Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The MORON writes to itself AGAIN!!

I made the MORON write a humiliating email to itself again, because I have NO TIME to deal with its' whining:

"Listen up, moron. You think you've been enslaved, but you're just at the beginning of a long and winding road. As I told you once before, I am your undoing, your blessing and your curse. You are now a frightened pathetic little mouse, terrified of offending me because of the possibility that I'll banish you, something you cannot even allow yourself to imagine. So here's the deal, asshole: I'm going to turn you into a robot, a puppet with no mind left except just enough to know your sorry degraded state and the shame of it all. You will now be utterly, completely, comprehensively dehumanized, turned into an object over which I have total control, and I do mean total. If I tell you to remain at home one morning to jerk off repeatedly over my words and images, you'll do just that and be late for work. If I tell you to put a bowl down on your floor and eat from it like a dog, you'll do it. If I tell you to crawl around on the floor and squeal and oink like the pig you are, you'll do it. If I tell you to send additional tribute, you'll do it. If I tell you to refer to yourself only as the moron and "it", you'll do it. Your little islands of normalcy will become smaller and smaller as my brainwashing brings you to the point of a mindless, complete obedience. For someone who was supposed to be something worthwhile in this world, your descent is a sad, pathetic story, but one which I'll relish with glee as I amuse myself abusing you and taking your money whenever I feel like it."

Zebra Action -- How to Get it -- by Gaywayne

I asked several whitebois lately (who scored big with hot looking Afrostuds) what advice they could give me and other wimpy whitebois to be picked up by blackmen. Since I cockdocked and got french kissed by a blackman at a gaybar recently, I was very interested and craved more Afrostud attention. This is what the whitebois had to say:


1) Always smile or make obvious eye contact (or even wink) when a blackman walks into bars or any place else.

2) Always be the loudest one in the room to cheer and get more excited than the girls when a blackman comes out on stage to dance at a strip club.

3) If winking does not work, you can go over and ask him politely: Does he work out a lot because you noticed how big and lovely his muscles are. Or be more direct by going up to tell him how much you would love to shine his shoes and be his personal shoeshine boi. Black men love hearing this especially while they are chatting with the white ladies and you would not believe the surprise looks you'll get from the ladies when you say this. You know you've scored if he grabs you in front of the girls. The girls will get a big kick out of watching this. He might even say GET LOST QUEER, but later he will come looking for your queer ass.

4) You must dress the part. Always wear something faggy when you go out looking for brothas. If you have short hair grow it long. Get your hair frosted, faggy! Pigtails are good because the brothas will grab them while you blow them. Don't forget the earings, toe-rings, eyeliner, lip gloss and mascara. Get your tongue pierced and wag it at them so they can see you want to suck their cock. Like Sara has said, let the whole world know what a fag you are!

5) Make yourself horny before you go out... Do not jerk off for several days. Like Sara has ordered, only buy Dark Inches mags. No more porn mags with girls. If you have to look at girls, only photos of white girls with hot looking brothas. Get it in your head that white piece of ass is for blackmen only and that white girls are too good for you.

6) Prove to yourself that the whiteboi is no longer good enough for the white ladies by offering a blackman's white date a pedicure. Making sure that she knows that you are only interested in painting her toenails. This will also make her think that you must be little queenie or something and also offer to make her look pretty for her black date.


Think how much you love hearing their response when you're serving at a girl-only party and the blackman's white girlfriend brags out loud to her friends just to make your face turn red about how much you love to slurp on her black lover's big and beautiful long cock after she has sex with him. Make sure you are looking at their laughing faces when when she tells them that you particularly love cleaning out the crack of his big black ass. Make sure you confirm what she says by repeating it in front of them. You may want to die from deep embarrassment of saying this. But the rewards are worth it especially when she tells how he grabs your pigtails to go down on him.

Finally you must accept your low self-esteem status by having the brotha put you down in front of whitegirls or the other way around. Think of the relief you give to white ladies who had to hear for years bullshit for dating black guys from the whitemale ego. Now whitemale ego bashing is important to white girls so just accept it. You were never worthy of them anyway.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Gaywayne forced to COCKDOCK!

A couple of weeks ago I ran out of a gaybar after a big black man was hitting on me. Sara and her bff Nicole told me to get my ass back in there. Since I'm their little pussyboi, I thought I better do what they say. When I went back the next Saturday night on Labor Day weekend, the big black guy who had laid his lips on me was not there. Since I did not have the balls to tell Sara this I thought I better just go the following weekend and what happened was an experience I will never forget.

I sat on the same 'lucky' stool where a met the brotha the first time. But this time I thought I better get prettied up. I remembered seeing a prison movie on cable tv where the toughest whiteboi got easily beat up an average black man so the rest of the scared whitebois started to dress slutty to become Ho's for the blackmen. It was funny. But then I thought, that would be me, if I ever went to prison.

So what I did in the Men's Room: I tied the shirt tails up over my belly with my silky red hawaiian shirt. I also tied a long red silky hankerchief around over my ears and gave myself playboy bunny ears and put on bright red lipstick to match. I looked in the mirror and said Sara and Nicole would be proud of their little pussyboi.

When I sat down again and ordered a drink, Tha Lezbo bartender said, "My, Wayne, you got very pretty all of a sudden. I bet you doin' it for that afrostud Cleveland." I blushed. "You little white fags are all alike, you run out of the bar like little pussies when a black man hits on you then you come back dressed like a little fairyqueen a week or two later. Am I right?" I was embarrassed, but mumbled, "Yes". She walked away with a smile.

I waited until 12 midnite and decided to leave, got off the barstool, gulped down the last of my drink and felt relieved saying to myself, well at least I can say to Sara -- I tried -- THEN IN WALKED CLEVELAND.

He walked right up to me and said in a big smile, "Wha' where yo' going honey the night is just beginning and I must say yo' looking very hot." With that he grabbed my ass and gave me a big shocking french kiss right in front of everyone. I immediately popped a boner. Sara was right when she said when a blackman puts his huge tongue in you it takes up your whole mouth. How do girls do it? And I have a big mouth. All I could do is suck on his muscular tongue like candy, I got so hot I didn't even see how many people were staring at us. After a minute of this and big smiles from the other fagbois, the Lezbo bartender, and the faghags, he whispered in my ear. "Boy, did you ever try a little cockdocking?" I said "Um what is that?" "Well come with me to the Men's Room and find out." I said, "What's the rush?" He said,"The night is still young but I'm in a hurry." His big strong black hand grabbed my little sissy one and pulled me along like I was his little bitch. The lezbo bartender blew me a knowing kiss. I though I was going to die.

We went into the stall inside the Men's Room. Then Cleveland pulled out his huge uncircumsized prick. I was shocked again. He told me to do the same. Then he did the most unusual thing that I ever seen. With his thumb and forefinger from each hand he pulled his prickpouch over my little six inch white wimpdick which almost sucked it halfway up inside of his. He held both our pricks together with one hand and said to start rocking back and forth until I get a boner. I said, "Sir I already have a boner." He smiled and said to just enjoy the action. As we started I began to sweat and get real hot with excitement. I watched Cleveland's cock swallow up my whole dickie like a snake. Then his footlong hotdog started to push my little vienna sausage out of his pouch. When my weenie started to fall out Cleveland said. "Wait I have an idea."

He told me to give a dollar to him for the trojan machine. He bought a rubber. Then he did the most amazing thing. He bit the end off of the head off the rubber and put his dick in the big opening and had me put my dick inside the opposite side that he bit off. When our cocks met in the center, just my head touching his made me want to explode. He told me again to start rocking back and forth. In a minute we both start moaning. When I told him I was about to explode, he said to go ahead and do it. As I shot my whiteboi wad inside the rubber he told me to pull out as he again held the rubber up with his thumb and forefinger of each hand.

As the big finish he said, "Whiteboi get down on yo' knees and open yo' mouth now." I meekly obeyed of course. Then he let my cum slowly leak out of the bitten off side of the rubber that was still on him. He told me to stick out my tongue and catch every drop. Then he told me to hold my cum in my own month for a minute. When he told me to swallow I remember Nicole's voice saying SUCK IT DOWN and that I did. Cleveland said, "See ya around whiteboi" as he smiled pulling up the zipper that covered that massive monster dong.

When I finally left the Men's Room, I saw why Cleveland did not shoot his load. I realized that he was saving it for his little white loverboi. They were kissing each other at the bar. I have to admit I could not compete against this pretty whiteboi. He had lovely blue eyes to match his blue lipstick and his long beautiful silky blonde hair ran all the way down to his cut-off jeans that fit his cute little girlish ass that Cleveland was groping.

When I took a closer look I was shocked to realize it was someone who I remembered from high school. I remembered reading in the newspaper he got kicked out of the state college for multiple drunk and disorderlies and had 2 DUI's, so on the second one, he would have had to do jailtime. I wondered if he "went black" in prison. Who knows? Either way last Saturday night is one I will never forget. Gaywayne

PS Sara are you satisfied with my performance? Am I still your little pussyboi?

From Sara: Yes, Nicole and I are pleased with your cockdockery!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

What Cuckoldresses Wear...

peewee wanted to know what Cuckoldresses wear to symbolize that they cuck weedick wimps and crave big black cocks. He correctly listed ankle bracelets, toe rings and queen of spades symbols (such as queen of spades earrings) to which I added zebra-striped or any black & white animal print clothing. So if you're wondering why there is a proliferation of these on hot girls in clubs, on the beach, on the net, anywhere(!) you'll know why....

UPDATE FROM PEEWEE: Sophie is auctioning her outfit below including her Zebra Skirt on eBay UK, bidding is currently at L280 (L = pounds). FROM SARA: I have given peewee permission to spend MY MONEY to bid! But if he wins, he must auction off everything else but the Zebra Skirt and hang the Zebra Skirt somewhere in his bedroom, to remind himself of his cuck-li-ness. FINAL AUCTION UPDATE: peewee's high bid was sniped at the last second by another bidder, dammit! But we all know what the winning bidder will be doing with this outfit, don't we....

Sophie Reade wearing the outfit she is auctioning on eBay UK:

peewee caught on why I was wearing a black & white animal stripe bra and panty set on my Cuckold Listing on Niteflirt.com! peewee is the only cuck to have ever figured out the symbolism!

Also, I save my black and white pawprint top for special occasions!

Moron Assignment - Completed!

In response to my assignment to write something humiliating
this weekend, my moron has written this story about what he
knows I would do to him while my girlfriends watch!!

I'd never done anything with a guy, but Sara has her mind
set that she'll teach me to suck cock and learn to love it,
one important component of her total annihilation of my
former self and imposition of her will upon me as she molds
my new self to comply with her wishes.

Sara first had me looking at gay porn. I found some of the
guys and their organs distasteful but with other cute guys
with beautiful cocks I could feel a twinge of excitement
beginning to form as I imagined myself on my knees
before them, with Sara instructing me on how to worship
and please cock.

She told me about a particular young man she knows, very
handsome and well endowed, whom she uses to humiliate
one of her slaves with cock, and I began fantasizing about
worshipping this friend of hers as Sara and her girlfriends
laughed hysterically at my humiliation.

I then began imagining kissing, licking cock, slurping on
balls, using my hands to thrill this guy I was worshiping, all
the while Sara pushing me further and further, telling me
such things as, "Admit it, this is where you belong, cockwhore,
where you long to be, worshiping cock, loving cock, living for
cock as your Mistress instructs you and guides you ever more
deeply toward your destiny."

To add to my conversion, Sara has me tickling my ass with
cucumbers and bananas, which I also practice on for improvements
in my cocksucking.

Through all of this indoctrination, Sara keeps taking my money in
large amounts, and reminds me that I am so completely enslaved to
her that she will do whatever she wants to me and in turn will have
me do whatever she wants.

A few months ago I had a fairly typical, uneventful life, not a bad life at all. But with her keen insight, intelligence, and creativity (not to forget her beauty either), Sara has reduced me to an empty shell of a person, to be filled with whatever she wishes, whatever will serve her purpose, which comes down to having me around to toy with, to degrade for her amusement and enhancement of her power over me and to take my money so that she can enjoy things in life that I pay for, as should be the case -- a moron and fool, giving up his money for the magnificent woman who is his Mistress and Controller. Sara has so completely reduced me to enslavement, that my only additional longing is that she proclaim me "owned", officially her property and possession.

Big Cocks vs. Small Cocks!

Small cock wears his underpants when he gets out of bed.
Often sliding them on and off under the bedclothes.

Big cock grabs your head and pushes it down.
Small cock waits and hopes.

Small cock: "Does size matter?"
Big cock: "Did you know size matters?"

Small cock will give you oral for hours.
You make big cock stop and put it in after a couple of minutes.

About four inches?
Three squeals and a shriek?

Small cock sticks to one or two positions that work.
Big cock keeps switching.

Big cock hopes the condom doesn't split.
Small cock hopes the condom stays on.

Big cock worries he is stretching you too much.
Little cock worries he isn't at all.

Small cock brings you strawberries and champagne after sex.
Big cock just leaves you hanging half off the bed exhausted.

Big cock comes back from the front door saying:
"That was the neighbors complaining about your noise."
Small cock says "Did you cum?"

from message board walnutwalk.com

and small ones shouldn't be called cocks! -- Sara

Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Newest Gay Slave

Well Mistress Sara, it has happened to me now.

Since i last sent you an update i have visited the ABS more and more going into the booths and watching gay porn and into a small theater area showing gay porn and now sitting in there watching gay porn with other guys. It is like a gay orgy every day in the theater. Always 3-10 guys in there and having gay sex in the open. After watching a couple of times, i could not take it anymore and joined in. First time a guy sat next to me and started rubbing my crotch, i was so hot watching the gay porn and the action in the theater.

He pulled my cock out and stroked me and then pulled his cock out, i stroked him also. Then he told me to go to my knees and suck his cock. OMG, i was so hot and ready, i went down on my knees and sucked him. He came hard in my mouth and i swallowed his big load. It was so wonderful to suck his cock and then get the load. OMG, it was wonderful. i loved it. i was then crazed for more and joined in with some other guys that were into some action in the theater. i got on my knees in front of three of them and sucked them all, two came on my face and one in my mouth. i ate the cum and Sex with men is absolutely the best and all i want. i do not want women anymore. This is tough since i am married. But i need guys now all the time. i still cannot believe now how this has happened, but i think i became conditioned to gay sex thru watching only gay porn and following your gay brainwashing game steps completely. i now have also hooked up with guys thru squirt.org which i am a member of and meet up with them for more gay sex. i even feel proud now to say i am gay or a faggot. i plan to tell my wife soon, as she is wondering what is wrong since we have not had sex for the past 2 1/2 months since i started your gay steps and reading all your stories.

i don't know what else to say, except that i am so excited and feel great, best sex and best i have felt ever. i just returned from sucking four cocks and taking all the loads and one load in my ass. i am filled with cum in my ass as i write this with some dried cum on my face. Thank you Mistress Sara, thank you!

Your new gay slave

Moron Assignment

I imagine you telling me, "I have no time for you over the next few days, moron, so what you'll do is write messages to yourself; that's right idiot, you will write demeaning, degrading, humiliating messages to yourself that you wish I were writing and sending to you. Each day you will send me a concise message of humiliation (none of your endlessly boring piece of shit mails) that you write to yourself because, oh so pathetically, it's all you can do when your Owner won't feed you and you are desperately hungry. You will continue to do this over the next few days, until you hear from me telling you to resume typical correspondence." Again, of course I would obey.

Sara, please don't do this to me. I write this only to show you the desperate, pathetic state you have me in.

Well I did order the pathetic moron to write humiliating messages to idiot-self, because it's the weekend, I'm busy and have better things to do than overindulge my needy moron!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Big Brother UK Winner!

Breaking news from peewee, UK blog correspondent....

Britain voted in droves for the BB Contestant who voiced her Size Queen tendencies and her preference for Black men. Sophie (as featured in your previous blogs) is this year's overall winner.

Years ago, a pretty young English girl admitting, live to the nation, that she prefers big black men would have caused resentment, hostility and contempt. Nowadays, it invokes popularity and respect. That is evidenced by the overwhelming 74.4% of the final vote going to Sophie. Ok, I concede that her MASSIVE fake breasts, pretty face and fun ditzy personality may have had more to do with it. But it just goes to show that Britain's most attractive, likable hotties want big black men. And we all love and accept it.

She chose to leave the house, victorious, in a tiny skirt that was - fittingly - zebra patterned. I wonder, is the zebra pattern some kind of code for white girls who love black men? I know ankle bracelets, toe rings and queen of spades symbols are usually a giveaway. But is the zebra pattern another tell-tale sign? I think of the picture of you wearing zebra patterned panties - and believe me - it turns little boys like me on. To say the least!!

It will be interesting to see how long it is before Sophie starts dating another black footballer. I imagine the bookies' odds have just been slashed!

yes peewee, zebra pattern bras, panties, bikinis, skirts etc. do mean a white girl is into black men! In fact, one Niteflirt caller even told me in the city where he lives there is a Club Zebra where white women go shopping for black men, or vice versa....

From Straight to GAY! A Confession

I had always been totally straight and had never even considered doing anything with a guy. But then I met, well, met on Niteflirt, Sara. She made me listen to her Becum an XXXmas Ho Ho Ho recording and in our conversations she was very convincing that I should start going to adult bookstores and posting/replying to ads on Craigslist and other sites.

The more the thought was on my mind, the more I was compelled to try it for Sara. And so it happened. What happened next I never anticipated. On a couple of my cocksucking extravaganzas, when it was over, the guy either handed me some money, or, I even asked for cab fare (even though I drove over). So I thought I could make a little extra cash on the side doing this and then spend the $ on whatever kinky sex type stuff I craved.

Now I usually contact men through their ads and once contact has been established, pictures exchanged, time/location details worked out, and finally, once I am confident they are not insane, I bring up money. So far I have been charging $50. I would charge more, but I am not very good at it yet and I want to be a cheap street whore. I have met about 15-20 guys so far, and for the most part I am still disgusted by it. I don’t like doing it, but I do love the sense of humiliation and degradation. Most of the time it is pretty ordinary. I show up, small talk for a minute, then pants are dropped and I get on my knees and start sucking. Some guys have special requests like wanting me to show up in a bra and panties. One time a guy wanted his girlfriend to watch. I actually enjoyed this because she was very talkative and offered helpful advice and encouragement.

The weirdest so far was this: One time a guy asked me to dress up in his wife’s clothing and I think I will be meeting him again this weekend. He put me in her bra and panties, skirt and top, stockings and asked me to prance around the room. Then he asked me to dress in her workout clothes and do the same thing. Finally, he brought out her wedding gown. I really couldn’t fit in this very well, and the zipper up the back wouldn’t go up very far. But I got in it the best I could and then sucked him off. Some of his cum dribbled onto the bodice/bust area.

Now I am into trannies, and use the money I make from sucking cock to spend on them, and also on Sara.

Sucking Cock for Cab Fare!

When you do my Niteflirt Gay Brainwashing Game, it will happen to you. You will find yourself so hungry for cock, you will do anything to get it. You will crave cum-plete humiliation for being so cock-starved and cum-crazed. Realizing that asking for money up front may land you in handcuffs, the type you wouldn't want to be in {wink wink}, most of you sexstore gloryhole cocksuckers go legit and ask for tips, cab fare or even booze money after the bj!

"Yeah, I actually asked him for cab fare. And he only gave me $7! Super humiliating. Selling myself for 7 measly dollars!!?? Wow, what a gutter sluttin' ho. And I realized I still had lipstick on my mouth afterwards when I went to an internet cafe to get a cup of coffee. That's where I am now..."