Saturday, January 30, 2010

The moron must write to itself again and....

again, because it does not deserve one iota of my attention, and the moron must be kept in its place! My girlfriends were wondering where the moron had disappeared to, well it finally popped up its horny little head (which one you may wonder, well, on the moron, it's one and the same!)....

IMBECILE! You crawl back here after disappearing for weeks and think you can just pick up where we left off? PIG!

That’s not going to happen. You’ll first have to be punished for neglecting your obligations and responsibilities. Idiot! Don’t you know my blog-readers and girlfriends look for your pathetic self-abuse pieces to appear so that they can laugh themselves till it hurts as they read of your decline from a fairly normal person to your life of complete enslavement to ME!

FAGGOT! You’ll grovel and beg as never before. You’ll have tears streaming down your face before you’ll be allowed back in. You’ll take a solemn oath to be the very best cocksucking whore pig I’ve ever owned. The first part of your punishment will be for me to take your virgin ass with my strap-on. And you’ll take it in front of my friends. Afterwards, while my friends and I discuss what can lead a man with a quite
decent life to allow himself to be enslaved to the point where no humiliation is too great for him to accept, you will serve as our spittoon. You can hear the laughter now, can’t you, as we spit down your throat and slap your face silly.

Dickhead! Only if you take all the pain my friends and I have to inflict on you and thank us for it, will you be allowed back into your slave position. And to top it all off you’ll not only beg me and plead with me to post your pathetic words of self-abuse, you’ll also beg me to take twice the money I usually take from you in order to have your piece posted on MY blog. Welcome back, ASSHOLE!

Cum Drunk!!

Sara, I was traveling this past week in xxxxxx and hitting the hotel bar for action. There was nothing going on all week due to the terrible weather till this wild thing happened tonite. I was knocking back drinks pretty good. This older tall black guy was knocking them back faster and was very drunk. He in fact fell over several times and was too drunk to even get up to his room. One of the female bartenders and I started taking him to his room and he kept trying to feel her up and even popped out his big cock in the elevator. We got him to the door and I told her I had it from here. She said thank god.

I helped him in the room and the lights were off. He fell back on the bed mostly passed out, but his cock was still poking out of his pants. I started to suck him and he thought I was the bartender. He said I feel woozy and I whispered in my best high pitched voice, just lay there big boy. He did and I sucked him for a good 25 minutes. He was snoring at times and half awake at others. He woke up enough at the end to realize he was cumming and I swallowed it all. He said thanks baby and passed out. I left, went to my room and jacked off.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jordan - Ultimate Cuckoldress!

Alex/Roxanne and Jordan!

from peewee, intrepid UK blog correspondent....

I think the whole of Great Britain was surprised when glamour model and tabloid fascination, Katie Price (aka Jordan) initially hooked up with little whiteboys Peter Andre and then Alex Reid. Katie was known to be a fan of black men and a Size Queen. She has famously labeled ex-hubby Peter's little fella as "no bigger than an acorn" and "tiny" on regular occasions! And she outed her current cage-fighting love toy, Alex as a crossdresser who answers to the name of Roxanne! Honestly, Empress Sara, you couldn't make this stuff up!

Anyway, it comes as no surprise to hear that Katie is desperate to hook up with serial blacker, Jermain Defoe, despite her lingering fauxmance with Alex/Roxanne.

Story Here

Undoubtedly, Katie would look great in Defoe's arms, finally enjoying her return to what she loves most - BIG BLACK COCK. The lauded swordsmen, Defoe, will have plenty of fun with her too, I would imagine! I still remember you, Empress Sara, admitting that you had a crush on Jermain too! He's had my total respect ever since, I assure you.

Already blacked, with footballer Dwight Yorke's love child to show for her pleasure, Katie could prove to be a highly prominent new WAG, especially with the World Cup just around the corner. And usually, any relationship that would suit Katie's commercial interests is one that happens forthwith!

Defoe's former squeezes: Charlotte Mears, Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, Sophie Reade, Chantelle Haughton, Danielle Lloyd and Imogen Thomas will now doubt look on in a state of jealousy as Katie sinks her jungle sharpened teeth into the massive ebony penis they all fleetingly enjoyed.

Interestingly, Katie is set to ruthlessly serve up the ultimate humiliation to her white sissyboy Alex, by publicly black-cuckolding him while he is stuck in the Big Brother (reality TV show) house, oblivious to her affair with Mr. Defoe.

Alex has been pouring out his affections for Katie, declaring his love in front of the nation, and proclaiming that he'd "die for her". But her reward for his adoration and devotion has simply been to cavort with her new black stud, Jermain. Fresh reports insist that Katie has already axed Alex for Jermain - it's just that the poor little white boy doesn't know it yet!

Click for Story

UK viewers have been able to tune in and witness one of the most high profile cases of black cuckolding ever to grace UK television screens! Lucky us eh?!

I agree that Jordan's every move is calculated to bring her more publicity and the money follows....It's also well known that Size Queens will sometimes choose beta males or the Q male to mate with, so it's not surprising that she took Peter Andre, wealthy Australian crooner, as her husband and had 2 children by him. The Q males are 'Quality of Life Males' who can well provide for their gorgeous mates. When she first married Andre, while she had major aspirations for wealth and fame, she had only been featured, as you pointed out, as a glamour model and tabloid fascination. She cleverly parlayed all of that into a multi-million dollar empire, from books to fashion to perfume. She kept herself in the news when she dumped Andre, and began gallivanting around with the fighter stud toy, only to reveal that he wasn't so studly! Now she's back in black as the saying goes, and has returned to her first love, black cock. If she can land the elusive man-whore Defoe, that will be quite an achievement, but I don't hear wedding bells in their future. Katie knows that with the World Cup coming up, what better way to tactically land maximum attention and photo snaps as the paramour of one of the UK's premier footballers! ....Sara

Thursday, January 21, 2010

peewee isn't allowed to look at this clip!!!!

I'm sorry peewee, but you just might get too excited about Gillian Cooke's bum! She is on the UK bobsled team (or bobsleigh as you say in UK, I know we Americans are so barbaric with our verbage), trying to make it to the Winter Olympics! Well now we know a little secret about Gillian! SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further until you watch the clip. Anyway, it would appear that proper bobsledders wear black thongs under their 'skins'! Because what else would a girl wear to avoid the dreaded panty lines which might interfere with aerodynamics and hence her sleigh's speed and time! Anyway, I've decided to root for the UK bobsleigh team peewee, just because!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caught on Camera! A Bi / Gay Confession

Sara, I had an embarrassing thing happen. The realtor who sold me my house called me in a panic, she was in my neighborhood, taking pictures of a house she was going to represent for sale, she had dropped and broken her digital camera and her cell phone camera didn't shoot nice enough pics, so she asked if I had a digital camera she could borrow to shoot the pics. I said sure and met her over at the house. Let me tell you she is hot, a Cougar-ish bleach blonde type with big fake tatas. I can't tell you how many times I jerked off to titty-fucking her or licking her pussy.

She asked if she could have the camera for a day or so till she could get to a store and buy a new one and I said no problem. But later I realized there was a big problem. I couldn't remember if I had erased the photos on the camera. And the photos would be very damning. The realtor called me the next nite and offered to buy me a drink to thank me for using the camera, she had already purchased a new one. So I met her at the bar. She motioned me over to a corner booth. She said well, it seemed as though you forgot to erase your pictures before you gave me your camera! I felt my face turn red, and my dick get hard. I was busted. I knew there would have been pics of me naked, one with a cock in my mouth at a gloryhole, one with a dildo in my ass and another with cum on my face. She said she deleted them, then handed me the camera. She told me that she wouldn't tell anyone, it would be our secret. She also said, I didn't know you were.... I said I wasn't gay, I just liked it very kinky. "Oh I see....she said, then she added, "I had an ex-husband (she's had 2 or 3) who was bi, this was back in the early 90's, I enjoyed watching him suck another man. We were ahead of our time. Now it seems much more popular". I said it was, but it was still on the down-low for most, including me, especially now that I was married. She did tell me that if I decide to sell my house and buy another in the future, I knew who to call. I got the feeling that if I didn't, my pictures might have been copied somewhere for her safekeeping to make sure she got my business!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Avatar Dildo and Fleshlight???

Supposedly, the movie has spawned some unlicensed sex toys (as if the movie studio would officially license Avatar sextoys) floating around on the internet. I haven't seen the Avatar dildo, but I've heard that it's huge because the blue Na'vi creatures are larger than humans!

I did find a pic of the Avatar Fleshlight! The description didn't say if it was a larger pussy than the usual Fleshlight toys. And no it wasn't an official Fleshlight.

I haven't seen the Avatar movie yet, altho I did get a dinner and movie date invite, not what I would call a real date invite per traditional definition, because my intention was to enslave the inviter, which I did after several drinks. Details are on my other blog if you subscribe to that one!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Peewee's Cuckie Calendar

From peewee, intrepid UK blog reporter, advising that he has bought the 2010 Keeley Hazell as ordered and must cuck himself with it, by covering up Keeley's "naughty bits" and putting post-it notes every month on the calendar to remind himself of how cuckly he is! Every time he takes a peek at Keeley's luscious pix, he must pay a $1 peek tax! I'm sure I will probably make at least an additional $365 this year in addition to monthly small dick taxes, birthday and Xmas tributes!


England's prettiest girls are going black. But do little white boys like me protest? NO! We accept it. And we pray: "Dear God, thank you for creating big black cocks to satisfy our little white girls. I pray that Keeley Hazell gets fucked by a big black man tonight. Amen."


Keeley is a well known Size Queen, like my Empress Sara. And both enjoy the Alpha male attributes of big black men. But I know my place and my little white cucky heart is reserved for Sara forever, just as Keeley and Sara's perfect pussies are reserved for real mens' cocks.


This month's picture is so sexy. And very revealing. But I'm just a white boy. So I promise I will resist looking at her picture all month, despite leaving the calendar hanging tantaliingly from my bedroom wall. I will pay my Empress Sara $1 for every time my resolve breaks and I look at Keeley's gorgeous, near naked, black only, Size Queen body.


"If it's April, and you've found this calendar in my bedroom, YES - I ADMIT IT - I AM A WIMPY WHITE BOY CUCKOLD. My cuckoldress, Empress Sara, commanded that I buy this calendar and write these messages, to remind me of my humiliating place in this world. I am pathetic, but I truly love her, so much."


As a mark of respect to Keeley's bathtime picture this month, I will buy a rubber duck. Every bath I take during May 2010, I will fantasize about Keeley with Sara, bathing in bubbles and hot soapy water together, and will wank my tiny white peewee. I will cum on the rubber duck and then - in continued total submission to my Empress - will lick it clean and swallow my cum.


Let this image of Keeley, stockinged & sensational, with her big black beast by her side, inspire me to pay my Empress the sum of the monetary value of all my birthday gifts - minimum $200. Keeley's stocking-topped thighs and lust for all things big, black & dangerous will give me all the resolve to do my financial duty to my beloved Empress & Cuckoldress.


As I paid my Empress a decent sum in June, and have never missed a smalldicktax payment in over 2 years, I will celebrate this month by enjoying myself in my bedroom. I will jerk off as much as I desire whilst looking at this picture. Keeley's pretty face, heaving cleavage, exposed little belly button and naked soft thighs can be gawped at - JUST THIS MONTH. But whilst doing so, I must imagine her with a big black man - NEVER MYSELF. I am just a small white wimp.


Girls like Keeley should never have to clean. Cucks and slaves should be on hand to do such chores for pretty white girls. I will volunteer sissy boy cleaning services to ICUK's young female members, and not back out should they opt to use me in this demeaning, humiliating role. Empress Sara has prepared me for the servitude required to be a r/t cuck.


I am forever thankful to girls like Keeley for revealing their flawless bodies, despite being totally out of reach for average little white boys. It is an honour to have this image in my bedroom, as I fully accept that I am only an under-endowed cuckold. I'm so unworthy of this treat. As such, as Keeley has displayed her body in this way, and I have benefited undeservedly, I will introduce the world's first pay-per-view calendar, furnishing my Empress Sara with $1 per day for the entire month, on top of my smalldicktax payment.


My tiny white penis is so inadequate to please a girl like Keeley. Keeley has a perfect body, is young & successful and openly craves well hung men. I am a white cuckold, with a 5" penis. Every day, when I look at Keeley's picture and read this message, I rejoice in the recognition of my own inadequacy and thank my Empress Sara for opening my eyes to my true place in this world. I love my beautiful young cuckoldress with all my heart.


As this picture features Keeley pouring milk provocatively into a bowl whilst dressed in a jungle leotard, I will show my total submission by storing all my ejaculate, this month, in a bottle. On 1st Dec 2010, I will cook up a cum omelette and eat the whole thing like the greedy little cucky boy I am! After finishing my spermy treat, I will look at Keeley's spread milky white legs and shout - out loud and FIVE times - "I LOVE EMPRESS SARA AND WANT TO BE HER CUCKOLD FOR EVER", so my neighbours hear.


To make up for the wholly undeserved honour of being able to gaze upon Keeley's sexy bare legs all month, I pledge to treat the love of my life with a BIG Christmas tribute. I'm so lucky to have a cuckoldress like Sara, and to be allowed a Keeley calendar in my room, all year, even though her hotness has been largely concealed by the messages. I know I'm a lucky little white boy, so will resolve to shock Empress Sara with the extent of my generosity. I want to please her so much.


Empress, I was certainly inspired by cucky angst when I wrote that!! But I stand by the words. Feel free to make amendments. I will adhere to the messages, without fail.