Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Large Penis Support Group


It's hard to believe they have a lot of members, hahaha, pun intended. Some appear to be gay, not all. But for the envious, check it out. And for the few, probably only two or three well-hung guys who read this blog, here's your new playground!


Drew Barrymore told Vogue Magazine that she was so happy with her actor boyfriend Justin Long (Dodgeball, Die Hard 4), better known as the Mac man in the Mac vs. PC commercials, that her cheeks were hurting. She meant she was perennially smiling. But when he added that his cheeks were hurting as well, and we know he doesn't smile that much, that he's got this sardonic look most of the time, we can deduce he meant the other cheeks, and that Drew straps it on!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Top this!

I could walk down the street, heads would turn, gayboys would nip at my heels begging to suck cock just for me....what a power trip it would be....

thnx jj

Samaria the Size Queen

Thnx to slave josephine (Nicole's slave) for alerting me to ancient size queen origins....Ezekiel 23:19-20

Slammin' the Slit

One of my blog readers sent me an update to the little newspaper clip (story a few posts below) about a phone sex operator who sued her former employer for developing carpal tunnel syndrome from masturbating on the job. The original story was publicized in FLA, because the service, Chrissy's Florida Phonemates, is based here. At school, a few girls talked about working for CFP. From what they told me, masturbating wasn't a job requirement ;-)

Click on the blog title post or use this link to read up on the settlement:


The Thumbelina Girly Fashion Show

In the above pic, Thumbelina is wearing a mini jeans skirt with gold sparkle belt. And no thong underneath! Trendy club wear to dance the nite away!

Blonde slut Thumbelina has her long hair up in a ponytail, everyone knows girls do this so their hair doesn't get in the way of cocksucking.... She's dressed in a lil white frock with a light blue marabou accent. Innocent yet slutty....

Blonde slut Thumbelina is Pretty in Pink! Pink bewitching hat and slutty pink mini-dress. Definitely looks ready for going to a warehouse rave, taking too much ecstasy and doing a gang bang in the parking lot! Go girly!

Thumbelina girly wants to show off her luscious red lips and cover girl eyes, highlighted with black mascara. Just the look horny men adore!

Every one of my playtoys who doesn't have his dick locked up should have it dressed up! Pssst.... Thumbelina recommends Disney Princess outfits (vs. Barbie), they fit lil ones better.

Monday, February 18, 2008

But was he 'passable'?

PORTLAND, Maine - The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office is looking for a man with a mustache who is pulling in front of female drivers and then jumping out of his vehicle while wearing women's underwear, a garter belt and black high-heel boots.

Since last spring, there have been six reports about the cross-dressing motorist. The episodes have occurred in the Standish-Buxton area.

Sheriff Mark Dion said that while the man's behavior may not be criminal in terms of dress, the fact that he's jumping out in roadways and apparently targeting women who are alone is cause for concern.

The sheriff said women have had to swerve to avoid the man.

--Yahoo News

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shitty Glitter

One of the latest drink crazes, you glitter up a martini or other drink at a club, and yeah it looks cool, it's 14 or 24 carat gold flakes, so the glitter is harmless and when it makes its' appearance at the other end, it makes your shit glitter, or so I've heard. I drank a shitty glitter drink once, but didn't check my shit later.

Another member of the 4" Club

By popular demand (from my girlfriends) I have created a new blog called Red Car? Small Penis! Featuring pics of well, Red Cars! You and your dirty mind.... You were thinking small penises! I've just launched the blog, so there aren't that many posts yet, but click on the blog post title for the link. And if you have any pics of you driving your shiny lil' red sporty car, send it to me!!!!

The Phone Sex Space

hmmmm didn't she ever think of faking it???

OK, back to the subject at hand, haha I'm so clever, check it out, the myspace for phonesex. Yes, I joined, and so should you! Click on blog post title for link.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

The Mystery Spanker!

The Mystery Spanker from my birthday party was revealed! It was one of my 'guesses', but my girlfriends got extra play and reveled in torturous delite in not revealing his identity for a few weeks, while I squirmed (literally) wondering who the Spanker could have been.

It was revealed to be 'e', Taylor's Sugar Daddy! I passed up 'e', he was my original acquisition when I was selling my ass as a 'faux girlfriend' before the holidays to cum up with a down payment for a new (used) car. Faux girlfriend = eye candy = look pretty = no sex. 'e' came in late in the game, and late on the calendar, I was already booked the nites he was looking to put a girl on his arm at several parties, but he seemed cool and rich and.... so I passed him off to one of my girlfriends who was whining about lack of cash around Xmas. And they hit it off, tho she is more the traditional sugar baby, meaning she will do the sexy whereas I won't do the sexy with beta males, regardless of the size of the carrot or the amount of lettuce.

The reason why my girlfriends got off on me getting spanked by 'e' was he was wearing some party disguise, oversized black glasses, big schnoz and poofy black moustache and he was apparently acting comedic, a la Groucho Marx?, altho I obviously didn't get to see this as Nicole had blindfolded me with a scarf. (What, if my blindfold fell off, 'e' didn't want me to recognize him?)

'e' also paid for my party at the club ($500+), and all he got out of it was to spank my naked bum. A tres expensive spanking!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Abercrombie & Fitch Ad Obscene?

A Virginia Beach A&F store had to take down this poster as citizens had complained that it was 'obscene'. It doesn't look obscene as much as it looks gay. All A&F ads w/dudes in them look gay. The dudes in them look gay. If you've seen gay cruiserboy ads, you may have seen dudes describe themselves as Abercrombie & Fitch guys, meaning they have that look, probably not, ha, they wish! Ashton Kutcher used to be an A&F model, need I say more?

Sarah Silverman Cuckolds Jimmy Kimmel !!

Click on the post title to see the youtube video!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Kumquats - a delicacy!

I've eaten them since I was a little girl. One of my grandfathers had a kumquat tree. We used to eat them right from the tree, or my grandmother would make things like kumquat pie (similar to key lime pie) and jam.

kumquat jam

They are a unique citrus fruit, an acquired taste. You pop them in your mouth whole, and eat the rind, flesh and seeds. The rind is sweet, but the flesh is bitter. Most try one for the first time and spit the whole thing out. Hmmmm an inside joke they are named kumquats? ;-) Actually, it's an Asian name. Kumquats are huge in Asia and the Mediterranean. Booze is made from them, lemonade style drinks (anointed with tapioca pearls, luscious!), bento boxes are adorned with them. But outside of Florida, most probably think a kumquat is some new Asian style porn.

kumquat booze

Try one if you see them in the supermarket or farmer's market. Bet you'll spit it out!

--This post is for Jamie-san, who doesn't understand how I can eat kumquats!

Friday, February 01, 2008

Spam: Instrument Size!

From: "Dr. Marcie Hairston"
Subject: Your instrument size is your luxury
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2008 16:25:47 +0000

hanging of your instrument length isn't a fantasy.
At present you have wonderful possibility to exaggerate your sexual
Do not balk this opportunity to change your sexual life to eternity.
You will forget about shrinking surely enough.


Raisinette, I know you read my blog!
Get in touch with Dr. Marcie now!

pic of Raisinette for your viewing displeasure


My new favorite website of the moment. Jamie-san sent me the link, blame him! But my friend who taught in Japan also had told me about how Japanese kids and 20-somethings love to wear t-shirts and hoodies with English words on them not knowing what the words mean like FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU and faux university wear. He saw one specific t-shirt emblazoned with 'University of Tool & Die' (there might be something 'punny' in that one, think about it for 10 secs or sex). On the flip side, it's highly likely that me and my friends might be guilty of buying girlie t's with pretty Japanese or Chinese calligraphy saying nasty things like STUPID AMERICAN SLUT BOUGHT THIS SHIRT!

Dick Sticks hmmmmm

Porn Creep - An International Phenomenon

Over a year ago, a bloggie wrote me a confession (click on link below) about how he can no longer cum from fucking or bj's. Only from jacking. Wikipedia has an entry for the syndrome, Porn Creep.


Porn creep a/k/a porn death grip has cum to Japan. And in a big way, affecting over 70% of the younger male population according to a popular Japanese magazine.

Japan is in dire straits. The population is declining, people are marrying later, having fewer children, if any at all. And Spa! (1/29) says one of the major reasons for the dilemma is that as many as 70 percent of younger men are unable to achieve vaginal ejaculation.

"They've got no erection problems and they can masturbate perfectly normally, but there has been a massive increase, particularly among those in their 20s and 30s, who are suffering from vaginal ejaculation disorder, or an inability to ejaculate inside the vagina," Koichi Nagao, a urologist at the Toho University Omori Medical Center, tells Spa! "It's the most common dysfunction I have to deal with among people who come to the clinic. It leads to problems in the home, fertility problems and, in the worst cases, divorce."

Though there's no data available on exactly how many Japanese men are actually suffering from vaginal ejaculation disorder, a soapland brothel worker the magazine gives as its source says over her many years of servicing male clients, it would have to be around 70 percent.

"Young guys in particular. I'd say for every 10 guys, only about three come inside," the woman says. "There has definitely been an increase in the number of guys who'll finish themselves by hand, guys who leave without coming and guys who only want to talk."

Tsueno Akaeda, a doctor who runs a clinic in Tokyo's Roppongi, agrees with urologist Nagao.

"There are definitely more people with vaginal ejaculation disorder than there used to be," he says. "There has been incredible progress made in masturbation goods and there are plenty of people who can ejaculate into an artificial vagina, but not the real thing. I get more than a few men come to see me about that. And those in their 20s and 30s have grown up watching adult movies. They find masturbation easier and more satisfying than intercourse."

Experts say one of the main reasons men develop vaginal ejaculation disorder is that they learn how to masturbate using methods that feel distinctly different from vaginas, such as rubbing up against pillows or lying face down and moving back and forward for stimulation until climax.

"Naturally picking up somewhat unnatural methods has to be the main reason," Nagao says. "Or, some guys obtain pleasure from some method they've happened to discover almost by accident and keep on doing it that way. It used to be that your bad buddies would tell you the best way to jerk off."

That's not to say that doing it by hand is a preferable solution, either.

"Incorrect methods aren't the only problem. Gripping it too strongly or moving too quickly during masturbation are also methods that bring sensations radically different to an actual vagina," Nagao says. "Ejaculation is stress-relieving, so there's a mentality problem involved as well because guys grip themselves firmer or move their hands faster because they want to feel pleasure as quickly as possible."

Pshrink Katsumi Harima agrees with Nagao that mental issues are involved with the onset of vaginal ejaculation disorder.

"Sex is too accessible for young people nowadays, what with adult movies and Internet porn," Harima tells Spa! "They're too used to the virtual world, which means when they find things like a woman who doesn't have porn star looks, is sweaty, or doesn't moan as loud as they're expecting, they become unable to ejaculate." (By Ryann Connell)

(Mainichi Japan) January 31, 2008

--thanks to our Jamie-san