Friday, July 01, 2011

Sara's Playroom - Cuckold - Forced Fem Stories - Confessions Needed!

Sara's Playroom Productions needs to fill up Cuckoldress and Forced Fem with original, written content to keep my readers cumming back for more Cuckoldress and Forced Fem entertainment. Sara's Playroom Productions specifically needs:

  • Cuckold or Forced Fem // Sissy Stories
  • Lists of at least 10 or your favorite Cuckold or Forced Fem / Sissy Sites or Forums - free or paid (Yahoo Groups do NOT count)
  • Cuckold or Forced Fem / Sissy Confessions

Send to me at Sara =|at|= SarasPlayroom ((dotcom))

Format my Saras Playroom email address before sending. I only cloaked my Saras Playroom email addy to avoid evil trolling spambots ;-)

Original means original. I cannot emphasize this enough: Your Cuckoldress and Forced Fem / Sissy written submissions should be original! I already had one sissy ho-bag try to pass off a long detailed sissy confession letter from Penthouse Letters as his original work to try to faux-finesse 3 free minutes of Niteflirt phone sex. I run everything I receive thru Copyscape, since I don't want the excrement to hit the fan as in Penthouse coming after my hot ass. If you're a member of Niteflirt and you send me an original work of at least 250 words in length that I publish on one of my new Sara's Playroom Productions websites, then I'll send you 3 free minutes of Niteflirt phone sex talk time as a thank you. Lists of at least 10 of your favorite Cuckold or Forced Fem / Sissy sites will earn 1 free minute of phone sex call time, but no sites listing any of my competition will count, meaning no Femdom, Cuckold or Sissification Phone Sex or Phone Domme websites. So earn your 1 - 3 free minutes of phone sex the honest way. Write up something original! Offer limited to one submission in each category. I'm not in the biz of giving away free phone sex, but I'm not an ungrateful bitch!

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