Saturday, March 27, 2010

How Gay I Am -- a Gay Confession!

Sara, I called so many Flirts whose listings said they could turn me bi, fag me up, pimp me out. And while they all yelled at me to go to the gloryhole, as if that would be all it would take, it was just a bed of noise to wank off to, but not really motivational to turn me totally and completely gay.

I admit I was and am too scared to call your Niteflirt Go Gay listing, all those feedbacks and ratings, I sensed you were Queen of the Gay Scene. I saved you to my Favorites and would re-read your listing over and over. I decided to distance myself from you directly and instead, to buy your Gay Brainwashing Games. I thought it would give me an idea of what you were about and give me something to play with when I was in the mood. I uploaded them to my iphone so I could track my progress. I really did give it a go! 3 weeks later, I was totally hooked on gay. I mean it was bad. I couldn't get hard jerking off to girl-on-girl porn any more, which used to be my fave, my dick was a useless limpette when I looked at a girl! I could only get hard jerking to gay porn, and only when I had a butt plug jacked in to my ass. Yeah I need anal action or else I only pop half a stiffie!

I also found myself checking out guy's bulges. It wasn't like I wanted to kiss them. But I did want to suck them! I was quasi-dating someone and I broke off with her, just as you said, a gay guy shouldn't be dating a girl. She didn't ask me why I was breaking off with her, she was like "whatever". Then I saw on her Facebook that she posted she suspected the guy she was just dating was really a FAG! Luckily, she didn't say my name. And she sent me 2 texts. YOU SUCK followed by COCKS. I didn't respond because I couldn't deny even though at that point I truly hadn't sucked any cocks except in my fantasies.

Then Niteflirt went thru that transfer or whatever they called it and now it is really hard to call from Australia, but I am buying all of your gay games, stories and assignments and I am going to email you in about a week to ask you to custom design a Pay to View for me to keep on the gay track. And in case there are any other Aussies or Brits out there who want to hook up, is better than for gay adverts. I know Sara will make me advertise myself there, so it's only a matter of time before a cock lands in my mouth!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Keeley Tells It Like It Is!

When popular British model Keeley Hazell (many a man's go-to masturbation girl) was asked: "What's the very first thing you notice on a guy when it's lust at first sight? Be honest!"

Let's review her answer!

Keeley: "His trouser bulge! Hey, you told me to be honest. It's no good getting close to a guy and then finding out he can't deliver the goods. Size DOES matter. Although you know that don't you Abi*!"

Click for the Interview!

*Abi = interviewer

Cuckoldress Carla

Is the First Lady of France cucking her hubby, the Napoleonic Prime Minister? Some say she does it simply when she stands next to him, towering over him with her 5 foot 11 inches of sheer beauty and power. peewee, intrepid UK blog reporter, lets us in on a hot rumor from Europe!

News has recently broken that Carla Bruni, former model and paramour of many famous celebrities (including Mick Jagger) has been cuckolding Sarkozy. This high profile act of adultery has prompted rumors of a feeble retaliatory and face-saving affair of his own. But he knows it, we know it and the whole world knows it - Carla has cuckolded and humiliated him!

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As if to rub his mucked 'n' cucked face in it, The Simpsons tv show will broadcast a parody episode featuring Cuckoldress Carla.

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The storyline of the episode involves Carla surrendering to her desires and publicly cheating on the 5 foot 5 inch whiteboi President with - yes you've guessed it - the one and only resident Springfield Black man, Carl Carlson!

European girls have undoubtedly been gripped by a powerful lust for big black men for many years now, so it is fitting to see The Simpsons recognize that fact by dedicating an episode to a gorgeous white European wife cuckolding her diminutive white hubby with a potent Black Bull! They look so right together - even if it is only a cartoon!

Perhaps Carla Bruni's Simpsons' character will pave the way for other Springfield ladies to explore the prowess of massive ebony cock. Empress Sara, given your obvious preference for black men and your recent blogs about US hotties such as Olivia Munn, Kendra Wilkinson, Amanda Bynes, etc it is clear that the Jungle Fever is rapidly descending on the American ladies, so it is only a matter of time before Homer has cause for concern. Yes Marge, black penises really ARE much bigger, thicker and better - just ask Sara or any of the other Size Queens!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Amanda Bynes - Maxim Cover Girl and Newest Size Queen!

"it's amazing how good it feels when someone knows how to love your body! I am having withdrawals from a certain guy lol :)" actress Amanda Bynes tweeted. "So turns out i prefer chocolate over vanilla. interesting."

See and read more about Amanda in Maxim and also here!