Sunday, April 29, 2007

ROBIN, Gayed and Cucked

Fagqueen is back with more red gay hot Superhero action!


The ladies loved the gay sex show from the Cape Crusaders on stage at JOES Nite Club. They enjoyed the scared, defeated look on Robin's face after Batman came all over him. One girl said to another, "Robin looks like the boy who got caught red-handed with his fingers in the cookie jar." "No, he's really more like Bambi caught with headlights on him." The other girl joked.

Both guys thought that the show they had done on stage was over until Vickie Vale yelled, ''SNOWBALL''. The girls started chanting "SNOWBALL, SNOWBALL.'' Even though some did not know what it meant. Batman said, "Well Robin I quess this is our encore." "Encore? What do you mean?" The Boy Wonder wondered. Batman, in a flash, grabbed Robin around the neck and started jerking him off. Just when Robin was about to cum, Batman swiftly turned him around, bent down and caught Robin's cum shot in his mouth. Batman returned the favor by giving Robin his first wet man-to-man French kiss. Batman's big strong tongue thrust down Robin's throat while he spit out the hot cum, making Robin eat his own cum as their lips gently pulled away. The stream of cum was bridged between their lower lips like 'bubblecum'. Batman slowly ate the cum back until their sexy lips erotically met again. Batman started darting his tonque back and forth into Robin's hot mouth as they embraced with a romantic bearhug. They received plenty of whistles from the girls. The girls did not even realize how much they got a kick out of seeing fags make out.


Supergirl and Wonderwoman easily held down Robin at their table until a group of Spanish male strippers came onstage. When these hot buff boys started pulling off their G-strings off to expose their big hot salamis, Robin yelled in shock, "Holy Cock a doodle do!" The ladies pushed Robin up onstage saying, "Here is your chance to learn Spanish orally." They laughed. When Robin was sucking his first big tan cock, the Latino cocktail waitress they he had insulted with racial slurs at the Bat-chular party shouted. "For someone who does not like Hispanics, you sure like their thick meaty burritos! No!?"


When Robin and his girl Deena were at the Gotham City drive-in on Friday night, Robin got a call on his bat cellphone. "Hello," said Robin. "Robin um......your audience." replied Batman. Robin and Deena heard the crowd chanting ''SNOWBALL, SNOWMAN''. "I'LL BE RIGHT OVER'' said Robin. Deena asked "Snowball? What are they talking about?" "Oh. I forgot. Once a month on Friday nights, I promise my buddies we would have a snowball fight in the backyard." Robin answered. Robin kicked Deena out of the Batmobile and left the drive-in. Deena stood there alone confused, saying out loud, "Snow in July?'' A black man in the next parking lane, who had his car window down, said to himself, "Snowball, my ass," then shouted, "Hey little poor white girlie, come in my car and I'll show you what a black snowball is." Deena, being stranded and curious, accepted his offer.


While Batman sat in his Batmobile and waited for the red light to turn green, he opened the newspaper that he subscribed to, The Daily Planet. He read the headline, FORMER CAPE CRUSADER REDUCED TO GUTTER TRAMP, by Lois Lane. He read that there were unconfirmed reports that Robin the Boy Wonder was now wandering the streets offering money to any interracial couples to be their lap-up boy. The reason why he now wore his mask was to cover up a few black eyes. The light turned green, Batman started driving. About mile down the block he had to slam on his brakes almost hitting what he thought was a skinny boy in tights. Why it was "Robin"!! Batman realized. Robin was running across the street waving a twenty dollar bill yelling "Deena, Deena" as a half a dozen cars almost hit him. Robin seemed olbivious. Deena got out of her black lover's car that they had sex in. She blew him a kiss after they had done a deep, sloppy French kiss and told him she would see him later tonight. Before she entered the supermarket, Robin ran over to her, he almost did not recognize her. She was now a black man's woman.

Her country teased-up hair style was replaced with African braids and rainbow colored extensions. She looked sexy in her cut-off jeans and tanktop with no bra. She had platform high heels and ghetto girl nails with fake diamond chips embedded in them. She was sporting a big medallion saying BLACK RULES. Robin said, breathing hard from running, "Here's the $20. Can I please eat out that hot thick cum that I trust your black lover just gave you." "Alright. I'll give you 3 minutes, but no more."

They went in the back parking lot. Deena pulled down her shorts and Black Cock Only thong and put her leg over Robin's shoulder. Robin, who was on his knees, got to see the hot cum oozing out of her freshly shaved pussy, now with a big clit ring, a gigt from her man, Leroy. Robin stared at it saying, "Golly. Gee." Deena pushed the back of his head right smacking into her pussy. She verbally abused him saying, ''There you go talking that whiteboy shit again. Golly and gee. Hearing you talk is like watching old black and white t.v. shows like LEAVE IT TO BEAVER on TV Land that I used to watch with my parents." She imitated the characters on the show. "Golly Wally can you shake that big brother thing in my face?'' "Well, I don't know Bev shouldn't we ask Mom and Dad about it first?" "I won't tell them if you don't." ''Gee wiz. I don't know.'' "Oh c'mon Wally, I'll give my 1902 Buffalo Nickel and my baseball cards and my spin top." "Sure thing Bev. Go play with it. Eating cum is all you whiteboys are good for." Deena goofed on Robin on and on until his 3 minutes of lapping up her black lover's cum was over. Before she left to go shopping, Robin asked her for a goodbye kiss. Deena replied, "Those lips are for my black man. Besides I don't kiss whiteboys anymore especially with cum breath." "But Deena..." "Go kiss Batman's lips you fucking faggot. I bet you cream in your panties just thinking about Frenching his asshole." Deena turned on her iPod that played rap music instead of country music that she once listened to and walked away. Robin, being a hopelessly addicted cum-eater, wondered how could he get his next $20....


A Confession from one of my Gay Phone Sex Puppets!

Last week I decided to go to the adult store to look for a new dildo. I didn't have any luck finding one so I decided to go into the booth area. I was propositioned by a couple of guys to have some fun, but I was a little nervous so I turned them down. Then I decided to go into a booth with a guy. He asked me if I wanted a blowjob. I told him that I had to give, because that is what my mistress wanted me to do. He said great and so I started sucking his cock. His cock was about 6-7" and about 1 1/2" thick. I couldn't take it all the way but I tried. It was a little odd at first because it has been so long since I have sucked real cock. Let me tell you though it was a lot better than a dildo. He asked me if that was the only thing I have done with a guy and I told him yes. He told me I had a nice ass. He didn't say it but I think he wanted to fuck me in the ass. If I would have had a condom and some lube I probably would have let him. I guess next time I go I will bring that stuff with me. I did end up sucking him off and he really enjoyed it. I didn't take his cum in my mouth though, maybe next time.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Snatch this up!

One of my blog readers alerted me to an auction site where you can bid on celebrity clothes, shoes, etc. Currently up for auction is a cute little pink tennis skirt as worn and signed by Maria Sharapova. The current bid as I write this? $276. I wonder if the bidder is planning to sniff, wear or put this little skirt on his blonde rubber dolly. A pair of Charlize Theron's blue jeans for crotch sniffers are going for $326 and a pair of Penelope Cruz' high heels for foot fetishists are going for $435. Click on the Blog Post to reach the site! Bid you little sissies, sluts and sniffers! This is better than buying used girlie stuff on eBay. Because it's in the name of charity.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Oh my! Oh very my!

I advocate this position to many of my gayboys, so they can jerk off onto their faces or potentially shoot a wad into their mouths. It looks like Matthew McConaughey's yoga lessons have paid off. I bet he could suck the tip! So practice makes perfect little fags, start jacking, get close, then throw your legs over your shoulders and squirt!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Robin is GAYED by Batman

Fagqueen is back with his latest installment of the gay superheroes saga. Enjoy!


As the girls flash cameras snap away at Robin's humiliation in Big Joe's niteclub. Batman thought it was time to turn his little Robin into a complete Gayboy for a female audience to see and enjoy. The brave little Robin was now crying big baby tears. He felt that when men go Gay it should behind closed doors in private. (Prisons, locker rooms bathhouses etc.) This was not meant to be seen in front of girls eyes for their own amusement. How could he ever look like a stud again.Yet times have changed indeed with this last taboo of society completely broken.

Batman ordered Robin to open his twink mouth if did not want his jaw broken and stick out his tongue as far as possible. Batman then wiggled his big fat prick with right hand and held his left hand in back of Robins head.The first cock smack hit Robin's eye. Then nose. Finally a big spank on his wet sissy tongue. The golden moment is when Batman said "Now open wide" and thrust his huge cock way inside Robin's mouth that almost popped out Robin's eyes.The girls screamed with laughter.

WonderWoman now yelled out "Hey Robin show us how Linda Lovelace would deepthroat that prick. You little prick-cess." The ladies chanted "Cinderfella Prick-cess. Cinderfella Prick-cess". Batman looked at Robin and said "Prove to the girls Robin that boys can deepthroat cock as well as any of the old female pornstars." Upon saying that Batman grabbed both of Robins ears and start thrusting his huge cock back and forth into Robin's month .One little girl said said to another "Wow I can see his throat swell every time that cock goes in there." Robin could not believe what was happening to him like he was in some kind of dream as that big cock when back and forth inside his mouth. Supergirl yelled "You liked making little girls take cock now how do you like the taste of it?" Batgirl said "I bet that little faggot loves it better than pussy." LOL. Batman now demanded Robin to start sucking his hotdog of a cock on his own. As Batman folded his arms in victory he looked down and saw Robin was sucking that cock all on his own without help. Just like a real pro.


The time was now perfect for the Cinderfella prickcess to get cornholed in front of the girls. Batman began spanking Robin's cute ass in full of view delight for the ladies. The girls whistled. One said "What sweet looking ass that sissy has." "Even my boyfriend would love to fuck his ass,'' said Lois Lane. "But my man will be the first," laughed Vickie Vale. Vickie felt a great surge of power because her Batman was doing everything she and Catwoman had planned to do to teach Robin a lesson he would never forget.

After the ass spanking Batman spat on Robin's asshole to lubricate it for the coming attraction. Batman said, "No sex show is complete without a good ass fucking.You know that Robin now don't you?" "Oh please sir. I learned my lesson. I will treat Ladies with much more respect for now on. I promise. Now please let me go.I just can't take anymore." Robin cried. "Oh you'll take it alright and plenty of it. You're gonna be a complete cock addict,'' replied Batman. " Please sir don't." "The die is cast Robin". Batman said as he grabbed the back of Robin's hips. The female crowd let loose a "'Wooooo" when they saw Batman's huge cock now looking bigger than ever pointed in the direction of Robin's pretty ass. Robin resisted. WonderWoman yelled, "C'mon tough guy. We ladies want to see how a sissyboy asshole reacts when a huge cock is beating against the barn door." All the girls smiled as they started chanting ''CHERRY POP. CHERRY POP.'' The cockhead touched Robin's virgin asshole. "Ohhh la la'' the girls swayed. The huge cock plugged his budhole. The girls held their stomachs laughing when they saw Robin eye's rolled in back of his head. Just like the girl porns stars do in those xxx movies do, the ladies thought.

Batman started pounding Robin's ass half-way then deeper. Slowly at first for Robin's asshole to accept the violation and then faster. The girls could not believe their eyes when Batman pushed slowly the full length of his banana-sized cock right up to the hilt of his balls inside Robin's sweet cherry-popped ass. Robin moaned in pleasure mixed with pain. "I never thought a girl never mind a boy could take that much of a cock his first time out,'' said one girl."He takes a cock much bigger than any girl I know," said another. Lois Lane said while watching the action, "Hey Jimmy maybe you should get in on some of this. This way you wouldn't have to look for a girlfriend anymore." She turned around and Jimmy was gone."Why that little wimp was suppose to take pictures," Lois thought.


After Robin got his ass good and fucked, Batman turned Robin around to put his dirty cock inside is mouth and told him to suck hard. Just when Batman was about to explode, he pulled cock out of Robins month so Robin could receive his first full intensity facial. The first shot of Batman's heaven sent powerful creamy thick sperm landed on Robin's nose. The second shot of the salty cream hit Robin squarely in the eyes and forehead. The third shot landed on Robin's tongue as Batman ordered him to open wider. The girls were shocked. The endless stream of cum squirting from Batman's cock sprayed on Robin's face. Robin felt completely degraded. He had seen plenty of girls get a facial, but he never thought he'd be humiliated by one. The girls thought it was about time they saw a guy get one and find out what it's like to feel like a real whore. To add insult to injury when Batman was finished cumming, he rubbed his big man meat over Robin's cum-frosted face, so Robin would never forget the smell of it. The girls cheered and applauded for this grand finale. Robin started blinking alot because the salty sperm irritated his eyes. But could see in the far distance a girl who looked very much like Sara or her evil twin giving the high five to her friends. The girl that made him go gay. {Aftermath coming soon.}

Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Perils and Pitfalls of being a Model in Miami

I've been signed up with a modeling agency in Miami for 5 years. But since I'm not a serious model, not a tall girl, not available when they snap their fingers, not interested in working for free, I don't get many 'bookings'. I have learned to avoid the pimp / ho gig, just because the models might be working 'it' for free, meaning to add 'it' to their portfolio, doesn't mean the agency wasn't paid to procure them. I can't stomach that type of exploitation. And this is often how it works for the scourge of the modeling scene and boat shows.

The agency tells you that you won't be getting paid for the car show, but that you can charge $5 per photo that some groper, loser or slimeball pays to stand next to you and have his picture taken while he slides his hand down inside your bikini bottom and grabs a half moon. Well, the agency doesn't go into such glorious detail, but you know the drill. While the agency might be getting $5,000 to provide 25 girls to the 2 day show, you aren't getting 'paid'. The agency tells you that some girls make $100's of dollars at these events. Hmmmm, show me the girl who does. I know, porn stars or has-been playmates! Yes, usually a porn star or two or Miss June 2002 Penthouse Pet will show up at these events, but they will not only be paid because their hustler agents have pimped them out for marquis value, but they also get the best spot (raciest boat or hottest car) and make more $ posing with losers, while their bodyguard monitors those roving hands. If I wanted to collect $5 per grope, I'd be working as a table dancer.

Then there is the other type of gig for which you get paid quite well, too well in fact! Agency gets call from rich loser dude who doesn't know enough pretty girls to invite to a party, so calls a modeling agency to hire some hotness to heat up his party scene. But it is muddled in his mind, is there a difference between a modeling agency and an escort service??? Escort services in Miami often call themselves by modeling agency type names: Cover Girls, Miami Models, Bikini Models, Paper Dolls. These aren't their business names, meaning you can't write a check to Bikini Models, but these are the names they advertise under and by which they answer their phones.

Back to the legit modeling agency. Agency doesn't do much vetting on the rich loser dude other than to confirm his identity, run a criminal check and did his credit card deposit go thru. So you're asked if you would like to work a party. Think of the opportunities, you might meet some people (the way the agency girl says people, means that you haven't really met people before, but you will now). Wear something sexy! You will be paid $500 to be there from x time to x time. So you and 4 other girls from your agency show up at the party. Losers try to squeeze your melons or kumquats, ply you with too many drinks and make suggestions about going upstairs or out by the cabana. A couple hours later, the answering service for the modeling agency gets a call that "the girls aren't friendly enough". "Mr. X, we are a modeling agency, not an escort service. We reviewed that with you when you signed our Agreement." "Well I thought that escort services can't talk about sex or have contracts about sex, so I thought the Agreement was just to cover the time that the girls would be here, but that they would, you know, have fun with my guests!" This situation has happened to me twice, so I told the agency to strike me from party gigs. A few months later, the agency struck themselves from party gigs as well, due to complaints from the models about near date rape druggings, and other sexual situations which weren't part of the deal. The sad thing is, other modeling agencies still put their girls out on party gigs, and this I'm sure, puts them at risk.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"America's New Fetish"

I've had quite a few friends, callers and correspondents alert me to an intriguing article in this month's Details magazine. It's about time this type of action gets more mainstream recognition! But why call it "America's New Fetish" when it's been going on for years. The only thing new about it is the media coverage.

"Sara, the article talks about straight couples who hook up with black dudes for some intense BBC action. They talk about swingers nite with about a dozen couples and a group that calls themselves the Mandingos. The Mandingos basically show up and fuck the shit out of the white wives while the hubbies all watch.

But that isn't all it even gets into the humiliation part and how some guys feel watching the studs doing their pounding. It also includes a discussion of white guys who go for the cream pie."

or click on the Blog Posting Title above to jump to the online article

Confession: Panty Sniffer!

I am a building super in an apartment complex. These new tenants, 2 young chickies, called to complain about a garbage disposal that was stuck. Maybe they shouldn't have put beer bottle caps down it. They were wearing those slutty low jeans with thongs, you could see the strings peeking out. I asked if there was anything else I could take care of while I was there, and they said, yes, they needed some curtains hung up and some pictures too. I am used to saying, that's not a maintenance or repair item, but how often does a 37 year old loser get to be around 22 year old hotties? So I did what they asked.

Then I went back to their apartment the next day while they were at work. I looked thru their drawers to see what types of toys they had. One girl, Skye, had a lot of toys and I licked them, sniffed her panties and jacked off into another pair of her panties. I left the cummy panties. I took another pair to play with later. I go there every day they are at work to jack off. Hope I don't get caught!