Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Peewee Postulates: The New BBC Trend!!

'Is BBC a trend?'

Possibly, but I would suggest it is anything but a passing trend. It seems to me that pretty white girls are becoming increasingly interested in big, black cock, and are much more liberated to indulge their passions in this regard. The evidence has been mounting for years and I believe it will continue to develop until we quickly reach the stage where the vast majority of our prettiest white girls are exclusively dating big black men.

In the same way that homosexuality has always existed, but had been repressed, I am convinced that females have always lusted after huge, powerful black men, knowing that white boys rarely match up physically or sexually. This lust is not a trend. It's just been a long suppressed taboo that has only become acceptable to acknowledge and embrace in recent years. Girls are 'coming out' as BBC lovers all over the world, and trust me, we white boys know it and fear it - but also understand and accept it.

If there is to be a 'NEW' trend of some sort, I would suggest that we look to my ABBC Theory for indicators as to it's identity. In years gone by, Brave Bounteous Cock (BBC) was at the top of the food chain for the most privileged ladies. This was replaced by Bad Boy Cock (BBC) as alpha females became more daring and sexually charged by danger. As society began to progress and move away from the irrational racist beliefs of yesteryear, girls have finally been able to realize their repressed desires and enjoy open liaisons with Big Black Cock (BBC). Despite the progress, the trend is not yet complete. The current BBC phase is still in its' infancy. As it matures, interracial relationships will prosper to the point of normality. White boys will know their place. And eventually, a new phase will become evident - Black Breeding Cocks (BBC).

The prettiest white girls will no longer be satisfied by simply indulging in brief exciting liaisons with big black men. They will, en masse, begin to forge long lasting relationships with black men, committing to, and marrying, them. And yes, becoming pregnant with their children. It is happening now, but this is still (unreasonably) frowned upon by the majority. These outdated values will gradually dissipate and beautiful white women gone black, like Heidi Klum, will become the norm. After all, commitment and procreation are inherent desires within females. Black men will no longer be ignorantly viewed as dangerous rap stars with big cocks and voracious sexual appetite and prowess. Having established their sexual dominance, they will prove they are the real men, and the ultimate alpha male, in today's society. Black men will rapidly begin to marry and breed the prettiest white girls all over the civilized world. Then, the new Black Breeding Cocks phase will have become the new BBC 'trend'.

What do you think, am I right or am I right?

From Sara: I agree with you in theory peewee, but the Seals are rare. Meaning the accomplished, wealthy, mature, good-daddy black males.... They need to become more plentiful before this black + white marriage literally trend can be enacted.

Wife-writing! The latest, nastiest BBC trend!

Of course there is a website with all the details. Click blog post for link!

My Favorite BBC Joke Ever!

I can't remember when I first heard this joke, high school? It's part of the other education, the secret sex education that girls receive. To learn to desire larger cocks, black cocks, to reject wimpy white ones!


A wimpy white guy is in the locker room with a well hung black man. His eyes are locked onto the black man's cock, which is longer and thicker in its' 'flaccid' state than the white guy's dickie would be when erect. He notices that the black man's cock has a tattoo. The tattoo spells out a girl's name: WENDY. The black guy notices that the white guy is staring at his cock. Yo, he confronts him, what are you a little whiteboy faggot? His accent makes him Jamaican. No no no, the white guy counters. I just noticed you had a tattoo on it and I thought wow that must be painful to have a tattoo there. I hope your girlfriend Wendy appreciated that you went thru all that pain to have her name tattooed on your cock. Then the Jamaican guy laughs. No man, no. It doesn't say WENDY. It says: WELCOME TO JAMAICA MAN HAVE A NICE DAY!

Gaywayne, Always Bet on Black!

from Gaywayne:

I thought I was a straight macho man. But after several phone calls with Sara, I'm now a cock-loving faggot. In no time she will have you buying Gay mags, large black dildos and begging guys like Micheal Jordan if you can hand wash his Hanes underwear. As a white fag, you will also support her and her girlfriends right to date black guys only if they choose to. Because us whiteboys should proudly take it up the ass with our frenchmaids' uniforms on to give Sara and her friends a big laugh.

Sara, I hope you like my feedback comment (see above). I know this sound like a silly white fag question but did Nicole and Jessica have a good time in Jamaica? Did they meet and make love to any hot black studs? Tell them I would love being a flufferboy for you girls. Sara should I be black owned?. Ever since our last phone call all I do is fantasize about a black man sticking his big tonque in my month to suck on. All I want to do is blow bubbles in my black stud bathtub as he gets ready for his date with his white girlfriend as I trim his pubic bush and wash his feet and cherish the rest of him. What do you think?

Q: Did Nicole and Jessica have a good time in Jamaica?


Q: Did they meet and make love to any hot black studs?

A: YES! But to answer the second part, I wouldn't call sex with black studs "making love", it's called fucking!

Q: Should I be black-owned?

A: Uhhh is that a rhetorical question? The answer is YES!

Q: What do you think?

A: If Obama is elected, you have to worship black studs for 4 years!!!!

More from Gaywayne:

OH SARA, I just read the latest on your blog. Thank you so much for showing the world what black cock loving faggots white guys have become today for white ladies and their black lovers. All us white boys should learn to curtsey our dresses for black cock or get a good bare-ass spanking from a big black dude in front of all you laughing white ladies. You Sara truly showed us where we belong. Keep up the good work. You're great! xxxooo Your big fairy Gaywayne p.s. O you make me feel so gay Sara. Tell Nicole to kiss one of those black bros for me. I can't believe I was once straight.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Is BBC a Trend??

from an admirer:

I believe Madonna has gone to the dark side with her new boyfriend. Lately she has been hitting the trends on the back side (you know following Angelina with the black kid adoption etc). When we get a small dicked black/white president you know going to the dark side is on the downturn, although I suspect Madonna's new boy is well equipped. So the question is what's next? What follows the BBC trend, what will woman be fucking next?

from me: You know, that brings up some very good questions. What will follow BBC? Is BBC a trend? Sound off, comment, write me!

Yay Tampa Bay!

9 = 8 orgasms for me!!! ;-)

If you know Tampa Bay, you know what that means!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Go Tampa Bay!

Since the Marlins are out of the picture, I have no recourse but to root for the team on the other side of Florida, The Rays. Nicole called me earlier today with a joke:

Nicole: What is the difference between Evan Longoria* and Eva Longoria?

Me: Hmmmm, I dunno, ummmm, the letter N???

Nicole: Wow that is a good answer, but no, Evan likes playing with white balls and Eva likes playing with black ones.

Me: Well I'm glad we figured that out.

....Now, cum to think of it, I wouldn't mind playing with Evan Longoria's balls.

*of the Rays

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Gaywayne, the Size Queen!

After reading 'Montreal Madness' (click on blog tag Gaywayne below to read the story), Nicole wondered why Gaywayne did not go to the adult bookstore across from the bar to suck cock. I finally got Gaywayne's response tonite.... Gaywayne said he did not go to the ABS because there were only little old man dickies to suck, no large cocks. He figured he'd have better luck hanging out where the action was. Gaywayne, the Size Queen! He only sucks big black cocks!

And for all of you considering a Montreal Madness sex-ay vacay, St. Catherine Street is where the red lite district is, according to our expert, Gaywayne!

And just for Gaywayne, I have included another gratuitous pic of Nicole, remember Nicole is his new boss...

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Cuchi Cuchi!

On Real Time with Bill Maher, this gem from Garry Shandling:

"Here's how Joe Biden prepared to handle Sarah Palin at the debate, he watched how Johnny Carson handled Charo on The Tonight Show."