Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pinocchio's Confession

Here is a naughty confession from one of my little fagboys on Keen/Niteflirt. If you want to email me your dirty confession to post here at my blog, for that added touch of humiliation knowing that cumplete strangers will know your secret, send it to me along with a line that I have your permission to post it. As you can tell when you read about Pinocchio, the incriminating details have been edited out

Part 1

I finally went to ******. Cafepress never sent me my black camisole, only the thong (they later on 'claimed' I gave them the wrong credit card number) so I bought a whorish dress and panties at a place called romance lingerie on ****** street in ******. The sales girl kept throwing so many sexy outfits inside my dressing room I knew I had to buy something.

At the ******* (a male stripper joint) a sexy guy stripper talked w/ two girls and convinced them to go with me inside the booth, because I said I was scared to go inside the booth alone with him and watch him put on a show. Inside the booth the girls made me put on my slut dress and my panties and made me kiss the guy's smooth ass. But once the guy pulled down his g-string the fun really began. I never thought it would feel so good having a female hand in back of my head ramming my face inside the man's ass.Sara I could not breathe. My nose was stuck inside the crack of the guys and she kept rubbing my face in it really hard. Applying alot of pressure. I did not know girls could be so strong. Sara I felt so damn faggish with my nose stuck inside a guys asshole especially in front of fully dressed girls laughing.When she let me up for air I could see she had a big smile on her face. Laughing triumphantly. She finished me off by rubbing my face back forth against the guy's growing cock.In the end I thanked her for making me into a faggot, because it was my first real forced bi experience.

After that the male stripper talked another girl into the booth with me. I slipped him another ten and the whole thing started all over again. This girl had a domineering look on her face when she rubbed my face up against his beautiful ass. I said to myself oh my god I'm starting to get hooked on this guy's ass I hope I don't lose interest in pussy altogether? What do you think Sara? Do you think I will eventually lose interest in pussy and crave only a man's meat? Afterwards I asked this mean girl while buying her a drink: Did she like forcing a man's face inside another man's ass and making him feel gay? She smiled and shook her head up and down and said "Seriously".Sara how I wish you could of been there because I know you would have really gone to town with me with your no nonsense approach in turning guys into queers. Please let me know what you think of this letter. your twink: 'fagqueen'

Part 2

By all means you can post my confession on your blog. You can just go by the name I use fagqueen and edit it the way you want. I also forgot to tell you a little more about the second girl (the mean one). I went into the booth with at the male strip club. She took the cherry out of her drink and told the stripper to bend way down and spread his sexy cheeks so she could place the cherry right smack in his asshole and told me to lick it out with my tonque. Sara I never felt so gayed in my life. It was harder to do then I thought.I heard a girl say to her boy stripper across from us in another booth "how low can a guy get?" Later at the bar the same girl told me to talk like Forrest Gump and had me say over and over again "Life is just an asshole full of cherries" But I of course felt like the asshole and hope to save my cherry for a girl like you Sara!

The next day to prove to myself how faggy I have become I bought a realistic squirting cock at an adult store. The young girl who talked me into buying the cock that spits explained to me how it worked. She also said if you don't like using condensed milk and egg whites for cum, you can use and enjoy the taste of your own sperm. After I paid her and thanked her up and down she did not care if I overheard her say to her friend (as i was walking out the door) "Boy. Some guys you can sell anything to." Her girlfriend replied "Yeah. Like a BIG GAY COCK." They both cuckled as they gave each other the high five. Sara for the five minutes as I walked down the street, l felt so gayed and stupid but turned on from what I just heard and bought. I thought about how those pretty girls' boyfriends would have them to look forward to and sleep with tonight and laugh about how I would be sleeping with a big rubber cock instead of having pussy. Of course of what happen the night before was ingrained in my mind. You are getting me hooked!

Part 3

Happy thanksgiving Sara; Hope you had a good one. On my turkey day I watched the Disney cartoon "PINOCCHIO" because sissyboys don't watch anything much heavier than that. When I went to bed I guess because I must have overeaten because I had a nightmare or should I say a gaymare. I dreamt that I was back in ****** at that Male strip club. In the booth when that girl rammed my face into the guy's hot ass. She asked me "Am I enjoying having my nose stuck up a man's ass?" I said no and all of a sudden my nose grew another few inches longer. Now I do have a long nose that can neatly fit inside a man's asshole but this was re-dick-ulous.She asked again "Are you sure you don't love your nose being stuck up there sissy?" I said no again. Just like Pinocchio my nose grew another couple of inches inside the guys ass because I lied..She let go of her hand behind my head and "okay then pull your nose out then gayboy". But I could not pull my nose out no matter how much I tried. For a half hour I desperately tried pulling my ass-stuck nose out of the man's ass to no avail. The Male stripper said "Pardon me but MY time is up .I must now go home." It was so damn humiliating walking on all fours down the streets of ****** with my nose hopelessly stuck inside the guy's ass. A parade of girls who had already left the club saw me in this position and a roar of laughter came.The girls were taunting me. One girls shouted while waiting for a bus "Thats what you get for sticking your nose inside somebody else's business." A group of cheerleaders kept chanting"Brown nose. Brown nose.The longer it is the further it goes."

I suddenly woke up in a cold sweat and felt relief saying to myself "Wooden boys don't become fags silly." Sara I wish I was in your arms so you could wipe the tears from my eyes and tell that I was only having a fagmare and there are no gay puppets even though I would not mind being your puppet on a string.

What do you think of my dream Sara and do you really think I should take that girl's advice who worked at the adult store to drink my own cum from the realistic squirting cock instead of using egg whites Etc. But what if I become addicted to eating my own cum Sara? I thank so much for taking the time in answering all my letters. your twink: 'fagqueen'

Friday, November 17, 2006

Be Mike Tyson's Fagtoy!!

As soon as Heidi Fleiss opens her new biz in Nevada that is.... The notorious Madame will be launching her new xxxervice sometime next year, but the twist is, the service will focus on female clientele and will feature male studs -- including celebrity cocks. Of course I should send my Keen and Niteflirt sword swallowers and sissies to Heidi's Ho-cienda to take massive cock punishments. Mike Tyson is big and mean and will turn all your little faggot asses into quivering pussies. He's also broke and needs the $$$. I wonder how much his stud fee will be?

I hope Heidi also gets together a hot menu of other massive black cocks such as Lex the Impaler, Blackzilla, Mr. Marcus, Sean Michaels. Who knows, me and Nicole wouldn't mind trying out some monster cocks for a naughty weekend. Click on STUD FARM

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Welcome Mat

By popular request from many of my admirers on Keen/Niteflirt, I have set up a place for you to read more about me, my life dilemmas and dramas, and of course, all about my little pets, slaves, gayboys, weedicks, ad nauseum.

I will keep this first post short, so I can work on setting up other aspects of my blog.