cab fare or even booze money after the bj!

"Yeah, I actually asked him for cab fare. And he only gave me $7! Super humiliating. Selling myself for 7 measly dollars!!?? Wow, what a gutter sluttin' ho. And I realized I still had lipstick on my mouth afterwards when I went to an internet cafe to get a cup of coffee. That's where I am now..."

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night I went to a gay bar. Out of nowhere this big strong blackman grabbed me and gave me a powerful mouth-to-mouth kiss. I was shocked at the unexpectedness of such a big Afrostud coming on so hard to me. (Never thought it would happen to me!) I was so scared that I ran out of the bar. At a table near the door, there were girls laughing and clapping and I heard somebody yell, "Look at that little white bitch run!"

I wonder if those girls (lesbians? straight girls hanging out in a gaybar for kicks?) put this blackstud up to it, if they had bets riding on whether I would get into the kiss or duck and run....if he had done this to other whiteboys before me? At first, I was acting like a pompous ass after a few drinks, you know how I am when I drink, if you've read some of my other stories. So maybe the girls spotted my cocky whiteboy attitude and decided to put me in my place at the gaybar.

All I could do is think about the Afrostud's huge fat lips pressed up against my skinny whiteboy ones last night in bed. I did not sleep a wink so I wanked. I had my chance to make it with a big black man and I blew it. I'm sorry I did not live up to the name you gave me. Are you ashamed of me? I know Nicole will be.

I can see now why more black studs are smacking (and spanking) white sissy asses in front of you beautiful white girls. The black men are now finally more than ever showing you ladies what whiteboys are really made of. I guess we deserve what we're getting. How did they ever once fear us? Even though we outnumber them 10 to 1, we still turn tail and let the Afroamericans take our whitegirls away. We just accept this as the new reality in our tiny, unimportant wimpy lives.

I guess our reputation of being sissies and pussies is here to stay and deeply seeded in the whitegirls and black men. The celebs know this especially in England (peewee's reports and pics show this.) I can see why the whitegirls yawn when whiteboys approach them, but get excited when an Afrostud puts a move on them.


ps i have become such a little blackass kisser


Gaywayne, realizing how he let me and Nicole and all my blog readers down, now promises to go back to the gaybar this weekend and get it on with BBC. I will post details asap!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The H List

peewee reports on the inverse, the most well hung celebrities in the world!

Interestingly, it is rumored that there exists a "SAUCY list ... revealing which actors really are Hollywood’s BIGGEST stars.

The compilers have reported that Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, George Clooney and Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire have some pretty "impressive parts" and this doesn't refer to their acting roles. Joining them on the list are Matt Dillon, Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey and Sean Penn. The anonymous compilers get their information from film workers who regularly see the stars in the buff as they change into costume before going on set.

The H list is not in order of size, since British Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor, last on the list, is rumored to have one of the most impressive light sabres in Tinseltown.

The H-list — with H standing for “Hung” — is revised once a year and now mostly circulated via email or posted online. It was originally created in the 1940s by the saucy wife of a studio boss. Nowadays its' unknown authors base their ratings on tips that film technicians, costume designers and make-up artists send to a post office box in Palm Springs, California — preferably with photographic proof."

Click here for the source!

A more comprehensive list of the best hung celebrities, including politicos, was outlined as part of a response to the above-listed link, as follows:

Milton Berle
Samuel L. Jackson
Charlie Chaplin
Robert Wagner
Will Smith
Dennis Rodman
Billy Bob Thornton
Tommy Lee
Tim Robbins
Morgan Freeman
Lyle Lovett
Jeff Goldblum
Randy Travis
Lou Reed
Buster Keaton
Stephen Speilberg
Damon Wayans
Edward James Olmos
Chris Isaak
Vin Diesel
Liev Schreiber
Al Gore
Barack Obama
John C. Reilly
Michael Imperioli
John Singleton
Spike Lee
Viggo Mortenson
Christopher Lee
Mick Fleetwood
Danny Glover
James Garner
Dario Argento
Warren Beatty
Stevie Wonder
Jon Lovitz
Danny Masterson
Kevin Spacey
Jamie Foxx
Rapper Q-Tip
Rapper Ce-Lo
Colin Farrell
George Clooney
Tobey Maguire
Matt Dillon
Kevin Costner
Benjamin Bratt
Kiefer Sutherland
Johnny Depp
Sean Penn
Matthew McConaughey
Ewan McGregor

Ewan's supposedly hiding at least 9 - 10" under his kilt!

Size Queenery!


Sara to peewee -- A few years ago, my girlfriends and I, especially Nicole, were ok with 7's, but then we started a movement: 8 IS THE NEW 7

Now we don't go under 8". Girls get 'size fatigue'. There's a physiological basis to it, large cocks 'ruin' a girl's pussy. A girl's pussy elongates in response to the size of cocks, to be able to take them, so after getting fucked by 8's or 9's, the pussy instinctively elongates to take 8's or 9's, 7's won't fill up the pussy any longer.

peewee to Sara -- Wow! You've dropped 7's! That's impressive Sara. I suppose I am happy for you that you're with such big men. But it's quite intimidating for me to think just what sort of men are enjoying the girl I am in love with. I think it's just an in-built trait for men to be psychologically crushed when confronted by superior manhoods.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be your cuckold, given that my size is clearly so insufficient. I will keep trying to please you in other ways to make up for my joke cock.

Sara to peewee -- As far as who really should be at the top of the list, I've heard it's Julia Roberts. She only dates or marries extremely hung men, doesn't seem to care if they are the right publicity accessory for her career. Kiefer Sutherland, Benjamin Bratt, Liam Neeson, Lyle Lovett. I'm sure her ex-camera man husband is hung as well or why else would she have stolen him from his now ex-wife!

peewee to Sara -- Julia 'Pretty Woman' Roberts is top of the tree, eh?! You're probably right. Another SQ, Janice Dickinson, has labeled Liam Neeson's penis as "the biggest in the world"! You see already, there's a cross-over correlation between the H List and the SQ List.

My nomination for Queen of the Size Queens: Julia Roberts! From her choices for boyfriends and husbands, there is no one there less than 8" and there are a few who are reported to be 9" or more! -- Sara

The SQ List!!!

World Premiere! peewee has prepared the ultimate Size Queen list!

And as you expressed interest in a list of Size Queens, I have compiled the definitive, world-first 'SQ List', with references to demonstrate the credibility of each candidate. The list is:

1. Empress Sara and all her girlfriends
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Keeley Hazell
4. Janet Jackson
5. Tera Patrick
6. Pamela Anderson
7. Katie Price/Jordan
8. Janice Dickinson
9. Heidi Klum
11.Gillian Anderson
12.Sarah Brightman
13.Courteney Cox
14.Molly Culver
15.Carmen Electra
17.Jerry Hall
18.Jenna Jameson
19.Nicole Kidman
20.L'il Kim
21.Tea Leoni
22.Heather Locklear
23.Demi Moore
24.Tara Reid
25.Sarah Silverman
26.Julia Roberts
27.Victoria Silvstedt
28.Nichole Robinson
29.Linda Fiorentino
30.Jenny McCarthy

11-30 (inc):

Gaywayne BACK to BLACK from MONTREAL!

Sara, I just returned from Montreal with a story that I think you will enjoy....

Of course I went to another Ladies Nite at an all male strip club. After having a few drinks, nothing much was going on, so I was thinking I needed to go to another spot with more action. Then in walked two hot girls who grabbed a table by me along with their white boyfriends. The guys looked straight, not bad-looking guys, but a little nerdy and kind of nervous for not being in their natural environment. They were definitely American, as they were talking about everything they planned to do up here on their weekend in Montreal. It was clear the girls were in control of the weekend plans.

Some white fags danced their way thru a few strip shows, nothing too exciting and way too faggy for the girls in the club to get their attention. Then a couple of really hot-looking and well-hung black guys from the West Indies got on stage to strip. The two girls near me started frantically wooting and cheering at the black studs as their boyfriends looked the other way. I don't think the whiteboyz could take the competition the black men were giving them and were embarrassed how excited their girls were for the black manmeat.

The fun really got started after the black brothas finished dancing and went right over to where they got their loudest cheers. Now I don't know if the white babes were trying to teach their whiteboyz a lesson, or if they were just super drunk or if they were highly sexually charged by the raw dance performance. When the black men went to their table, one of the girls jumped out of her seat and gave one dancer a kiss on the cheek. The other girl asked for a peek inside the other dancer's tight g-string. He just laughed and said, "That will cost your whiteboy some money." The white girl gave her boyfriend a look, and the boyfriend carefully pulled out a five dollar bill from his wallet, but the black guy kept motioning for more, so the cucked boyfriend ended up giving him a total of twenty dollars. Then both the white girls got a peek at the monster equipment in the g-string. Oh my GOD!! one of the girls exclaimed. The other girl pretended to faint and fall back into her chair.

Their whiteboyz were now looking very uptight and confused about what to do and kept looking around at the half empty crowd at the club. After the Afromen left the table, I thought that would be the end of it much to the whiteboyz relief, but things were just getting started and these boys had no idea what they got themselves into.

None of the whitegirlz in the club cared for the other wimpy whiteboy dancers performances. Like I said, they just looked like fagboy strippers, since this was essentially an all male strip club, I guess they were here for gay guys who might be customers on other nites. But when the two black dancers got up on stage again, the screaming started. You would think the club would just hire BBCs for Ladies Nite. Maybe the joint would be more crowded.

This time when the Afromen returned to their table, both girls got up and got right next to the sweaty black brothas. One girl started to grind on the brotha who she had gotten a look at his big black dong. I thought their boyfriends would go out of their minds. This time the girls told the mandingo studs to get tips from their whiteboyz.

The whiteboyz looked very scared and intimidated. In comparison, the white nerds looked skinny and mousy, about 5'8 - 5'9, compared to the 6'2 huge solid muscle black men. They were no match against the brothas. The boyz took their wallets out and gave the Afromen five dollars each. When one brotha said is that all? The whiteboyz proceeded to give the men another five each. To show their lack of appreciation, the brothas both lifted their muscular right leg and put their big thighs over the seated whiteboyz left shoulders to press their massive huge cock and balls against the whiteboyz faces. This got their girlfriends really excited and they cheered the Afromen on in laughter saying: "Yeah baby, show our boyfriends what you're packing." "Yeah make them sniff some dark meat." I wasn't sure if the Afrococks were now getting rock hard and or if they were just hung that hard when limp?

When the dancers left the table, the whiteboyz said they wanted to leave, but the girls said: "No way! We went to the all girl strip club last week for you, now it's our turn!" The girls kept on teasing the boyz saying things like, "C'mon Trent you never jerked off looking at a picture of a naked black man?" or "Hey Rauf (the way she said Ralph?) I bet you loved the smell of the black guy's big sweaty balls that were on your face. You must have wondered what it was like to whiff a black man's jock strap in the locker room, if you haven't already."

When the Afromen came back for the 3rd time the girls would not let up on the embarrassment of their guys. It was painful for me to watch, but also exciting. I longed to have a hot white girl for my girlfriend who would humiliate me in public like this. I used to have a hot girlfriend, yes, but as some of your know from reading about my pre-dick-aments, Sally left me for BBC and still occasionally tells me how hot her current black studs are in voicemail messages late at nite from bars or clubs when she knows I probably have my cell phone turned off. So when I turn it on in the morning and hear a detailed message from her, she knows it devastates my entire day.

Back to the action! For the whitegirlz entertainment this time the black guys grabbed the back of the whiteboyz heads and rubbed their red faces hard against their big scary dark cocoa cocks. They even stood on top of them and proceeded to tea-bag them. Whoever was working the stage lights managed to turn and shine a spotlight on the action and a down and dirty rap song was playing on the sound system.

This time the whitegirlz made the boyz double tip them. I would bet if the whiteboyz walked into this club tonight straight, they were not anymore. The girls loved it. Later when the two white couples left, I jumped at the chance to interview these two special Afromen. Since I'm Sara's personal Canadian correspondent, I thought it was my duty of course. While I bought them both a drink, this is what they had to say:

"It's no big deal mon. We turn a lot of whiteboyz into fags, thought they were straight. Now whitegirlz all go black. We cockwhip the whiteboyz to amuse and for purposes of money. The whitegirlz enjoy and we love turning their whiteboyz into fags in front of their eyes mon."

The other Afrostud continued: "Now we know once the whiteboyz leave here they will be thinking about our black cocks all night long. We planted a seed. It will grow and soon they will stop wanting white pussy altogether."

"This is what happens. In a couple of weeks the whiteboyz will come back here wanting our black cocks rubbed against their white faces again and will pay double. Once we know we have them broken in as our bitches. We make them wait all night long and sometimes we don't give them any. We think it's funny mon. Not getting any white pussy, not any black cock."

"Yeah we know this mon works at a pornshop down the street. He said sales are so big (laughter) of Lexington Steele and Sean Micheal dildo dongs. Because that's the store the whiteboys go to when we don't be giving our black cocks. (more laughter) But on a slow night when tips are low we give them all the cock they need."

His Afro dance mate also added: "The more whiteboyz we turn into queers, the more white pussy for us. Once we decide we are going to turn the whitegirlz boyfriends gay right in front of them."

The other Afrostud concluded: "Girls get very excited. Boyfriends too cowardly to stand up against us. Girls stop giving them pussy. Maybe a creampie? Once and he becomes a faggot."

That is about all they had to say and I'd like to add with all that's going in today's world, one has to wonder how was the white man ever in control? I think the world will be totally ruled by white women and black men soon, evidence of that is already around us.