Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sara forces Robin to Go Gay!! -- by Fagqueen

Dedicated to Sara, Nicole, Marisol and the girls....

Robin was acting like a punk again. The superheroes were throwing a 'batchular' party for Superman who had proposed to Lois Lane. Robin yelled at the two girls who were hired to put on a lezbo sex show for the lezzies to lap it up more. "Do what you were born to do Ho's. Obey the prick master". Robin laughed. When Batgirl and Wonderwomen opened the door just to get a sneak peek, Robin slammed the door on them and yelled "No bitches allowed. This is a Man's world and don't forget it".
When the Flash said to him, "Look at that naked girl over there doing a lap dance for Batman. I could just cream being next to her." Robin raising his drink to his mouth and said arrogantly, "The only way I can get turned on and cream is when I hear a bitch scream OUTLOUD after I stick my big dick in her twat". He laughed and burped at the same time. Batman shook his head in disgust. Finally when the lapdancer gave Batman a blowjob, Robin laughed, "Don't forget to snowball his cum with your lez girlfriend."

THE NEXT DAY AT THE BATCAVE: ''If you don't teach that little punk of yours a lesson I will," said Vickie Vale to her boyfriend Batman. "But he's my little buddy who helps me fight crime," Batman said while he started to walk away. Vicky Vale kicked him right up his beautiful muscle tight ass. "Don't give me that shit. Stop and do what I say.'' Batgirl and Wonderwoman, who were also in the room, told Vickie what happened last night and were stunned how this big, fearless macho crime fighter acted like a complete pussy in front of Vickie, with them present no less. "Yes, dear anything you say". Catwoman who was also with them said sinisterly, "Would anybody like to hear my plan how we all can teach Robin a lesson?

THE REAL ROBIN: When Robin got home at night after fighting a good day's worth against crime, he turned on his computer and searched the internet for his childhood hero that inspired him: TONTO. He typed TONTO into his Yahoo search engine. This time things were a little twisted. Instead of reading the same old heroic stories about Tonto, he ended up on Saras blog-spot and read about a very different Tonto who enjoyed and loved to spend time in a salon dressing room with the Lone Ranger. He read how Tonto, who had long braids now, started putting cute ribbons and heart-shaped bows on them. One of the stage girls gave him a bottle of the right conditioner to make his braids look smooth and silky like theirs. He loved being called a pretty sissy by them. He said to the Masked Man, "The hell with that rough, manly life of camping out in the cold every night and fighting bad guys I want to be a sexy beautiful queenieboy." Robin was shocked to read what his childhood manly hero had turned into.

Robin fell in love with Saras Playroom. Robin suddenly realized he was in Gay denial. His macho act was just a front he used to fight of his demons of homo-ism. Beneath his so-called tough guy shell, he knew he was just another little pussy. He knew Sara was different from many other girls. A no-nonsense chick who may have been fooled in the past but no more. She would know how to bring out the queer in him. He wanted to call her to get verbally humiliated by her. But Robin did not have the guts. For now, he would just play her recordings for beaten wimps. One of his favorite tapes was Sara and Nicole talking about their adventures. Thinking he was still manly, Robin thought he would get off listening to the girls describe their great bodies, instead in the middle of the tape they talked about black men's huge cocks. Robin found himself getting strangely turned on about the wrong subject matter.

He called once just to dare himself. When the operator voice said "This is keen....Please introduce yourself'' Robin said "UmMMMUM."Sara said ''Yes faggot?" Robin realized this was not just a photo, but a very pretty girl real.alive.talking. Her photo he was looking at came to life. "Cat got your tongue fagboy?" Robin turned chicken and hung up. He would have to go back again to listening to the Sara tapes.

Robin planned a big 'date' night for himself in his bedroom. He put on a babydoll lingerie thing that his girlfriend left there. Put on some hot red chili pepper lipstick and nail polish there that he ordered over the phone from Yves Rocher. The frenchgirl giggled when he admitted that he was buying it to feel pretty. He took out from underneath his bed the lastest issue of Black Inches (the big cock mag) and grabbed his Sean Micheal big black dildo cock. After 2 shots of Jack Daniels, he got enough courage to call her again. This time Robin said to himself "I'm the man". This time another girl answered the phone. Robin said "A...hello.. I'm..uh.." Robin realized he was a pussy again. The girl yelled, "Hey Sara there's another closet fag on the phone for ya". Robin heard a bunch of girls laughing in the background. He said to himself, "Holy homo how could they fiqure me out so quickly?" It sounded to him like there was a party going on. He heard one girl say in the background, "Hey check out that blonde guy's hot ass. Where's the wine?" Another said, "That black guy's cock makes the other whiteboys look like babygirls". He hears laughing out loud. Another says, "Maybe the black guy will hump the cute blonde's ass". "I hope so". LOL. Robin could not believe what he was hearing. He realized Sara and her girlfriends were watching Gayboy Porn. Robin and his buddies checked out lezbo porn alot of course because it's a guy thing. But Robin never dreamed that girls would ever enjoy two guys going at it. Cocks belong in a girls pussy not up some guys ass? He thought. His heart raced with nervousness. Then there was a knock on the door. "Robin. It's me Deena. Robin said to himself, "Damn it, I forgot that my girlfriend said she was coming over tonight." STAY TUNED for the Next PART II ''SURPRISE INVITATION'' SAME TIME SAME PLACE SAME BAT CHANNEL!!!

A Very Kinky Girl

The kind you don't take home to mother....

Most white guys I meet I try to scare away immediately by telling them I'm too kinky for them. If alpha males would be the only males in my immediate orbit, sigh. But alas, pretty girls are flypaper around which the beta boys buzz. Perhaps I should go out with a fly swatter from now on, swat them away. My 'too kinky' scare doesn't have the desired effect, in fact, it seems to turn them on. What do they think 'too kinky' means??

1) That I like DP's

2) That I like being tied up and ravished (or ravaged)

3) That I like watching nasty porn

4) That I like tooting a white powdery substance and fucking all nite

5) That I like raking a guy's back with my nails while digging
my stilettos into his ass

Well maybe I do like all of the above in context, but kinky is also my perennial state of mind, I can't help how I'm wired, just like you, dear reader, can't help your fetishes, fantasies or sexual proclivities. The making-guys-go-gay thing gets my pussy wet. And when a guy at a club or a party really pesters me, and pesters me, I tell him my bottom line, you have to suckee dickee for me. And that usually scares them away. So one of the reasons I am on Keen / Niteflirt is because it's my perfect world. Where my gayboys are, that's where I wanna be!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Slave Trade

Due to popular demand, I am also going to run a 2nd blog detailing stories of my RT slaves. I have 2 slaveboys right now, toad and fatfuck. But I will also write some blog entries about a 3rd who went into rehab (gasp!) There will be a pay-to-view Niteflirt fee for reading about the misadventures of me 'n' my slaves.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Surfer stole my Wife

Sara, I confess that I became a cuckold. My wife is hot, she is my second wife and is 15 years younger than I am. We live in California. She loves to run on the beach, rollerblade on the promenade and lay in the sun to improve her tan. She is always meeting people on the beach. Who cares if she was doing girls she would meet. In fact that made me hot. But I knew something else was up, there were a couple of white guys coming around, I would only see them leaving as I was pulling into the driveway, and she claimed they were from the landscape or pool service, but they were white, so I knew she was lying, because those companies only have Mexicalis working for them. Then this one guy, Eric, is around, around and then seems to be always around, he is a college student/surfer/pot smoker. Used to have a job, but now just hangs out at my house. And does my wife. My wife said her sex drive is mammoth and there is no way I can keep up with her. Eric is 20 and can fuck her the way she needs. He also has a huge white cock. She let me watch her fuck him one time even though I now beg to see more, she denies me. God it was hot. Now Eric makes me do things like kiss his feet, kiss his ass, give him money to buy weed. He makes me call him Master. When my wife was out shopping one afternoon, he made me suck his dick. He took pictures of it with his digital camera. Then he said he is keeping the picture stick in a safe deposit box in case something happens, so he can email them to my office. He also told me his bitch (my wife) wants his baby. When I married her, she said she didn't want kids. I have grown kids from my first marriage and don't want to start another baby. But I am helpless and powerless to do anything. I sleep on the sofa in my den. They leave the house intercom on to I can hear them fucking. I never could make my wife (either of them) scream like that with my little dick. I guess this is what my marriage has become. I am just a cuck.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Saved by the Cock

I have been divorced about 5 years. When I was married, my wife kept calling me a loser and she finally left me for another guy. More money, bigger dick. After the divorce, I went off the deep end and just threw money at strippers, hookers, phone sex operators and got so drunk every weekend, I didn't care what happened to me. I kept it together during the week at work, or so I thought. But then I got fired anyway, because my performance was 'sub-par'. I heard later it was because word was getting around about me being a drunk, cruising for hookers and that I'd gotten an STD, which I did, so somebody must have seen me at the clinic? Who knows, life in a small town, big problem. But anyway, one nite I kind of lost it, I found myself drunk, with a gun in my car, and was riding around aimlessly, about 3 hours from home, wanting to kill myself. But I was too chicken to pull the trigger on myself although I fired the gun a few times out the car window. I fell asleep in my car parked on a side road and had a dream about sucking dick. Before that, I'd never ever even thought about it and had made fun of homos like 99% of most straight guys. But this dream was so powerful it woke me up with a chub and so I jacked off in my car to this dream. When I got home, it was one of those dreams that lingered, it just stayed with me. Somehow over the next few months, I ended up looking at gay porn on the internet, and calling a gay talk line and renting gay porn DVDs at this ABS. I mean I'd drop it all for a woman, but Scarlet Johannsen isn't walking into my life anytime soon, so I'm gay for now. I don't know what to call it, like temporary insanity, I'm temporary gay. I have been doing the booth thing at the ABS (sucking not fucking), but Sara told me I need to get my cherry popped, so she made me post on craigslist. I don't think I worded my ad right, all I got was spam, but I'm going to keep trying.

Worshipping the Porcelain Goddess

For the past few days I have been retching due to the stomach virus going around, so I haven't been blogging or on Niteflirt or waitressing or much of anything! I will hopefully be back up later today with some blog posts at least.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Fagqueen is Back with Part 2 of the Lone Ranger and Tonto!!!

After Tonto forced the Lone Ranger to suck his big red cock in front of all the laughing white girls who worked at the saloon, they were no longer called western heroes, but were referred to as the butch and the bitch. The Ranger bitch name was changed to Lucy by the madame of the Silver Nugget saloon. She also told him if he did not want to go to jail for stealing the chorus girls' outfits and make-up, he would have to work as a can-can girl in a chorus outfit on stage. Of course, with his legs kicking up high in the air joined with all the other dancing ladies while Tonto, who was the stud of the moment because of his huge red cock, was fucking all the bar hall girls.

The masked man, I mean Lucy, still proved he was Tonto's devoted bitch by wearing bloomers with bold print on his can that said "RED COCK ONLY'' that madame sewed on especially for him. That got a lot of whistles and catcalls on stage when Lucy and the girls turned their back to the crowd lifting up their dresses and wiggling thier asses to the crowd of drunken cowboys. Sara and Nicole attended one of these hot shows and got an idea. Sara whispered into Madame's ear as she giggle dand shook her head "Yes".

Sara had the old Lone Ranger uniformed cleaned and tailored to fit her. Then went behind Lucy after the show. Lifting up her dress, Sara, the masked lady, stuck her trusty six-shooter between Lucy's butt cheeks and said ''I hear you love getting banged by Red cock. How about trying a silver one?'' Sara shot a blank in Lucy's ass. He jumped two feet off the ground. Lucy, now red-faced, turned around and saw the masked lady's sexy lips blow the smoke away from the barrel of the gun with a big smile on her face.

Sara now became The new Lone Ranger and Nicole became Tonto. They now cleaned up the West female style. They could not understand why the men got so much credit for doing a job women could do so much easier. When they both entered a saloon, naked male servants offered their backs for the women to sit on while they ordered beers. The raunchy drunks were so easy for the women to knock out.

Meanwhile Tonto gave up his Butch role and fell in love in trying on all the wonderful make-up with Lucy in the dressing for hours. The Madame said the two bitches could never be tough guys again. The chorus girls would chuckle how they both would smear their sparkling lipstick when they pressed their pretty kissy lips together. They spent more time in the dressing room then any of the girls.

One day when Tonto and Lucy were alone in the dressing room, they decided to steal and run off all the make-up and jewelry and pretend they were Mary-Kay cosmetic girls to sell their merchandise out on the road. The Madame saw them riding away on stolen horses. She called Sara and Nicole to the rescue. Our girls jumped on their horses and ran after the two sissy fags. Tonto and Lucy were fearful after spotting the girls trailing closely behind them. They decided to split up at the fork in the road. Sara chased after Lucy while Nicole went after Tonto. Tonto's horse fell from under him and ran into a corn field. He took off his white panties to tie to a stick and waved it to surrender. Nicole yelled out "chicken shit'' and shot an arrow through the waving panties. Tonto howled like a wounded coyote. Nicole believed he was corn-holed when he fell on a corn on a cob.

Meanwhile, our hero Sara's horse got side by side with Lucy's. Sara stood on her horse Hollywood rodeo style, jumped across and knocked Lucy right off her horse. The fag and Sara both rolled down a hill together. Then Sara got up and pulled Lucy up off the ground with her . Lucy swung a few wild punches at Sara. Sara ducked and missed both. Then Sara came back with a left hook, then a right hook. Then one more right cross knocked the fag out cold. Sara planted her foot on her man and raised her arms in victory, because the female ranger always gets her man.

AFTERMATH: After the ex-lone Ranger and Tonto did their time in jail they decided to head for New York. On the way there, they stopped at Indian encampment for a night to make some money. Tonto cut a hole in his Teepee and wrote on top of it "Welcome to the Happyhole''. Tonto yelled out to all Indians to line up and get a great blow job for just a few cents from his squaw, who of course was really Lucy.

In New York, at 42nd Street, Tonto pimped out Lucy by making him put on a cowboy oufit and stand by the movie houses and offer to give head to any man inside the theatres. He started a new tradition which would later evolve into gay cowboys pimping themselves off like you see in the movie "Midnight Cowboy''. Later the ex-masked man was last seen up in Harlem. Because that was were the really big cocks were. He fell in love with black-soul meat and never went back.

As for Sara and Nicole, once they tamed the old Wild West they threw away their Lone Ranger and Tonto uniforms and went to Las Vegas where the hot black studs were quickly replacing wimpy whiteboys that ladies were tired of. White women have now discovered that black was where it was at. The whiteboys worst fears have finally come true and they could do nothing to stop the new liberated women of the new century going black. It is now "creampies for whiteboys onlys". The end. fagqueen

My Photo Site is Here

All jerkpigs, fagboys, sissy toys, pets, slaves, mini-men, whew did I cover everything(?) must get their asses to my Photo Site. 50 Photos, $49.99 via Niteflirt Paid Mail.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Meow Mix

Sara - I have a "Reader's dilema" and wondered if you might publish your advice?

I've been flirting with the guy at work like mad trying to get another go on his monster schlong. He finally sent me a text message last night and asked if I wanted to go out next week to a club. Thing is, he says that he wants me to dress up for him (so I dont embarass him). He's picked out this totally hot outfit off the internet and wants me to get it and wear it next week.
When I looked, it's the Leg Avenue "Vinyl Kitten set". It's just a black romper suit with really cute pink ruffles, a black collar with a pink bow tie, little pink and black wrist cuffs and these black gloves that have little pink "paws" on them. Oh - and pink kitten ears too. The outfit doesnt come with shoes but I was thinking just black heels with it if I went for it?
Seriously - could you pick a gayer outfit!
I love the thought of wearing it as I know that I'll feel like a total slut, but theres going to be so many people there. Wha tdo I do! I'm desparate to get my lips around his dong again for another mouthful of jizz but is this too much to do to get the gunk?

PS I really would be the cat that got the cream!

Help me!



My advice is: What slutty girl hasn't bought slutty outfits in hopes of sucking dick or getting her pussy stuffed by big cocks, I have a whole closet to prove it, Nicole has 2 closets to prove it. Get your =^..^= costume, shut up and put up!

Meeeeow, Sara

PS I found the purrfect purse for your ensemble on eBay! Hello Kitty!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Photo Dump is Cumming!

Due to popular demand, I am putting together a photo dump featuring pix of me, nude, some with ultrahot sextoys and yes you can see my pussy is wet. There are quite a few with this cubana lesbian named Marisol who was crazyinlove with me. No, make that obsessed. So there will be girl-girl shots for you to wank to. I had to totally pester Marisol, after I got out of her lesbo web, to email them to me, she was keeping them as private stock or maybe selling them, who knows? I will be charging for access to this dump site, thru Niteflirt paidmails. To start, there will be over 50 photos. This dump is just a temporary place for you to see picturitas of me until my site is designed. $33.33 will be the price tag. Send me a Niteflirt email if you want to be put on the Paidmail list for access to the site.


{PS from Sara....above pic is me with Marisol...}

There Was a Crooked Man....

My Confession:

My dick has this very unusual shape to it, it's bent. I've been told I should do male nude shots for gay sites, that gay guys would be into it. But every time I've been with a girl, it hurts them to get fucked. The girlfriend I had the longest was pretty weird about making a compromise. I used to tell her she could go get a big straight cock if she wanted, I wouldn't mind, but she refused saying it was cheating. So I just used dildos on her while I licked her pussy. When we were donesville, I decided not to put myself thru that bullshit again. My dick is a seven incher so it's not a tiny ween, but it's a useless ween. It was even hard for me to get a blowjob because it just prodded a girl's cheek. To tell the truth, it's hard to jerk my dick and cum, so I might as well lock it up. I think I want to become a power bottom and take big dicks up the ass. Thank you Sara for talking with me about my crooked dick.

Niteflirt ASS

God I hate the guys who just write me jack-off emails, or suggest we meet to indulge THEIR fetish. These type-o-lame-guys, in my 4 years on Keen / Niteflirt, never call. I bet fartsniffer's puny johnny pump spewed while writing this chum. Then he probably sent it out to at least 100 girls on Niteflirt. Sara

God Sara your sexy ass is worthy to be worshipped by ALL males, and I sure would just LOVE to worship your ass for you.

In fact, I want to remove your underwear from behind with my teeth and for you to sit in my mouth squeezing your glutes together while my tongue is inside of your crack.

I just love sexy girls and it's my long time dream to finally be able to ass-worship y'all and to taste and smell scented ass cracks.

Also, I just LOVE really, really, really, really smelly butts of a HOTT, SEXY girl like you. In fact, the more smelly your butt is, the more I'm drawn to want to smell and taste it; I bet your ass smells and tastes good, and I would LOVE to experience it. Even if something just exited from your butt-crack, I still want to taste and sniff it. In fact, if something just exited your crack before I taste, and sniff it, the better.

I also wanna place food into your asscrack and eat it straight out of your asscrack and enjoy the taste of the food with your butt residue on it.

Also, I want you to ooze your sexy fart from out of your sexy ass and straight into my mouth and nose ALL DAY, and ALL NIGHT LONG and let me swallow your ass-tooters and enjoy the smell!!! We should meet soon.

{PS from Sara...yes that is a pic of my ass...}