Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March Loser of the Month - Sniffalot!

Sniffalot comes into work early and stays late. How dedicated, you might think, but really he's not that dedicated to his work at all. Sniffalot comes in early and stays late so he can sniff the office chair seats of the women who work at his office and go thru their drawers (their desk drawers, not their panties) and see what interesting items he might find. He reported that he only sniffs the office chairs of attractive women in the office, but I've told him he must sniff every woman's seat from now on, that as a loser, he can't be so selective.

I asked if he's ever been caught and he said not yet, but the thrill of it excites him. He said it's why he comes into the office early and goes around sniffing the pretty girls' seats, hoping that as they arrive to the office, they might catch him en flagrante. Sniffing gives him a stiffie and then he goes to the men's room and alleviates his stiffalot. When I asked how close he's cum to getting caught seat sniffing, he said he's almost been caught, meaning he's been found in a female colleague's cubicle or office, but since he works in the IT department, his responsibilities include all the office computers and phones, so he usually just says he was fixing something and no one suspects, or so he claims. He told me that most of the women in the office probably think he's a harmless wimpy nerd.

Sniffalot was too scared to send a picture of himself, lest he be identified by a colleague, because I'm so sure that someone from his office reads my blog LMAO.

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