Thursday, April 30, 2009



This past weekend, I was driving down from Albany to New York City along the Hudson, leisurely, on my way to do some sightseeing in Manhattan. I go there for business, but never get a chance to see the museums or go to a show. So I was driving, when I saw a sign for a town called Coxsackie. I couldn't believe my eyes. Can you imagine people having to say "I live in Coxsackie"? I remember you had listed on your blog a bunch of gay or sex town names like Dildo in Canada. What is worse, to say you live in Dildo or Coxsackie?


Dear NB:

That's a toss-up! Dildo, Newfoundland or Coxsackie, NY


Here was the prior list:

Anus, France
Homosassa, Florida
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Fort Dick, Pennsylvania
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Cockeysville, Maryland
Manassas, Virginia
Cockplay, Scotland
Three Cocks, Wales
Weener, Germany
Dikshit, India
Gofuku, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan
Fukien, China

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Everyone, including Nicole, has been wondering, what happened to our gaywayne???? Well, as it turned out gaywayne was working in Alaska for the past 3 months and will now be working on a story about his misadventures in Anchorage. Here is a sneak peek:

"Anchorage is not Montreal. But I do at least have one good story I think? If you want me to write it I will. In the beginning, I was in search for the perfect Eskimo cock. They were all too short and stubby for this size queen. Ha ha. There are very few black men there. Most work for oil companies.

But life was too expensive for me to stay there. The price of everything is double. Even the McDonalds dollar menu is called the $1.75 menu there. To get a lap dance in Alaska cost anywhere from $30 to $35 dollars for one song and the songs were cut real short.

There's very little gay activity even though there are 10 men for every woman. But this ratio is spread across the overall population and across the massive Alaskan geography. In major Alaskan cities, the gender distribution is more equal. But, if you would want to know what life was like in America 50 years ago, go there. There are alot of hotels that don't even have tv's and they will still charge you $150 per person. A good sex night there is to shut off the light close your eyes grab your cock and use your imagination.

It's really a place that the rest of the country forgot."

Note: Until Sarah Palin came along?? Sara

It's All About the BBC!

It's all about the BBC, and not the tv's an update from peewee, our intrepid UK correspondent....

"Today, I went to the big game at the home of English football, Wembley. It was the FA Cup semi-final, contested by the London rivals, Arsenal and Chelsea. I had a great seat, in amongst all the VIP's. And I was only about 15 seats along from Melanie Slade - a beautiful blonde who is dating the Arsenal & England hero, Theo Walcott. Yes, he's black. She looked gorgeous. The admiring glances she was getting from all the fans, including myself, were many!

On the opposing team to Melanie's man, was the husband of England's most desired brunette, Cheryl Cole - the talented Chelsea & England defender, (formerly of Arsenal!!) Ashley Cole. Yes, he's black.

So, to a little cuckold like me, the obvious trend of our prettiest girls going for the BBC (big black cock) was already at the forefront of my dirty mind! But it hardly subsided, as throughout the game, the most popular chant from the Arsenal fans went as follows:

"Cheryl Cole's a slapper, she likes it up her hole, but when she's fucking Ashley, she thinks of our Theo" !!

Imagine 45,000 white males chanting that for 90 minutes! Every one of them must have been picturing the lovely Cheryl, the country's hottest property at present, taking black cock, and dreaming of another black man.

I think the English men have truly accepted that our prettiest girls have gone black. And we now merrily sing about it."

The UK is definitely in the forefront of hot interracial action, and these beautiful white girls, know how to cuck the lil white weedicks!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thank you, Marilyn!

Marilyn Chambers, one of the first female pornstars, as you all have heard, passed away yesterday, in her trailer, sad, sad. She was known for her incredible deep throat skills (she downed John Holmes 13") and for being the first pornstar to shave her pussy. She buzzed it into a heart-shape, which started the whole pussy shaving trend in porn and beyond. We have Marilyn to thank for the demise of the bush! Something we should all be eternally grateful for!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

When a TV Show's Viewership is in the Tank....

Dressing up Dollhouse star Eliza Dushku in Dominatrix gear should pump up the ratings! Actually, rumor has it that the ax is set to fall on the latest from Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, etc). And rumor also has it that the network is hoping that fans will get spendy on the DVD set to recupe their investment. The DVD set will include the original unaired pilot and Episode #13 which is not scheduled to be aired.

A Gayer than Gay Confession!

Well Sara, here's another humiliating confession. I'm sitting here in front of the computer. I should be doing my taxes, but instead you can guess what I'm doing and have been doing for the last few hours.

There's a large precum spot in the front of my pants and a pile of new pictures of cute guys I just printed.

Last night I started to J/O over some hot guy pics but then got disgusted with myself and tried doing it looking at 2 more hot women from Victoria's Secret I printed out. I was appalled that I had almost no sexual attraction anymore for them. The only sexy thing I saw in them was they both had what could be interpreted as amused sneers on there faces as they looked out of the pictures at me. I then picked up a few guys photos again and felt a swelling of sexual lust again thruout my groin. I jacked some more over the guys but couldn't bring myself to give in to the gay and cum.

Today, hornier still, I spent much of the afternoon browsing and printing full page pics of cute guys. (a full size photo is hotter than a 1/2 or 1/4 page one). Tonight, I know I will give in and cum looking at gay porn despite my mind's attempts at self-preservation of normal heterosexuality.

Per your instructions, I also shaved my crotch. I does feel a bit more sensitive but also it feels humiliating like my cock and balls are now completely exposed.

Sorry I haven't downloaded the gay screensaver yet, but I will after I do my taxes.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Play Gay Chicken!

On "Attack of the Show", a question was polled out to see if guys would make out with Kevin from the show for 10 minutes to be able to make out with Olivia for 5 minutes. Inotherwords, how gay will you go to be able to make out with a hot chick, for half the time. The poll revealed that 60% of the guys would make out with Kev for 10 minutes to get to play with Liv for 5. Now the real question is, would Olivia even want to make out with a guy for 5 minutes who had made out with Kevin for 10??? Ha, I think not! She would probably call the guy a FAG and tell the two tongue-entwined fagboys to keep making out.