Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I give this Gay Progress Report an A+++

In less than a week, my newest little gayboy goes from this:

"I know I have faggish tendencies or styles, but that doesn't make me gay! I am curious about why I am spending so much time in the playroom, has my process begun and I am unaware? I need help."

a few days later....

"Sara is helping me to understand my luv of cock and what to do with it."

a few days later....

"As I continue to speak my gay mantra, it takes deeper hold. I am excited to dress in the way I should and act the way I dress. Damn, I haven't admitted it yet but am feeling quite gay....Took a step deeper, in the phase of Gay-brainwashing. I may never turn back now. To err is human to give a good blowjob divine!"

And where my little gayboy is now? Read on. This could happen to you if you cum under my Gay Brainwashing spell!

"Taking your advice, I needed to delve into the cocklust and see if I truly love to blow cock as much as I love to see cock. Well, this past weekend I went to a Private Gay club for a tour. I was given a 2 day pass and showed up for the cocktail hour (no pun intended). Dressed in my mesh shirt and hip huggers apparently I was fresh meat. I had shots lined up for me and went way past my tolerance level. I luv'd all the attention but finally settled on one guy who I explained my curiosity. We to a private room as the club where he soaked his cock in rum and I sucked him off. He instructed me and didnt jam himself down on me. Eventually I was taking about 5 inches steadily and he came pretty quickly. I guess it proves your manhood or gayhood to spray your cum on your boi. 2 streams to the face and then the rest in the mouth. It was quite an experience to try to keep my eyes open and looking up at him. He loved my fat lips (I didnt disclose the lip plumper secret!) and called me one of the biggest droolers he ever had. Don't know if that was a compliment or not. Anyway, I luv'd it but I am still not certain if I want to be a bitch. I know from the way I was viewed at the club that I would be a bottom only."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When small dicks were "in"

It was the late 1500's, early 1600's. I know most of you LDL's (little dick losers) will want to time travel back to the Renaissance. The Italians and Greeks felt that large dicks were visually vulgar. Their renowned art featured small penises. Maybe since the Greeks were into anal, this was "fitting"....

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Funny Valentines!

a review of some of the nice things I have received on Valentine's Day from my paramours, fucktoys, family and slaves


When I was with Marisol a few years ago, she surprised me with a weekender to the Bahamas' Atlantis resort. We spent the weekend tanning, sexing and partying.


I met toad in late January 2007, but got really sick with the flu immediately after meeting him. Coincidence? Still I needed to extract something from the toad for Valentine's while I suffered thru my flu. So I ordered him to go to the club where Nicole works and give her my Valentine's card (with something special tucked inside) for her to give to me. Nicole and I engineered a very humiliating scenario. Nicole would put toad on the guestlist as Mr. Toad. Toad would have to announce himself as Mr. Toad in order to get in. Depending on how many guys were waiting at the door to get in, plus the doorguy himself, toad would be sheerly overwhelmed and completely mortified to announce his slave name, but would have to state he was Mr. Toad to enter the Princess' castle. Then toad would have to sit in the club and wait for Nicole to be featured. He would then have to give her the card and a tip for her to deliver the card to me. While waiting for Nicole to be featured, he would have to order drinks and not look at any of the girls. In fact, he was to be looking down. And he could only look at Nicole's feet while handing over the tip and card.

It went something like this:

Toad arrived. Unfortunately, there was no one else but the doorguy at the moment toad showed up. He stated he was Mr. Toad. The doorguy had been instructed to fuck with toad so he asked toad how to spell it. T-o-a-d, toad spelled it. The doorguy checked it off and told toad, Hop on in! Priceless. The doorguy later told Nicole that toad looked like he was going to piss his pants, he was so nervous.

Nicole wasn't sure how long toad had to wait before she was featured, but she said she saw the fugly creature approach the rail with a red envelope and tip money. He stammered out, This is for Sara and this is for you. She grabbed both. Thank you TOAD! Nicole said quite loud. But the music in the club drowned out Nicole's words. She didn't think anyone else but the toad heard. The toad slunk away.

Nicole texted me when she got a break that she had the card and her tip. Toad tipped her $100 she texted. Not bad. She texted asking if I wanted her to open the envelope to check out my take. I texted back YES! She reported $200. Not as much as I had hoped, but I got pissed at him and got more out of him on a later date. Oh and the card was like really schmarmy and schmaltzy, something you would give to a woman in her 40's, so I berated toad for not picking out a Valentine's card I truly deserved.

Bride of Chuckie

Charlie was my cuckold boyfriend for about a year. For that year I didn't have to do Niteflirt or work at the club as he was paying my way. I concentrated on school and entertaining my cuckold. Nicole called Charlie "Cuckie Chuckie" and referred to me as "Bride of Chuckie" during this time. Nicole made out on the Cuckie Chuckie deal too, because if I had to study and couldn't play with my cuckie, Chuckie was allowed to go to the club and give money to Nicole for lap dances. Nicole made sure to humiliate him by telling him how small his dick was, or that it must be limp, or that I wasn't really studying, I was probably fucking Jesse or Arion or Tim or.... Cuckie Chuckie would then be so horny by the time he left the club, he would get to my place and fuck me till I couldn't see straight. Now you are wondering hmmmm I fucked my cuckie? Well Charlie was an unusual cuckie, he was 7.5" and thick. He was turned on by being a cuckie, but was not underhung. While he fucked me he craved having me tell him stories about the large cocks I was fucking, tell him he wasn't a real man, tell him he was inadequate....

Charlie was a romantic cuckie. I remember for Valentine's, he gave me roses, an expensive watch, lingerie, candy. Spring Break was right around V-Day, so he took me to Jamaica for the perfect cuckold vacay. All good things come to an end and Charlie went off to Malibu for rehab and while he has been back to the area a few times since, he has not been in touch with me or Nicole (to find me). But I'd love to have a financially rewarding cuckold relationship again!!!


One year my Mom gave me a vintage Valentine's candy box stuffed with her homemade rum and chocolate truffles. I couldn't resist and ate 2 truffles on my way home, while driving. My breath was really rummy and I was worried if I got pulled over, that I would fail a breathalyzer lol. But luckily I didn't get pulled over by the po-po's. My girlfriends and I used to host rotating dinners about once a month, a tradition we should revive. I was hosting the next girlfriends dinner at my house and served the truffles as part of dessert and everyone loved them and couldn't believe my Mom made them, they were candy store perfect and extremely potent ;-)


fatfuck is usually good for some extra cash and / or a little shopping spree. This week I did the spree and got 3 cute tops and a new pair of skinny jeans.

This year....

My sister is coming down on Valentine's Day with her boyfriend to go out with my Mom and her boyfriend and me and my sister's boyfriend's brother (I know it's confusing) to an early dinner before Jorge's band (Jorge = Mom's boyfriend) must perform that nite. So I'm wondering 1) if Danny will give me something for V-Day 2) if my Mom has made any more truffles 3) If any of my admirers (including you bloggies) will bestow me with tributes or something that shows your devotion (Amazon e-Gift Certificates, Victoria's Secret e-Gift Certificates)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going Publix!

Publix Grocery Store Parking Lot -- Cape Coral, FL

This past week, 51-year-old George Bartusek was arrested for having a strange public three-way with two blonde sluts in the Publix parking lot. But the blonde sluts, well....were "two blowup dolls. He was kissing them and bouncing them and trying to get people's attention," said a witness.

When the cops arrived, George told them he was visiting the shopping center to "buy some clothes for his girlfriends." George was arrested for breaching the peace and is being held on $6,500 bail. Additional charges may also be imposed.

Now as anyone in F-L-A knows, this story would have been exponentially more white trash if he had been in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly grocery store. Publix are actually more upscale.

Click the blog post title for the local news video and story. Click here for The Smoking Gun's photos and arrest report.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Introducing February's Loser of the Month

hello Goddess:

do you use fat men?

love to becum your cum dump pig for real

i am located in chicago, and visit

gloryholes, bathhouses, truck stops and fag theaters

and keep getting fatter (330 lbs now), sleazier,

drinking gin, vodka, rum and sniffing poppers

i swallow fat fags dicks and cum loads when i am told

and take big black dicks up the ass

you think i look fat, ugly?


No explanation is needed as to why fatsleazepig is February's Loser of the Month.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

As Nicole says....

The kickers are always gay!!! I posted this picture on my blog of Steelers' kicker Jeff Reed when it first started floating around the internet. But Jeff Reed gave us another hint of his sexual preference when he told the team that if they made the playoffs, he would dye his hair blonde. Which he did of course. Nicole told me this, and I just rolled my eyes. Because he just wanted an excuse to dye his hair blonde! Perfect! Gay! But he can kick. And he was perfect in the Superbowl. Sometimes it's ok to be gay.

Locker Room Bitch Boy

Dear Sara, I did as you instructed and wore a pair of panties under my jeans when I went to the Superbowl Party at a local sportsbar where all my friends were getting together. I also made sure to look at all the players bulges and butts as you told me. I felt so unmanly and gay. I think the waitress who was serving us drinks and snack stuff knew I was a faggot, she kept giving me a dirty look. I did go into a stall in the bathroom at half time as you told me, jerked off and ate my cum. I realized I am not a man at all, but a pathetic faggot. I am a fraud, I pretended to be a man during the game, but when my friends were talking about some girl in a commercial with bodacious tit-tays, all I was thinking about was what it would be like to be in the Steelers locker room. You told me I need to suck all their cocks and be the locker room towel boy. I didn't even stay that long after the game, I came right home, I lied and said something I ate was giving me indigestion. But really I wanted to see if you were on Niteflirt, and jack off again imagining I was the locker room bitch boy.