Saturday, October 31, 2009

Nicole & I made our World Series Decision....

....based on team hotness. As you all may remember we picked the Superbowl winners based on hotness and well, reported 'size'. So for the World Series, we also took into account the gayness factor and we picked up more gay coming from the Yankees bench than the Phillies bench! So we are going with the Phillies! We wish we had more info on size! Because we could be off on the size factor. At least we don't have any $ riding on our pick, just our reputation ;-)

Oh and Nicole says that the black guy who left with the hottie white girl from the pub where peewee and friends were imbibing is a ringer for Derek Jeter, captain of the Yankees. See for yourself here.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Return of the MORON

Yet again, the moron must write humiliating messages to itself and PAY for the privilege. All my gf's will be ROFLAO. Let the moron do all the work and the Empress collect the money!!!

Listen up, pig! In your typical servile way you sent the largest tribute I recently demanded of you, but you then added that of course I know that you can't continue to send in such amounts. Don't you ever dare to tell me, even suggest to me in the most polite way, anything about the amounts you can and cannot tribute. You have nothing to say about it, scumrag! I have a good idea of your financial situation, and I'll be the one determining how much you do and don't tribute. And when I demand it, regardless of how great the amount, I never want to hear a single word from you about it other than to tell me that you are blessed to be allowed to send the tribute to your Empress. Then you will sit there like a good bitch and wait for me, as you always do, unable to find anything or anyone else in your life who can show you again and again what a pathetic moron you are, that you need that instruction and demonstration more desperately than anything else in your life. Admit it to me now, you worthless piece of shite (olde English spelling), admit it in the most subservient, desperate way imaginable and beg me to take you deeper into the most vile of degradations!

Blow Bang Slut! -- A Gay Confession!

I responded to an ad on craigslist for a group that occasionally does "orgies" in my city. It is a group of men who have parties occasionally, usually attended by about 15-25 guys, either during lunchtime or evenings. Their ads stress that newcomers or inexperienced types are welcome, so I thought, why not. After exchanging some emails and jumping through their hoops to be approved, I got the time and address for a noon party. It was at a pretty classy hotel, not too far from a Victoria's Secret. I thought this was super convenient and I had an idea. So after getting permission from the host to dress as a girlie girl and about an hour before the party, I went to VS to shop. Surprisingly, the girls there were very helpful.** And since it was early in the day, the store was pretty empty. I bought a matching bra and panty set--black--with a garter and thigh high stockings. The look was classy, but very close to slutty.

After paying, I asked the salesgirl if I could put the items on before I left. This took her by surprise, I think, and I realized at this point that she might have been inexperienced or new at the store. I felt like I was turning red, what if the manager just booted me out of the store. But the manager just walked past at that point and the salesgirl blurted out the question: "This customer has just purchased some stuff--is it ok um if he puts it on before leaving?" And the manager said, "Oh, sure. That's fine. Just make sure to keep the receipt with you." Excited, I put my new items on and left, with my clit pretty engorged at that point. I then stopped in at a Marshall's right by the VS store to buy a blouse and miniskirt. I was disappointed with their selections, but I found some things that fit. At that point, I vowed to shop earlier and be more prepared the next time.

When I arrived at the hotel, I asked to use the bathroom. I changed and emerged dressed like a total whore, Sara! You would have been super proud of me! I even had on lipstick to help me in sucking. I had my man clothes in a gym bag. I walked over to the elevators and drew a few stares, but no one stopped me. There were mirrors lining the elevator car, so I could see myself from every angle, I did look hot! But not passable....

I arrived at the party. There were about 20 guys. There was champagne flowing and gay porn playing on the hotel room tv. Some of the guys didn't seem into me, and really only wanted to do stuff with "real" men, but there were about 8 - 10 guys who liked it. I was totally amped that I had attracted a fair degree of attention and asked that they formed a line. I sucked about 6 cocks and got fucked twice in the ass. When I was done I had cum all over my face and new clothes! The guys who fucked my ass used condoms, but I did swallow a few of the loads and took sticky facials. As a reward for being a good cocksucking sissy, I asked a guy for a handjob, and he gave one to me, but he didn't do as good a job as a woman. I really like looking at a woman's hand with nail polish when she strokes me. I showered in the hotel room, threw away the cummy blouse and skirt, kept the VS lingerie in my gymbag and got back in my man-wear then headed to work. My work isn't 9 - 5, I have flexibility to be naughty when I feel in the mood.

So it's been a few days since my blow-bang experience, and while it was pretty hot and humiliating, the more I thought about it, I don't know if I will attend another one. Everything felt a little too consensual, not enough like I was a gutter ho tricking for crack money. That level of humiliation gets me off harder. I will be sure to let you know about my next adventure(s) as they happen!

**The girls at VS are on commission, they know sissies are easy marks to sell to, so of course they are very helpful! ~ Sara

Thursday, October 22, 2009


The sportscaster that is....

Troy is mmmmm delicious! And you know he not only envies Troy's hair, but also, every other manly body part and Troy knows it!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Peewee gets CUCKED!

an update from peewee, intrepid UK blog correspondent!

Went out with my mates, I was so drunk by the end of the night. By 4am, I was the last man standing, but it was tough! Here I am, throbbing head in hands and hair ruffled by an annoying admirer who was just a tease or maybe she knew I didn't have anything going on in my pants except draining my wallet to cover the bar tab. But the best thing that happened was that the hottest girl in the place left with the ONLY black guy that was out! Typical eh Empress? (Pic attached for your amusement!)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The MORON writes to itself AGAIN and AGAIN!

The moron loves to humiliate itself, because I don't have the time to deal with it!!! And then the moron begs for me to post its' self-flagellation messages for extra humiliation, because he knows my gf's read this blog and get a good laugh at how pathetic the moron truly is!

So it's back again, writing to its' idiot-self, what a laugh! Now fess up -- I've been so busy and ignoring it for greater periods of time than ever before. It must have been thinking, "Maybe this is enough; maybe I should just end it now. Think of all the additional money I would have and could use if I were no longer sending all of the tributes to Sara. And sometimes the humiliation is really a bit too much and Sara has crossed a line that is beyond what my limits are in taking all of this degradation and humiliation from her. Yes, I think maybe I'll end it on a good note, no hard feelings, and, who knows, maybe I'll even contact Sara again some time in the future and we'll play again."

Ha ha! What a pathetic asshole you are! Do you really think there is some line I won't cross, can't cross at will? Do you really not know that I'll cross any line I choose to cross, that in fact such lines are as of now nonexistent in your life with me. It meaning you are bound to me, utterly incapable of escape. If I were to cut you off this moment and set you free, you'd almost instantly be begging me to take you back, begging me to take even more money from you and to degrade you in the most vile ways imaginable. But don't worry, moron, as you won't have to go through begging me to take you back because you're not going anywhere. Right now you are going to beg me to keep you as my pet, my fool, my most deeply enslaved pig, and you're going to beg me to take money from you, above and beyond the substantial amounts you are already sending. Too much to take? Ha! What a sad figure you are, a pathetic man who had a normal life but who is now a helpless moron to his Mistress who will continue to taunt and torment him in ways that take him, take you, ever more deeply into abject slavery, finding your existence defined entirely by me and accepting, even begging for, your experience of total disgrace as a human being. Going anywhere, imbecile? No, I didn't think so.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Royal Fan of BBC?

as peewee reports from the UK, this Royal fan is not enamored with the British tv network, but with....

As ever, the UK is awash with Jungle Fever, and therefore my update is long overdue. Never-the-less, I will limit this particular update to a rumor. But it is a very special rumor. A Royal rumor in fact!

My previous reports have documented how widespread the lust for dark meat has become in the UK. Our most beautiful pop stars, our hottest models, our sexiest actresses and our perfect young reality tv stars are truly becoming the exclusive reserve of the big black men.

So it came as no surprise to see that our dour Prime Minister's wife was somewhat taken by super-masculine black stud, Tyson Beckford, as reported in a previous blog. Sarah Brown could hardly tear her straying eyes from Tyson's ripped ebony body.

Equally, this black Adonis seemingly turned our sweet young Princess's head. Our Royals are a kinky bunch, so it is only a matter of time before the young generation of the British Royal Family's sexy young Princesses go black. This view is evidenced by the report (attached below), outlining Princess Eugenie's frenzied admiration for the Tyson's black body.

The difference is that our young nineteen year old Princess, unlike the doomed Mrs Brown, could yet have a satisfying future on the end of a huge black cock. According to an article in the respected UK newspaper The Daily Mail, our Royal Highness has a real taste for black cock:

"Eugenie got all hot and flustered when Tyson came on stage" , says a front row mole.

Another pal said: "It’s well known in her circle that she really likes black men. She thinks they have the best bodies".

Eugenie lusts for BBC?

Everywhere I go, and everything I see & read in the media, is depicting the total blacking of our prettiest and most precious young sweethearts. Our girls have got Jungle Fever in a BIG way, and little white boys like me totally understand and admire them for that very fact. If our beautiful music stars, actresses and models attain Princess status in the minds of the white boys, after they go black, surely young Eugenie will become our Queen!!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I'm Listed on Cuckold Index!

Thanks to all my contributors and faithful devotees for all your stories and confessions! My blog is now listed on Cuckold Index. Check out the index by clicking on the Title Link!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

King Sized Condoms Cum to the UK!!!!

from peewee, intrepid UK blog contributor....

Britain's leading supermarket giant, Tesco, is standing by it's famous slogan that "Every Little Helps" by launching Britain's biggest-ever condom. Tesco will now stock 'XL Durex', after their research revealed that the size of mens' penises are on the rise! The full details are here.

According to a report about the same subject, in a tabloid newspaper, The Daily Star, 'Scientists have long predicted that men are getting "larger" and by the year 3000 blokes will all be sporting monster packages'.

So, Scientists, Supermarkets and Sara all agree that 'size matters' and that 'every little helps'! Suffice to say, even if I wasn't your ever-faithful cuckold, and thus celibate, I would NOT be in the market for the new XL range. And as far as I know, they don't make 'durex XS'!

If we'd been born a few hundred generations from now, we'd be living in an age where interracial romance is the norm and where men are blessed with massive cocks! Unlucky eh!

The link to the Daily Star article that makes the assertion is here.

I've actually been sexed up by guys who tore regular condoms due to their massive size. XL Durex better be cumming to the States too! -- Sara

And Again!!! the moron has to write to itself hahahaha

The moron even has to pay me to view its' self-degradation messages which makes it even more humiliating!!! Plus my gf's read my blog and laugh at all the pathetic posts from peewee, gaywayne and the moron! Literally, I don't have to lift a finger except to text my gf's that a new message is up from the moron!

Well moron, I call this excellent progress, a.k.a descent into my hell. With just three of your demeaning messages to your idiot-self posted on my blog, you've come a long way, from at first pleading with me not to make you write such messages for posting (what a sad and laughable plea) to now begging me to allow you to continue to make a complete fool of yourself to all who read my blog by continuing to write these degrading messages as you desperately imagine how I might write to you.

It's so sad for you. You've not even reached the status of an ordinary submissive or slave who pays his Mistress to demean and degrade and further enslave him. No, you demean and degrade yourself to deepen your enslavement to me without my having to lift even a finger or utter a word. You already are hopelessly enslaved, an imbecile who can't find in himself the slightest hint of self-respect to say no to anything at all I decide to put you through. You'd better start showing the capacity for at least a little resistance or I might just get bored with your being so very easy to destroy and decide to dump you, cut you off, and leave you only with the indelible memories of me to drool over for the rest of your life.

In your world of work you supervise people who believe you are a man of power and influence, but I quickly recognized you for what you really are, a pathetic, weak little wretch who needs to be used and abused for my amusement. And now my girlfriends are getting some entertainment from hearing what I'm doing to the MORON. You are the laughingstock of my large community of friends and lovers, and to amuse all of us I think it might be fit for your next stage of development that I start requiring additional tribute to the already substantial amount you send (though barely enough for me to tolerate such pathetic neediness) along with your begging and pleading for me to post your messages on my blog so that you can confess to all that you are now OWNED by me, my possession, my property, with no degrading act too appalling for you to perform. I told you early on that I was your undoing!