Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clean Your Dirty Balls!

Click on the Blog Title above for the hilarious Axe Body Wash infomercial about cleaning your dirty balls.  Axe Body Wash commercials have always pushed the envelope for their raunchy or nude content.  Some of their commercials have even been banned for being, yes, too sexual. 

Jaime Pressly plays Monica Blake, a former tennis star, in this humiliating 3 minute short-form infomercial piece stuffed with Small Balls and Small Penis Humiliation double entendres, innuendos and tiny cock teasing

Notice how the biggest sack of balls (soccer balls) are tossed to the Size Queens:  Axe Body spokesmodel and Jaime Pressly by a hot studly black dude.  Stereotype of Small Penis Humiliation?  The small dick loser wimpy white boys only offer up tiny golf balls and fuzzy used tennis balls for the Axe Body Wash to clean.  In a comedic bit, an old white dude shows up with two shriveled unrecognizable balls. 

Jaime and the hottie spokesmodel cuckold and embarrass the white boys in the infomercial audience about their small "sports" equipment.  Complete Small Penis Humiliation and Small Balls Humiliation!   

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Naked said...

When your buying body wash boycott Axe!