Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night I went to a gay bar. Out of nowhere this big strong blackman grabbed me and gave me a powerful mouth-to-mouth kiss. I was shocked at the unexpectedness of such a big Afrostud coming on so hard to me. (Never thought it would happen to me!) I was so scared that I ran out of the bar. At a table near the door, there were girls laughing and clapping and I heard somebody yell, "Look at that little white bitch run!"

I wonder if those girls (lesbians? straight girls hanging out in a gaybar for kicks?) put this blackstud up to it, if they had bets riding on whether I would get into the kiss or duck and run....if he had done this to other whiteboys before me? At first, I was acting like a pompous ass after a few drinks, you know how I am when I drink, if you've read some of my other stories. So maybe the girls spotted my cocky whiteboy attitude and decided to put me in my place at the gaybar.

All I could do is think about the Afrostud's huge fat lips pressed up against my skinny whiteboy ones last night in bed. I did not sleep a wink so I wanked. I had my chance to make it with a big black man and I blew it. I'm sorry I did not live up to the name you gave me. Are you ashamed of me? I know Nicole will be.

I can see now why more black studs are smacking (and spanking) white sissy asses in front of you beautiful white girls. The black men are now finally more than ever showing you ladies what whiteboys are really made of. I guess we deserve what we're getting. How did they ever once fear us? Even though we outnumber them 10 to 1, we still turn tail and let the Afroamericans take our whitegirls away. We just accept this as the new reality in our tiny, unimportant wimpy lives.

I guess our reputation of being sissies and pussies is here to stay and deeply seeded in the whitegirls and black men. The celebs know this especially in England (peewee's reports and pics show this.) I can see why the whitegirls yawn when whiteboys approach them, but get excited when an Afrostud puts a move on them.


ps i have become such a little blackass kisser


Gaywayne, realizing how he let me and Nicole and all my blog readers down, now promises to go back to the gaybar this weekend and get it on with BBC. I will post details asap!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The H List

peewee reports on the inverse, the most well hung celebrities in the world!

Interestingly, it is rumored that there exists a "SAUCY list ... revealing which actors really are Hollywood’s BIGGEST stars.

The compilers have reported that Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, George Clooney and Spiderman’s Tobey Maguire have some pretty "impressive parts" and this doesn't refer to their acting roles. Joining them on the list are Matt Dillon, Kevin Costner, Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey and Sean Penn. The anonymous compilers get their information from film workers who regularly see the stars in the buff as they change into costume before going on set.

The H list is not in order of size, since British Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor, last on the list, is rumored to have one of the most impressive light sabres in Tinseltown.

The H-list — with H standing for “Hung” — is revised once a year and now mostly circulated via email or posted online. It was originally created in the 1940s by the saucy wife of a studio boss. Nowadays its' unknown authors base their ratings on tips that film technicians, costume designers and make-up artists send to a post office box in Palm Springs, California — preferably with photographic proof."

Click here for the source!

A more comprehensive list of the best hung celebrities, including politicos, was outlined as part of a response to the above-listed link, as follows:

Milton Berle
Samuel L. Jackson
Charlie Chaplin
Robert Wagner
Will Smith
Dennis Rodman
Billy Bob Thornton
Tommy Lee
Tim Robbins
Morgan Freeman
Lyle Lovett
Jeff Goldblum
Randy Travis
Lou Reed
Buster Keaton
Stephen Speilberg
Damon Wayans
Edward James Olmos
Chris Isaak
Vin Diesel
Liev Schreiber
Al Gore
Barack Obama
John C. Reilly
Michael Imperioli
John Singleton
Spike Lee
Viggo Mortenson
Christopher Lee
Mick Fleetwood
Danny Glover
James Garner
Dario Argento
Warren Beatty
Stevie Wonder
Jon Lovitz
Danny Masterson
Kevin Spacey
Jamie Foxx
Rapper Q-Tip
Rapper Ce-Lo
Colin Farrell
George Clooney
Tobey Maguire
Matt Dillon
Kevin Costner
Benjamin Bratt
Kiefer Sutherland
Johnny Depp
Sean Penn
Matthew McConaughey
Ewan McGregor

Ewan's supposedly hiding at least 9 - 10" under his kilt!

Size Queenery!


Sara to peewee -- A few years ago, my girlfriends and I, especially Nicole, were ok with 7's, but then we started a movement: 8 IS THE NEW 7

Now we don't go under 8". Girls get 'size fatigue'. There's a physiological basis to it, large cocks 'ruin' a girl's pussy. A girl's pussy elongates in response to the size of cocks, to be able to take them, so after getting fucked by 8's or 9's, the pussy instinctively elongates to take 8's or 9's, 7's won't fill up the pussy any longer.

peewee to Sara -- Wow! You've dropped 7's! That's impressive Sara. I suppose I am happy for you that you're with such big men. But it's quite intimidating for me to think just what sort of men are enjoying the girl I am in love with. I think it's just an in-built trait for men to be psychologically crushed when confronted by superior manhoods.

Thank you so much for allowing me to be your cuckold, given that my size is clearly so insufficient. I will keep trying to please you in other ways to make up for my joke cock.

Sara to peewee -- As far as who really should be at the top of the list, I've heard it's Julia Roberts. She only dates or marries extremely hung men, doesn't seem to care if they are the right publicity accessory for her career. Kiefer Sutherland, Benjamin Bratt, Liam Neeson, Lyle Lovett. I'm sure her ex-camera man husband is hung as well or why else would she have stolen him from his now ex-wife!

peewee to Sara -- Julia 'Pretty Woman' Roberts is top of the tree, eh?! You're probably right. Another SQ, Janice Dickinson, has labeled Liam Neeson's penis as "the biggest in the world"! You see already, there's a cross-over correlation between the H List and the SQ List.

My nomination for Queen of the Size Queens: Julia Roberts! From her choices for boyfriends and husbands, there is no one there less than 8" and there are a few who are reported to be 9" or more! -- Sara

The SQ List!!!

World Premiere! peewee has prepared the ultimate Size Queen list!

And as you expressed interest in a list of Size Queens, I have compiled the definitive, world-first 'SQ List', with references to demonstrate the credibility of each candidate. The list is:

1. Empress Sara and all her girlfriends
2. Jennifer Aniston
3. Keeley Hazell
4. Janet Jackson
5. Tera Patrick
6. Pamela Anderson
7. Katie Price/Jordan
8. Janice Dickinson
9. Heidi Klum
11.Gillian Anderson
12.Sarah Brightman
13.Courteney Cox
14.Molly Culver
15.Carmen Electra
17.Jerry Hall
18.Jenna Jameson
19.Nicole Kidman
20.L'il Kim
21.Tea Leoni
22.Heather Locklear
23.Demi Moore
24.Tara Reid
25.Sarah Silverman
26.Julia Roberts
27.Victoria Silvstedt
28.Nichole Robinson
29.Linda Fiorentino
30.Jenny McCarthy

11-30 (inc):

Gaywayne BACK to BLACK from MONTREAL!

Sara, I just returned from Montreal with a story that I think you will enjoy....

Of course I went to another Ladies Nite at an all male strip club. After having a few drinks, nothing much was going on, so I was thinking I needed to go to another spot with more action. Then in walked two hot girls who grabbed a table by me along with their white boyfriends. The guys looked straight, not bad-looking guys, but a little nerdy and kind of nervous for not being in their natural environment. They were definitely American, as they were talking about everything they planned to do up here on their weekend in Montreal. It was clear the girls were in control of the weekend plans.

Some white fags danced their way thru a few strip shows, nothing too exciting and way too faggy for the girls in the club to get their attention. Then a couple of really hot-looking and well-hung black guys from the West Indies got on stage to strip. The two girls near me started frantically wooting and cheering at the black studs as their boyfriends looked the other way. I don't think the whiteboyz could take the competition the black men were giving them and were embarrassed how excited their girls were for the black manmeat.

The fun really got started after the black brothas finished dancing and went right over to where they got their loudest cheers. Now I don't know if the white babes were trying to teach their whiteboyz a lesson, or if they were just super drunk or if they were highly sexually charged by the raw dance performance. When the black men went to their table, one of the girls jumped out of her seat and gave one dancer a kiss on the cheek. The other girl asked for a peek inside the other dancer's tight g-string. He just laughed and said, "That will cost your whiteboy some money." The white girl gave her boyfriend a look, and the boyfriend carefully pulled out a five dollar bill from his wallet, but the black guy kept motioning for more, so the cucked boyfriend ended up giving him a total of twenty dollars. Then both the white girls got a peek at the monster equipment in the g-string. Oh my GOD!! one of the girls exclaimed. The other girl pretended to faint and fall back into her chair.

Their whiteboyz were now looking very uptight and confused about what to do and kept looking around at the half empty crowd at the club. After the Afromen left the table, I thought that would be the end of it much to the whiteboyz relief, but things were just getting started and these boys had no idea what they got themselves into.

None of the whitegirlz in the club cared for the other wimpy whiteboy dancers performances. Like I said, they just looked like fagboy strippers, since this was essentially an all male strip club, I guess they were here for gay guys who might be customers on other nites. But when the two black dancers got up on stage again, the screaming started. You would think the club would just hire BBCs for Ladies Nite. Maybe the joint would be more crowded.

This time when the Afromen returned to their table, both girls got up and got right next to the sweaty black brothas. One girl started to grind on the brotha who she had gotten a look at his big black dong. I thought their boyfriends would go out of their minds. This time the girls told the mandingo studs to get tips from their whiteboyz.

The whiteboyz looked very scared and intimidated. In comparison, the white nerds looked skinny and mousy, about 5'8 - 5'9, compared to the 6'2 huge solid muscle black men. They were no match against the brothas. The boyz took their wallets out and gave the Afromen five dollars each. When one brotha said is that all? The whiteboyz proceeded to give the men another five each. To show their lack of appreciation, the brothas both lifted their muscular right leg and put their big thighs over the seated whiteboyz left shoulders to press their massive huge cock and balls against the whiteboyz faces. This got their girlfriends really excited and they cheered the Afromen on in laughter saying: "Yeah baby, show our boyfriends what you're packing." "Yeah make them sniff some dark meat." I wasn't sure if the Afrococks were now getting rock hard and or if they were just hung that hard when limp?

When the dancers left the table, the whiteboyz said they wanted to leave, but the girls said: "No way! We went to the all girl strip club last week for you, now it's our turn!" The girls kept on teasing the boyz saying things like, "C'mon Trent you never jerked off looking at a picture of a naked black man?" or "Hey Rauf (the way she said Ralph?) I bet you loved the smell of the black guy's big sweaty balls that were on your face. You must have wondered what it was like to whiff a black man's jock strap in the locker room, if you haven't already."

When the Afromen came back for the 3rd time the girls would not let up on the embarrassment of their guys. It was painful for me to watch, but also exciting. I longed to have a hot white girl for my girlfriend who would humiliate me in public like this. I used to have a hot girlfriend, yes, but as some of your know from reading about my pre-dick-aments, Sally left me for BBC and still occasionally tells me how hot her current black studs are in voicemail messages late at nite from bars or clubs when she knows I probably have my cell phone turned off. So when I turn it on in the morning and hear a detailed message from her, she knows it devastates my entire day.

Back to the action! For the whitegirlz entertainment this time the black guys grabbed the back of the whiteboyz heads and rubbed their red faces hard against their big scary dark cocoa cocks. They even stood on top of them and proceeded to tea-bag them. Whoever was working the stage lights managed to turn and shine a spotlight on the action and a down and dirty rap song was playing on the sound system.

This time the whitegirlz made the boyz double tip them. I would bet if the whiteboyz walked into this club tonight straight, they were not anymore. The girls loved it. Later when the two white couples left, I jumped at the chance to interview these two special Afromen. Since I'm Sara's personal Canadian correspondent, I thought it was my duty of course. While I bought them both a drink, this is what they had to say:

"It's no big deal mon. We turn a lot of whiteboyz into fags, thought they were straight. Now whitegirlz all go black. We cockwhip the whiteboyz to amuse and for purposes of money. The whitegirlz enjoy and we love turning their whiteboyz into fags in front of their eyes mon."

The other Afrostud continued: "Now we know once the whiteboyz leave here they will be thinking about our black cocks all night long. We planted a seed. It will grow and soon they will stop wanting white pussy altogether."

"This is what happens. In a couple of weeks the whiteboyz will come back here wanting our black cocks rubbed against their white faces again and will pay double. Once we know we have them broken in as our bitches. We make them wait all night long and sometimes we don't give them any. We think it's funny mon. Not getting any white pussy, not any black cock."

"Yeah we know this mon works at a pornshop down the street. He said sales are so big (laughter) of Lexington Steele and Sean Micheal dildo dongs. Because that's the store the whiteboys go to when we don't be giving our black cocks. (more laughter) But on a slow night when tips are low we give them all the cock they need."

His Afro dance mate also added: "The more whiteboyz we turn into queers, the more white pussy for us. Once we decide we are going to turn the whitegirlz boyfriends gay right in front of them."

The other Afrostud concluded: "Girls get very excited. Boyfriends too cowardly to stand up against us. Girls stop giving them pussy. Maybe a creampie? Once and he becomes a faggot."

That is about all they had to say and I'd like to add with all that's going in today's world, one has to wonder how was the white man ever in control? I think the world will be totally ruled by white women and black men soon, evidence of that is already around us.

Friday, August 14, 2009

JerkOff Clown

"It frightens me that I am doing this and think I probably shouldn't do it, but I can do nothing but obey you Sara. I am defenseless to resist your violations of me.

Just a few weeks ago it seemed I was a pretty regular guy, with a pretty regular job, and a pretty regular life. But in just a couple of weeks Sara has turned me into her pathetic jerkoff clown. At Sara’s instruction, I now look in the mirror, stare at my clown face and repeat again and again that I am Sara’s clown.

I play with myself but only with my left hand (I am right-handed) and only with a rubber dishwashing glove on it. I lick up any drippings or discharge. And as if this weren’t enough humiliation, I am now to search for clown fetish porn for stimulation, as Sara says I am a pathetic case and no longer deserving of being stimulated by a woman’s beauty and sexual body parts.. On top of it all, I now must also read over this post again and again and feel the depths to which I’ve sunk, just how pathetic my life has become at the hands of beautiful, intelligent, creative, sadistic Sara. I am now Sara’s pathetic wanker clown."

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Black Church Has Moved!

I know quite a few of you have worshipped at the Black Church! The Church of Big Black Cocks that is. Well it has now moved to:

Black Church

So update your bookmarks to the Church's new location! And pray for Black Cock!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Blondes and Blacks

from peewee, intrepid UK blog correspondent....

There is a U.S. reality TV show over here that is getting a lot of attention at present. It's called 'Kendra', after the (former Eagles Cheerleader & Playboy Bunny) star of the show, Kendra Baskett (nee Wilkinson)and is a spin-off from another show, 'The Girls Next Door'.

It caught my eye because the advertising billboards all over the place feature the beautiful Kendra entwined with her big black NFL (New York Giants) husband Hank Baskett. I also thought that Kendra's face reminded me a little bit of you, Empress Sara.

The UK is awash with interracial romance and so this 'Kendra' advertising blitz will only serve to further project the happiness that a hot girl can achieve with a huge black beau.

The E! site link attached, provides all the details of the show, including footage of Kendra with her black stud, and even a scene where she announces to her mum that she is pregnant with Hank's baby - which doesn't go down overly well!

CLICK for the Site Link

I think you should feature 'Kendra' on your blog, ensuring that your little bloggies watch the show. We can all revel in the reality that this perfect blonde is yet another celeb-u-hottie in the growing number of influential young beauties who are passionately endorsing superior black cock.