Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Site by Sara's Playroom Coming Up

Forced Fem will be the newest site presented by me, Sara of Saras Playroom ;-) for all you sissies, girlie bois and twinks. Right now Forced Fem is in design stage and it will probably take another week or two before the finishing touches are completed on my newest site. I will be accepted sissy photos for that site, so if you have a sissy photo of yourself you'd like to submit for consideration, or a sissy story or confession (original work only!), then please email pics or stories or confessions to me using my email listed here on my blogspot blog.

I'm so excited to add another site to my empire. I started the Saras Playroom blog back in 2006 on the blogspot's free host blogging platform and never dreamed I would be able to expand and have a collection of websites with each one focused on different fetishes and niches that I enjoy. As many of you know, I have real time experience in Interracial, Cuckolding, Small Penis Humiliation and Forced Feminization, so it seems natural to keep expanding and entertaining all of you too!

The Slave Trade will also be another project I hope to complete later this year. Because of the size of the existing Slave Trade archives, I really need a slave to transfer all of the blog posts starting in 2007 thru the present, any volunteers?

Check out my trilogy of sites if you haven't already:

Red Car? Small Penis!

I try to update all 3 sites at least once a week, but sometimes as you know, I'm a little busy. Guest bloggers for Saras Playroom and Cuckoldress are especially invited. Email me!

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