Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sara's Playroom Asks - Into Forced Fem?

Sara's Playroom is opening up a new site - - well, the site is actually up, but I need a redesign on the Wordpress theme as the theme isn't functional for some strange reason, and I want more of a visual design instead of a newsy header. In the meantime, you little Forced Fem sissy sluts, I need some nasty confessions, naughty fantasies and real life stories about your Forced Fem experiences. I want to make this site a real go-to for Forced Fem with lots of RSS feed subscribers. So get tapping on the keyboard and write me a confession, fantasy or story. Remember it must be ORIGINAL material only then email it to me via my email link here on my blog to be posted on Forced Fem. You may already know that with all of my blogs, my girlfriends read and get a good laugh or get a kick out of what I write and what you write ha. So my girlfriends will be reading Forced Fem from time to time to amuse themselves. The Forced Fem audience will be primarily other sissy sluts like you and secondarily, some of the hottie GFs you have heard me talk about or have read about on my blogs. This should make your Forced Fem experience either more humiliating or exhilarating or both!

What else is going on with Sara's Playroom? If you haven't already checked out or then check out my other blogs which are fully designed and feature many stories and blog posts for your reading pleasure or humiliation!

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