Saturday, May 21, 2011

The History of Sara's Playroom

Some of you have asked: Where did Sara's Playroom (a/k/a Saras Playroom) originate?

I liked the idea of a catchy name that would indicate a Femdom or Mistress playspace, since that is what some Mistresses call their dungeon, instead of using the ominous word "dungeon". Sara's Playspace just didn't sound as catchy as Sara's Playroom to me. At the time I wasn't thinking about how confusing it might be to guys since apostrophes aren't used in Google searches. Sara's Playroom would need to be known as Saras Playroom or Saras+Playroom in a search box. If I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't use the name! Truthfully! I would have gone with something completely different. What it would be? I don't know. And as one internet consultant told me, I've already established the brand name, despite the potential confusion. Too late to change: Sara's Playroom or my website or here on blogspot Saras-Playroom

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