Sunday, June 28, 2009

Gay Awakening! A Gay Confession

I remember when I first started talking with you last year. I wasn't really serious about the go gay thing. In fact, to me it was like playing a game. I had been listening to some hypnosis files that proposed to make me gay, to suck cock. I was buying them from a Flirt who I could never find on Niteflirt for live calls late nite so the only way to experience her kink and domination, was to buy her MP3s. I was intrigued. It was something different. After all, how many times can you jack off in a lifetime to the same old porn. But I still felt in control, that I was just playing. Little did I know where this would take me.

I confess although in real life, I have to be in control in the business world, I have a submissive streak...and the roleplay of being forced to become anything, let alone gay, was a real turn on. I don't think the MP3s were really that effective by themselves; they would have been just another online fantasy to me...I would have kept buying them, stroking off my little dick and eating my cum, that is, until I started talking to you.

You were so sweet sounding - so sincere. I remember you encouraging me to go out to an adult bookstore just to see what happens...I think you told me about one in xxxxxx where I had told you I was going over New Years. You acted like it was a lark. I think in my mind it was still all a roleplay...

...until I realized I was down on my knees on a hard concrete floor, lustily slurping down a big uncut Hispanic cock. It was New Years Eve morning - just after the sun came up...I had woken up very early still a little buzzed from partying; left the hotel room stealthily so I would not awaken the guys I went to xxxxxx with, and took a drive in the rental car. Consciously, I had no idea where I was going until I pulled up in the lot in front of the ABS...and one thing led to another.

It took several weeks before I went out again and found a cock to suck...I kept telling myself I was not gay...that this was just a game after all...but I could not stop myself. And I had to talk to you; I was slowly falling into your 'orbit' - and suddenly you were not so sweet - but wonderfully demanding - calling me a faggot - a cock sucker - and I luved it - I luved you.

I've fought you long and hard Sara over these last 6 months - but today was a big day. I officially became a gay fag boi.

I went to the Gay Spa - yes I'm a member and I've been going more and more regularly - hoping to suck a cock. Not much was happening and I was ready to leave. I took one last stroll through what is called the 'dark room' - no lights - and ran into another guy. He immediately grabbed my cock and started to suck me! I had not really been looking for that - I have always gone there to get sucked. But it was sooo good...and then another guy came up and I reached over and grabbed his dick and started jacking it. Soon I pushed the first guy over to suck this new dick...and got down on my knees to join him. 2 or 3 other guys joined in - it was a regular orgy in a few minutes. I was sucking several cocks - slurping over them - spitting on them - sucking their balls into my mouth...

After about 15 minutes of this one guy grabbed my ass, and turned me around - he pushed my over a bench and thrust his hard dick into my ass!! No lube but spit - and it hurt sooo good when it finally popped in. It burned and stretched and then finally it felt great when he started thrusting it in and out. I had lost my virginity! And I was moaning like a whore and thrusting back on it - it felt so damn good! We ended up going to his room where he put me on my back and pounded the shit out of me - with my legs wrapped around him hugging him close - I was in heaven. I knew at that moment I was truly gay - no woman would ever want to fuck me after this. Real men don't like to be fucked in the ass. But I was laying there getting fucked in the ass and loving every minute. I was staring up into his eyes - moaning "fuck my ass harder, baby" - 'Your dick feels sooo good inside me' OMYGOD baby - come in my hot ass - PLEASE CUM IN ME!" And he did. I was his. And I luved it.

Thanks Sara - I have finally gone all the way - this is what you have made me - you have made my little game my new reality. I am truly a little cock slut now in every sense of the word. I truly do not care if I ever get any more pussy ever - I am so turned on by getting fucked in my ass- it feels fantastic! I luv swallowing cock and licking balls --- and I am perfectly happy wanking my little cock off myself; so I can eat all of my own cum.

I guess if I were a real man I should be disgusted and hate you, Sara - but I am obviously not a real man - I luv you Sara for forcing me into my new way of life.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Replace the Face!

Talk about subliminal advertising and I mean that facetiously. But really, it should be a dude's face ready to gobble a big fat Super Seven Incher. BK's HQ is right here in Miami, so thanks to the 'marketeers' who came up with this ad, but they got it all wrong! Gay gobbling will sell more BK 7" meat! Or even better, have the hottie force feed it into a dude's mouth!

It can happen to you!

"I am now her (Sara's) complete sissy bitch and I am headed out to the adult bookstore to suck cock for her. Watch out guys she really has turned me more pussy for me, just cock...and I was not ever into being a sissy before this." (from a feedback comment on Niteflirt)

Before, as in years before, when xxxxxx first started calling me on Niteflirt, he claimed to be bi, which of course means to me, need a push off the gay cliff. xxxxxx is a very manly hot-looking guy, well over 6 feet, not the usual type to give the push. But to me bi is gay, so xxxxxx got the push off the gay cliff and now, has not only given up pussy for good, but also dresses like a slut in leather pants and tight tittie-form top or slut dress with a tight belt. xxxxxx also has a stripper who is pimping her sissy ass out at the strip club making xxxxxx suck cock for her. So beware, yes, it can happen to you. You may call me with the nastiest fantasy in mind, with no intention of doing anything beyond pulling your prick, but you may end up, some nite, driven to suck cock or dress like a hottie ho, or ask a stripper to pimp you. You never know when the urge might strike to transform fantasy into reality. Which is what I love, in an evil way, to do most of all, to those who crave cock in fantasy, to make it a reality. After all, I suck cock, and so should you.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

UK Jungle Fever Continues!

....from peewee, my intrepid UK blog reporter....

On the subject of the UK television show Big Brother, and in particular 20 year old glamour model Sophie's stunning revelation that she really likes black men, that size is important to her, has elevated Sophie to become the tabloid face of BB10. And so her proclamation that she is a size queen with a taste for black men is yet another fan to flame the roaring Jungle Fever gripping our nation. So many lusty white young women will be hanging on her every word. And her honest views will further fuel the widespread recognition that our hot young girls want it big and black.

Given her comments, it came as no surprise to read in the papers that she had previously dated the football (soccer) star, Tottenham Hotspurs' Jermaine Defoe. He is a black man (who resembles the black porn stud Mandingo in more ways than one) well known for bedding the most beautiful white glamour girls. Apparently, Sophie was so taken with him, that she told close friends that he was "the one"! The report is detailed here.

of course Jermaine is the shirtless hot black stud in this pic

What did come as a surprise however, was that Sophie seemed to be developing a closeness with a good-looking white boy housemate, Kris. Granted, there is only one black man in the BB house, and he is two years her junior. Nevertheless, it seemed unlikely that Sophie would drop her guard for anyone who wasn't big and black. And sure enough, no sooner had this closeness occurred, the rumours and body language experts concluded that it was merely a fauxmance! It would seem that Sophie and Kris are faking their relationship to gain the votes.

And UK Jungle Fever is now so advanced that when a hot blonde like Sophie gets with a white guy, questions are immediately asked! Indeed, Big Brother felt compelled to call the 'couple' into the diary room in order to humiliate Kris by reciting Sophie's 'black men' comment to his face and warning against fake relationships! Obviously Big Brother has been watching long enough to recognize a girl who is so clearly built for black cock - and feels a little sorry for the little white boys she is blatantly stringing along until she can get back to black! The amazing diary room scene is attached here.

I can personally admit that it is sometimes difficult for a white guy to watch the trend of our hottest young females slipping away from us and into the beds of black men. But thanks to your wise words Sara, I feel that your loyal little bloggies are the best prepared for this inevitable social shift. We have been skillfully conditioned to totally accept and respect the girls' preference for well hung black men. We know our place in this world, and just as we are happy to hear that you are being properly satisfied by real men, we are genuinely pleased to hear that Sophie, and others hotties like her, are getting the big black cock they so richly crave and deserve.

pic of Sophie Reade entering the Big Brother House c/o Getty Images

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Even More Gay Places to Live!

Three more Gay places to live submitted by one of my blog readers:

Fagg, Virginia 24073 zip code

Cocke County, Tennessee

Felch, Michigan

to which we can add to the list of:

Anus, France
Homosassa, Florida
Blue Ball, Pennsylvania
Fort Dick, Pennsylvania
Intercourse, Pennsylvania
Cockeysville, Maryland
Coxsackie, New York
Manassas, Virginia
Dildo, Newfoundland
Cockplay, Scotland
Three Cocks, Wales
Weener, Germany
Dikshit, India
Gofuku, Japan
Fukuoka, Japan
Fukien, China

Small Dick Confession!

I have a small dick. It drives me so goddamn crazy to know that it's small, know that I was born with it and there is nothing I can do about it. It sucks the most that I am so horny all the time.

It doesn't take too much for me to get hard, but the only way to act on that is to just jerk off, then watch that not-so-impressive hard dick go back to its' even smaller self makes me feel even more shameful. I confess that even when it's hard it looks small. I have a little (very little) over 3 inches, not very thick either. But when it's not hard it's so small I can't even feel it sometimes. Then there are times when it gets so small it's not even there at all, the head shrinks inside of me.

What makes it suck the most is that more and more women like yourself are not shy about saying size matters. It's becoming too common. To make things even more worse is I hear those commercials on the radio about "what women really want" for some pills that will either make your dick longer, thicker or both. I looked at those and I can't even use them as I'm allergic to some of the items that make up the pill. It's just not right!!!!! It's just not fair!!!! I'm going to be alone (womanless) for the rest of my life, with this little thing that gives me a few seconds of joy but hours and hours of pain and sadness.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Herbie's Part II by GAYWAYNE

Gaywayne's Alaskan Adventure Continued....

Waiting for party night at Herbie's was excruciating. I was too nervous to eat the day of the party. I kept saying why oh why am I doing this? This is not normal. But the other side of me said I had to do it. I was born to be a sissy servant for the black man and his white girlfriend. The frenchmaid costume was very expensive in Alaska. I couldn't find any kinky shops. Did they even exist in Alaska? I actually had to go to a uniform shop where they sold waitress and nurse uniforms and asked if they had a frenchmaid's uniform. "We got maid uniforms", the native woman advised me. "You gettin' a maid?" I was a little thrown by the question. But "yes" was the obvious, easy answer. "She's from Montreal." I said, "And she said she would prefer a frenchmaid's uniform." "Oh she's a Frenchie," the girl commented. "Well here are the maid uniforms. Put that Frenchie to work." I couldn't believe I found a frenchmaid's uniform, a real one, for real frenchmaids! It was tres, tres expensive, but I thought it would be worth it.

So I brought my frenchmaid uniform with me in a bag, tres, tres gay. A big scary black man opened the door of Herbie's when I arrived there close to midnight. After I handed him the $25, he looked in my bag and then laughed when he saw my costume and said. "Go right ahead in little white brother," which somehow made me feel better. There was lovely Jilleen who gave me the finger motion to come over to the door to a back room and gave me instructions of what I should do next. Which is something I will never forget.

I had to take a shower in a line with 8 other white men, butt naked. This shower was hooked up from an overhead sprinkler 'in case of fire' and the water was cold and shrunk our whitemen peens even more.

Jilleen informed us we were in her prison and laughed. Then she said we had to completely shave the hair off our pussies. Big deal you might say? It is when you all have to share the same razor from the $1.75 cent store. Yeah, there is no such thing as a dollar store in Alaska. You can't buy anything for a dollar in Alaska. So this razor was very dull by the time it was passed to me, the last in line.

Then Jilleen gave us all tiny pairs of panties that said Obama on the behind (Sort of like the pic Sara posted on her blog of a cute whitegirl wearing hers.) When we were told to put on our sissy outfits, some were so short the Obama was peeking out underneath.

The Snort Room

Then Jilleen led us to the back snort room. I thought: "Oh god. I'm not a junkie. And I don't want to get hooked on crack cocaine." But it was not drugs. It was the blackman's cum in trojan bags that the whitegirls brought in. They got it fresh from their black lovers. We were told to sit down behind this long table and were each given a bag and told to pour all the contents on a saucer. We were given straws and told to hold one nostril while sniffing with the other.

When the blackman's cum went to the back of our nose we were told to hold it there and slowly let it drip down our throats to fully experience tasting the blackman's white gold to get us hooked and make a lasting impression on us. Some gagged but finished snorting the cum while Jilleen took pictures, proof that we all were truly white fags if we weren't before.

One white sissy told us about how he used to wait out in the parking lot and beg and even pay the blackman for his cum bag to drink after he got done fucking a pretty white girl in the back seat of her car. The sissy said felt so ashamed when this one girl laughed her ass off when he paid and received the used rubber and the girl blurted, "Have a good time with it faggot!" She could not get over how dumb and weak whiteboys really are.

The Party Room

There is nothing so demeaning and embarrassing as being called out from the kitchen to bring out trays of food in a tiny frenchmaid outfit wearing lots of lipstick to witness the look on smiling pretty faces of the most beautiful girls in town. Everytime I would offer them food, the girls would say something humiliating like: "Thanks fag" or "That's a cute gay ass you have" or "I bet you must really enjoy taking up the ass alot. Do you prefer the large ones?" I blushed and this girl laughed and said, "Now I'm convinced you do."

One brotha shouted, "Hey Frenchie bitch maid. My crib needs to be cleaned." His girl loved that one. Actually, I think most of the sissies loved being teased. I guess it's hard to be a real sissy in Alaska, so you get sissified wherever and whenever you can.

The Real Men
(Black of course)

We sissy fairy whiteboys nearly fainted when some of the brothas stripped down down to their g-strings or went totally commando (naked). Sara, they had bodies that belong in AFROBONES, most of them from working on the Alaska pipeline. Their huge magnificent shaped cocks made us tiny cracker boys tremble and even cry. How embarrassing it felt when some of us silly fags were put over the blackmen's laps (with our panties pulled down) and spanked (like the scared little girlie sissies we were.) The white girls rooted their blacklovers on. "Spank their white asses!"

Our Big Tip for the Night's Work

Every whiteboy who worked at the party got to suck a large fat cock belonging to a brotha before going home. Just to give us all something to remember for a long time to cum. The only thing I did not like is that I had to share mine with Mousey, the pinball player fagboy, and watch his snake-like mouth wrap around it and then we were ordered to share cum with a fag kiss. The good side was I got a beating from Trey's horsecock while his girlfriend held it and beat us with it calling us stupid white queers and more. Before I left I asked where was the owner of the place (Herbie). Herbie apparently had made his money when he sold the place and skidaddled back to the lower 48 (as everyone calls it in Alaska) to open a strip club in Nevada.

Going Home

Two days later, I caught a cab to take me to Anchorage International Airport to go back home to New York. So much for my possible permanent move to Alaska. Before we got on Airport Road, we hit a red light on my final cold, Monday morning in arctic hell. I didn't even recognize it was Herbie's intersection, I wasn't used to seeing it by daylight. It was now a construction site closed off and ready to be destroyed by a demolition team for a new strip mall with a sign announcing the names of the new restaurant and stores that would be 'Coming Soon'. I noticed there was graffiti spray painted on Herbie's, things like: "WHITEFAGS HANG OUT HERE" or "BLACKCOCK RULES" and "SISSIES SUCK! DARK MEAT!".

The black cabbie in the Mets baseball cap explained, I'm from New York too, Queens, I used to drive in Manhattan, before all the Paki's took over the cabbie jobs. Just like Giuliani done in New York, Times Square and everywhere, Sarah Palin wants to knock down all the whorehouses and strip clubs and gay bars in the big cities of Alaska and get rid of the sin, sex and fags. Like it don't exist. (Well she got rid of me. I thought.) I work up here, not all year round, I take the rough part of the winters off and hang out in Hawaii and drive tourists around in mini-buses. But the pay is good here and you don't get robbed, or yelled at when you get a dent in your cab, it happens to everyone, the roads and drivers are sh*t."

Then I just happened to look at the cabbie photo on the dashboard and I thought I would sh*t in my pants. It was one of the black studs at the party named Jacko. Trey's friend who made a whiteboy kiss his ass to make the girls laugh. He did not recognize me without my frenchmaid uniform on and I didn't recognize him in his baseball cap and parka. Boy. Everyone seems to live a double life like I do. The light turned green and I left what seemed to be now a far distant dream of the past as I looked forward to taking the plane back over the blue skies of New York. The dream of the future would be to be free to live the way I want and not have to worry about the government telling me what I can and can't do. I prayed: God please keep Sarah Palin in Alaska and don't let her get her crazy claws into any other government seat, most of all keep her out of the White House.

I didn't reveal to Jacko that I had been at the party, I guess I must pass as a man when in manly attire. "Well say hello to New York City for me!" Jacko said as he unloaded my bags from the trunk of the taxi and handed them to me. "Hey you look a little familiar, do I know you from somewhere?" "No," I lied, "I've been working up in Dead Horse, oil company project." "Sh*t, Dead Horse, that's about as bad ass cold as you can get. New York will feel like summertime if it's 32 degrees there." I carried my luggage into the airport. My frenchmaid uniform was packed away and I was hoping that the Herbie's farewell party wouldn't be the last time I would get to wear it!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Porn Actresses Going Mainstream?

peewee postulates:

"I read an interesting article in this month's Empire movie magazine. It related to the adult film star Sasha Grey's move from porn star to mainstream Hollywood actress. It is also detailed in the attached link:

Sasha Grey

I recall your January blog about the 'porn bail-out'. And that leads me to another theory of sorts. With consumers steadily bailing out of buying adult dvd's, etc (with the alternatives available on-line), we may begin to see the emergence of porn stars as leading ladies on the big screen, as they too bail out for richer financial rewards.

I think the days when we looked down on a girl for shooting a porn film are long gone. Nowadays, a leaked sex video is a priority for hot wannabes. And just because we've seen young Sasha getting stuffed full of huge black cocks, does not mean we (or wee) little men don't still lust after her. In fact, quite the contrary. I believe that the porn starlets of today could easily command Hollywood careers. We may have to acknowledge that they are beyond our mortal means sexually, reserved for real men with huge cocks and unrivaled sexual prowess. However, that has always been the case with Hollywood's leading ladies. Let's face it, Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly were not exactly attainable to the everyday man on the street. So, as Sasha and other porn actresses come to prominence, we may see a new porn boom, as the line between adult and mainstream movies becomes ever more blurred. Sasha will be the first of many, in my humble opinion."

My response to peewee:

"I think you could be on the right track about the porn actress / mainstream actress crossover. But this track has been the back road or breakdown lane for most. Traci Lords appears in ridiculous B films, but nevertheless keeps slogging along. Some porn actresses become B film horror actresses here in the States, and continue doing porn. Of course in the horror films, they get naked, but don't have any hardcore sex scenes.

From what I've read about Sasha, she had goals beyond porn and wanted to control her career from the beginning, porn was a stepping stone. She seemed more intelligent and aware than other porn actresses. Example: refusing to blow up her tits with silicone sacs to conform to the porno breast-o-saurus look.

A porn connoisseur called her "one of the new-age small-tittied pretentious pornstars who considers porn to be performance art". But the other reason I read she was cast in the Soderbergh film, was because she had no inhibitions about her body and being sexual onscreen, which apparently troubles some regular actresses who are concerned that doing nude scenes or that being too porn-y in a regular film will hurt their career...."

Men's #4 Sex Fantasy is.... sex! especially getting a blow job from another guy....

Hmmmm I would have thought it would be the other way around, but maybe those who participated in the research were too embarrassed to say they'd rather be the catcher vs. the pitcher.

According to new research published in The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy, one in 10 men are harboring a serious sexual secret. "There are two kinds of secrets guys keep," says Les Parrott, author of Crazy Good Sex. "Things they wish their wives or girlfriends would understand but are scared they won't, and things they're just plain trying to get away with."

"There are guys who will have sex with a partner once or twice a month, and masturbate 20 to 25 times**," says psychologist Barry McCarthy, Ph.D., co­author of Discovering Your Couple Sexual Style.
"When you're married he hides: That he's fantasized about a guy -- and maybe acted on it. According to McCarthy's research, this is more typical than you might guess. "The fourth most common sexual fantasy among straight men is sex with another male, especially receiving oral sex from a guy," McCarthy says. "But the great majority of men do not act on the fantasy."

**This is so true from my unofficial research on Niteflirt -- Sara