Friday, December 26, 2008

XXXmas Recap

Everyone wants to know what I got for XXXmas, sometimes I get practical boring gifts, or money, and sometimes I get sexy stuff, and this year was no exception as I get a combo of all 3....

Mom : An ultrasonic toothbrush (to keep my pearly whites their whitest)
Dad : New tires for my car (in the form of $500 cash to get them)
Sister : A black leather carry bag for my upcoming new laptop
Nicole : Crystal Dildo and 2 pairs of panties
Taylor : Hitachi Wand G-Spot Attachment (OMG, I need to do a tease recording
of an orgasm with this piece)
Ember : Victoria's Secret Gift Card
Fatfuck: $1,000 for my new laptop and he also paid for my GPS !

What I got for:

Mom : My sister and I split a day at the spa gift certificate
Dad : A box of golf balls
Sister : I found 4 vintage pulp paperbacks featuring nurse stories, cut off the covers and put them into black frames, they are pretty rad with big boob nurses in some kind of danger, punchy colors, my sister loves them!
Nicole : Cuban Stockings and a Matching Garter Set - slutty!
Taylor : iTunes Gift Card
Ember : Matching lipstick and nail polish
Fatfuck: Nothing, spit, nada, a slap in the face!

And thank you to all my Niteflirt admirers for much appreciated tributes! I plan to get Sirius Satellite Radio for my car, mani / pedi / facial, new bikini!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Mahogany Monster Sighted Again

There is no doubt, the Pres Elect is packing....

photo credit: BauerGriffinOnline

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Sweet Cockswell of Success!

Another Gay Success Story:

I am a 49 year old with a gal for the past 10 years, have no sex life with her at all. My situation is this - I have always felt bi, and have acted on it over the years, but always had a girlfriend and and an active hetero sex life. Up until recently- where I came across Niteflirt and Mistress Sara. She has a phone sex listing saying "Sara makes you go GAY" - I listened to it a bunch of times and I think she is doing it to me.

Over time, is has now come to the point where I have no Female porn at all, I think about hard cocks all the time. I dream about them. It is the only way I can cum, looking at gay porn. I bought this DVD of a man and a woman both blowing a man. The woman is "Making him do it" - thereby not the responsibility for the cock sucking. Like he / I am off the hook, you might say.

I am puzzled by this change in me. Sometimes just the porn is enough, other times, the drive is so great I go cruising a park in the DC area. LolliPop Park. I sit in my car, summon my strength and go for a walk. Every guy is there for the same reason. Some look nervous, some calm - most either rubbing their cocks or showing hard.

The last few times, nothing - could not find the right situation. Last time I did was good. I walked down by the river and this guy was standing there, rubbing his cock. I started to rub mine and he came over and said, "lets do this thing".

I fell to my knees as he unzipped his jeans. Out came his cock, getting harder, the head with a little precum staring me in the face. At that moment I began to thing how sad my life had very existence was to suck this cock, a total stranger, in the woods. I was a faggot cocksucker. I opened wide, greeted his hard penis with my wet tongue and began to suck. It was a big dick too. He pumped my face for a good 10 minutes, grabbed the back of my head, tensed up and grunted out a load of cum into my mouth and down my throat. It was surreal. I was shaking, choking a little. He zipped up, said thanks and was gone.

Now, so long as I have not blown my load, I stay in this "I want to suck cock" mode. I am not attracted to men at all, just hard cocks. My dream would be to find a woman that would require me to suck cock...force me. She would have to enjoy that....'

I will continue this blog...It is shameful to post, but this is my reality. NiteFlirt in general and Sara in particular have taken me to a new level. What is next for me....Sara has made me a cocksucker - she is soo hot!

More later. I think I need another trip to Lollipop Park....for some meat. Thanks for reading.

Note: Click on blog post title for link to my newest cocksucker's blog! Sara

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

British Girls Have Gone Black!!

from peewee, intrepid UK reporter and cuckold!

I love the site n*ggerwatcher by the way. (click blogpost title for link) It really does succeed in rubbing poorly hung white boys' faces right in it. There is even a video post featuring a discussion about why Britain is comfortably leading the world in interracial couples. The clip features two celebrity guests, who just so happen to both be white women who have 'gone black'.

Apparently, Britain has ten times the amount of interracial couples of other European countries. That comes as no surprise to me. Everywhere I look, whether it be in the shops, on the street, in the papers or on the telly, our prettiest white girls, and many more besides, are walking out with big black men. When I see it, I think it looks so great and natural. I think of my little peewee and have so much admiration for the well hung men and the hot girls that are breaking down outdated taboos to get what they truly desire. Anyway, thanks for introducing me to this website. I'll be sure to keep checking it at every opportunity.

I have also now bought the 2009 calendar of the new queen of the dark meat **WAGs**, Miss Amii Grove, as discussed. This afternoon, I will do as you say and stick pictures of her black husband-to-be, Jermaine Pennant, onto each and every month. I was wondering, do you want me to write anything near the pictures too, in order to really remind myself of my place in this world? I will do so if you think it would be appropriate, but please bear in mind that it is possible that my friends or parents might end up seeing it should they go into my bedroom when visiting. But trust me, I'll do exactly as you say, as always.

Yes, you must write humiliating captions for every month, and you must tell me what the captions are. And if anyone catches the calendar, you can always say it was a bloke playing a joke (joke Xmas gift)!

**WAGs** = Wives And Girlfriends, Brit term for hot sluts who seek out rich black footie (soccer) players and other well known black celebs to date, screw and marry.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Florida Fagovernor Marries

And yet another hypocritical politician, one who vehemently opposes gay marriage in the fine state of F-L-A, entered into a gay marriage himself yesterday. Crist, who had been divorced once (right out of college) and then engaged 5 times, finally tied the knot, ostensibly to assuage the gay rumors and move his political career forward. His name had been tossed around as a Veep possibility, but perhaps his bachelor status or that he lived on Gayton Place kept him from more serious consideration. What to do? Why woo and wed a beard of course! I can only hope that the lucky bride Carole Rome is getting paid for her services. Because, I can't imagine there was a 'single' girl in Florida who hadn't heard about the fagovernor. But wait, this just in! The bride is independently wealthy! So the fagovernor, like many other pols before him, marries a rich bitch. Originally from NYC, Ms. Rome has been living on ultra-exclusive Fisher Island for the past 2 years. Her family made its fortune manufacturing Halloween costumes.

Tara, the pussyboy formerly known as Tarzan -- by Gaywayne!


It all started when I became bored with Tarzan's I mean Tara's penis which is about the average whiteboy size of 6 inches. I knew the dark African men were about twice that size. So to make Tara see and feel things my way I start fingering his cute girly ass more and gave him my pussy less. Then when I thought it was time I broke out the Sean Michael's strap-on cock. I fucked his boy ass good and completely cut him off from my pussy (I save it for the black guys now). Tara started to become extremely addicted to having his pussy fucked. Then I stopped fucking him all together for about three weeks until the silly pussy was crying in tears that he was having cock withdrawal and to please fuck him. Now I knew he was ready for the real thing.

So I dressed him in the faggiest pair of silk panties that I could find in my collection. Applied bright cherry red lipstick. Put his long hair up again in a french twist. Had him wear a pair of maribou red puffy high heel sandals. (God he looked so queer the way whiteboys should). I gave him a bowl of bananas and told him to walk over the field while wiggling his pretty ass. A beautiful big dark African who was napping under a palm tree. Little did Tara know this was my black lover. I told Tara to gently place the big banana bowl by his masculine black feet and kiss his big toe with all the respect he could muster.

Tara did just that after as I hid behind a tree and peeped with much amusement. When Tara kissed his big toe, the Mandingo started waking up. Tara came back to me quickly. I was annoyed and pushed him back. I said, "That's not good enough. Now go back over there this instant and kiss all ten toes of that hot black man". I thought the big pussy was going to faint. Even though Tara was 6ft tall and had a great-looking muscular body of his own. The black prince was by far much bigger and stronger of the black men mostly are....about 6ft 7 inches.

Tara walked back over and bowed down to kiss all 10 sweet toes. The Mandingo woke up slowly and started to laugh and said. "So the big whiteboy Tarzan is turning fag. Huh?" Tarzan said shamefully with his face staring at him, "Yes sir and thank you for letting me serve you sir. It's all my pleasure sir and it's the least I could do..." The studly Mandingo cut him of by shouting, "Ya damn right right it's the least you can do". He then grabbed the bow of Tara's french twist and slapped him and shouted, "I heard in your first movie you used pygmies to make the white man look bigger and badder then black guys". Tara shakenly replied, "Sir it was only a movie and.." The black stud yelled bullshit and wrapped his massive big thighs around Tara neck pulling him to the ground. I had to laugh knowing that full well whiteboys are simply no match for a black man no matter how tough a movie makes them out to be.

Tara cried in useless shame, "Sir I'm sorry. I did not mean to offend you..." The Mandingo cut him off again and said, "You can show me how sorry you are by sucking my big fat black cock". He pulled out from his loincloth a gorgeous huge black cock and slapped it all over Tara's red face. My pussy was becoming wet seeing the great Tarzan in such a humiliating position. I came out from hiding and shouted, "Go ahead, make my whiteboy suck your beautiful cock. I'm so sick of his Me Tarzan You Jane outdated bullshit". He laughed and looked down at Tara and said, "Go ahead you white fag suck my black cock to make up for all the years you kept us blacks down. It's payback time."

It was so hopeless for poor little Tara. His shoulders were pinned down. He had to give my black lover a blowjob or get his little white ass kicked. I loved it so much seeing him suck black cock that I was cumming. To my added delight the black stud further humiliated Tara by saying things like, "If the white girls who paid to see your movies could see you now sucking black cock. Gag on it bitch and tell me how much you love it and how Jane and all white ladies should only date black men and laugh at you white fags." Tara did as he was told. My Mandingo lover finished him off by turning Tara around and fucked his ass pussy good. Then pulled it out and came all over Tara's face. Telling him not to ever wash his face. I knew this scared Tara and that my bitch would wear my lover's sticky facial. I ran over to my Mandingo lover and stepped on Tara's chest to raise me up so I could give my lover the best kiss he ever had and rightfully so.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

In Search of the Perfect Phallus

The Perfect Phallus

View Mrs. Candy's Quest for the Perfect Penis....

Actually, as a phallus critic, I would not have judged some of the penises as high on the phallic rating scale as she did, perhaps I am a stricter judge on phallocentric matters.

Her post and photos on the Phallic Festival in Japan equals wild! Why don't we have such festivals here in the USA....

Please Don't Make Me Gay!

No Sara please don't make me gay! I was a straight man before I began talking to you. The only thing I thought about was I liked seeing my cock in the mirror when I jerked off. Then you said throw your legs over your shoulders, your cock will look even better in your face. Then you said another man's cock would look even better shooting cum in your face. Into your mouth. Now all I watch is gay porn and I've gone to the bookstore a few times and watched gay porn in the booths. The booths are really small, but there is a theater area and the dude behind the counter told me the theater is where the action is at. I am scared to go in there. It is like opening the door to gay hell, I know I will never come back if I go in.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

The Porthole Loophole

My Dad is shopping for his 'dream boat'. The shitty SoFlo economy has created an interesting supply/demand situation with luxury boats. Large supply, little demand. Nevertheless, savvy buyers are picking up bargain boats. And some know about the porthole loophole tax write-off for claiming the boat as a second 'residence'. My Dad has had boats in the past. But not his dream boat. He wants a 40'+ foot sailboat. So I'm going boat shopping with him tomorrow to spend a little father / daughter time together. And give him my advice on the boats he's interested in.