Monday, September 24, 2007

Moby Dick -- Rare sighting of large whiteboy cock

Dude can wrap his cock around his wrist, dammit just watch! He's got the classic firehose cock, a shower not a grower, it probably doesn't get much larger when it does get hard, but it already hangs halfway down to his knees. Michael Biserta is the NYC fireman who got into trouble while being pimped as the coverboy of the 2008 Fire Department calendar. When it became known that he had done some porn, the calendars weren't released. Now why would the Fire Department hold back the calendars which would have sold out and gone into reprint over and over and raised lots of $$$? I know the ladies who work with my Mom would have given her a copy for her birthday, last year they gave her a Chippendales calendar, how gay!

PS I don't care if this dude's video overlaps crucial parts of my blog for a few days as it's more important for you little weenie whackers and fag-gotz to see a biggie-sized dick and go gayer to the thought of sucking it to rock hardness!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ride the S.L.U.T.

This S.L.U.T. is Seattle's South Lake Union Trolley. Apparently, the coolest thing about the trolley is the acronym and swag, e.g., RIDE the S.L.U.T. t-shirts. Click on the blog post title for an article on the S.L.U.T.


I just saw Quentin Tarantino's 'Death-Proof' ... Let's call it a freaky foot fetish fest. A peek inside Tarantino's obsession with women's feet. 'Pulp Fiction' barely touched the tip of QT's foot obsession as Travolta and Jackson expounded on whether giving a foot massage to another man's wife was akin to a sexual experience or not. Then later we jump to 'Jackie Brown' where Bridget Fonda's toesies were on display in her beachside condo, before she was later offed by DeNiro for merely annoying him.

The opening shot in Death Proof features a girl's feet up on a dashboard and is the beginning of a footsie love - hate extravaganza. The only other filmmaker foot fetishist I can recall from my undergrad film class was Luis Bunuel, and he isn't the one on the tip of everyone's tongue. Tarantino's commingling of foot obsession with misogyny, e.g., killing the women whose feet were erotically displayed earlier in the films is a psychological attempt to control his obsession by eradicating the source of it. Misogyny often roots in men hating women because they cannot have them, cannot control them, cannot control their lust for them or squelch the fetish that both excites and repulses them. But in this case, I believe this isn't a man who wants a woman's toes in his mouth, but a cock. And this man needs to come to terms with cock and leave women's feet 'out of the picture'.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Pussyboy -- A Loser Confession

Sara after I read your post on what you heard those guys say @ the club about their friend, I knew I had to confess my weakness. I only lust after Amazonian women. I grew up lusting after strong Superheroines. I still jerkoff to Xena (Warrior Princess) and had posters of her in my dorm room back in college when everyone else had bikini model posters on their walls.

Now I go to women's bodybuilding events, and I've been Dommed by some of them in private sessions. They lift me up, throw me down, call me pussyboy or pantyboy (I wear panties for the session), let me feel their biceps, put me in different positions I can't escape from, like holding my neck between their strong, strong thighs. One of them even fucked me with a strap-on. I would give anything to be their full-time bitch, I've offered, but as one of them said, why would I want a weak little pussyboy like you around all the time, and then she spit on me.

So for now, I work a full-time and a part-time job and use the money from my part-time job to pay for my sessions with these Amazons and NF calls. I know when I get older that none of the Amazons will want me and that I will be a pathetic old freak.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Escapee gives in to Gay

Princess Sara, I am sorry..I did it again...I tried to escape...But as you see I came back..I need you Princess Sara..I need to serve you..I need to be your feminized gay bitch...I received lots of replies to my Craigslist ad but I could not send any replies before talking to you and making me gay and suck cock for you..Everytime I look at your pictures I feel that I am falling love with you, with your beauty and power Princess. I am a weak, submissive bitch and maybe it is time to admit that. Please give me another chance to be your slave Princess. This time I will do completely as you order. Please Princess..make me gay and your slave..Serving you should be my only purpose. Thanks Princess...


Dear Sara:

Since you get me going about taking about my ex is like opening up a can of worms. Yes, I'm sure she is doing alot of blacks wherever she is. She used to make me rent nothing but interracial porn. It got so that it did not seem right for me to see a whiteboy making love to a white woman because he looked too inferior. I was hooked.

She once told me that she fantasized about a night where all her white girlfriends would bring over their big black lovers and make us white boyfriends and husbands play spin the bottle in the living room while the women would fuck their black studs. She wanted us grown men to play this silly preteen girly game, but I thought she meant give the guy whoever the bottle spun to a little peck on the cheek. She said, no way, this is the new millenium that I would have to look him in the eye and give him a slow open month french kiss rolling our tongues around each other. She would have the camcorder set up to film all the action so later on our girlfriends and their black studs could watch it in bed and laugh their asses off. I said whatever happened to guys watching football, having our own clubs and going out to see female strippers? Yet I was willing go along with it.

Now that you sent your girlfriends my e-mails which I'm embarrassed yet excited I'm curious about a girls point of view. Could you ask Nicole does she think a guy is a loser if he he willing to pay another man money just to kiss lick and worship his feet even if he knows that girls would be watching, laughing and calling him a faggot out loud?

My ex called me a pansyass and a little pussy just because I was polishing her black lover Ty's boots while they fucked. What is wrong with being their little shoeshine boy or housemaid? No harm is done. Do any of your girlfriends think is okay for any whiteboy to handwash a black man thong while he makes love to his white girlfriend. Does any of your friends think that it makes me a pansyass for this?

Oh Sara I got this and a ton of things to talk about to you. I must talk you on the phone real soon. Signed 'Insecured'

Note from Sara: Nicole says that the next step to worshipping a man's feet is worshipping his cock....It won't take long till a big juicy cock is in your mouth....

The Purple Penetrator

At least we know who wears the pants in the family.... Check out the strap-on dildo in-a-box in Madonna's bag. Hubby has empty champagne baba tucked under his wing and looks freshly buttfucked? Yeowwwwww....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

In Lust with an Avatar -- Overheard at the Club

Is Mike coming out tonite?

(2 shake their heads)

Dude seriously needs to get out more

He's too into that RPG (role playing game)

Dude might get laid if he got out

Dude does get laid....ONLINE

(2 dudes do some kind of pussy gang sign)

He was getting laid by some girl named Lunastar with a hot avatar, but then he met her for realz at a convention and she was gag-a-maggot


Who's he doing now

Some Princess avatar chick

He never learns

Douches have been falling in love with avatars or their equivalents for years (e.g. comic book heroines). It's different than fantasizing about an actress or model, a fantastical presence can never be tangible or possible in any other realm.... But when the reality is nothing like the avatar, how deflating!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Butt Slut!

I had another hot experience last sunday. I decided to go to the adult book store near my house again. I can finally say I have had a real cock in my ass now. I've had a strap-on in my ass before but now I have finally been fucked by real cock. I just want to say it was much better than a strap-on.

When I got to the store I went straight to the movie arcade. I was craving to suck cock. I was there for a little while waiting for the right guy when I found him. I finally went into a booth with him. He wanted to suck my cock but I told him that I had to suck his. He said ok and I got on my knees and started to suck him off. He had a nice 7" thick cock. After a few minutes he told me to stand up so he could suck my cock for a little bit. He was pretty good at it. Afraid that I might cum too soon I told him to let me suck on him some more. I had planned on just sucking him until he exploded but then something came over me. I was getting so turned on that I just had to have his cock in my ass. I didn't have a condomn or lube so I just spit on his cock until it was wet enough that I thought it would slide right in. I turned around and bent over for him. He spit on my asshole for a little extra lube. I could feel the head of his cock pressing against my hole and I thought I was going to explode. He started to slowly slide his cock in my ass. When he was all the way in he started to slowly pump my ass. It felt great! As he started pumping faster I could hear myself moaning. I never thought it would feel so good. He pumped my ass for a few minutes when I could actually feel his cock get harder. I could hear him say he was going to cum. I begged him to cum in my ass! Then he did, I could feel his hot load shoot into my ass. It was an amazing experience!! It was so good that I stayed to see if I could find someone else to fuck.

It didn't take me long and I had another guy in a booth with me. I didn't waste much time sucking his cock. He had a condomn and so I put it on him after I had his dick hard. He was sitting on the bench in the booth so I just turned around and sat down on his cock. I rode his cock, he fucked me standing up, and then I got on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy style. He must have fucked me for a good 10 minutes or more before he came.

It was getting late at that point so I decided I should go home. I hadn't actually got off yet myself. I stopped at a Super Walmart (open 24hrs) to look at bras, panties, and some other clothes. I also looked at make up. I ended up buying this cute little pair of panties. I was so turned on that I couldn't wait to get home, I had to cum. I jerked off into my new pair of panties while I was in my truck still parked at Walmart. I am getting so horny while typing this. I think I'm going to have to jerk off while reading this before I send it.

Friday, September 07, 2007

"Sick of the Dick"

Nicole reports that she is "sick of the dick". Apparently, this is an affliction dancers come down with when they are sick of grinding on dicks, regardless of size. It is a malaise of flu-like proportions, and it is enough, reports Nicole, to make her say bye-bye to bi and become a complete and total lesbian. Although she especially despises small peenies, she wants to take a permanent vacation from dicks. Period. Methinks she has been dancing for too long, 3 - 4 years is too long to be swinging around a pole and getting dick slime on your ass cheeks. I've told her she should do Nitespurt, but she says she has no patience to wait for the phone to ring. And contributing to this malaise, her whales and private clients @ the club have evaporated recently for one reason or another. It sounds like a good time for Nicole to get off the ride, but she's scared to get off, the $$ is intoxicating, she's addicted. I know it's time, nevertheless, she won't listen to me, because girls in glass houses....