Saturday, July 09, 2011

Saras Playroom - Cuckoldress Movies

Please leave a comment here on my Saras Playroom blog or email me about a catchy new movie review feature I'm going to launch and I need my blog readers input. This will be on both and where I plan to occasionally review Interracial themed movies on Sara's Playroom and Cuckold / Cuckoldress themed movies on If you have a favorite Interracial movie or Cuckold / Cuckoldress movie from the past or present, I'd like to know the movie by title and why you found the movie intriguing or sexually exciting. No porno movies, I'm talking about feature films or indie films or foreign films that most of the Sara's Playroom or Cuckoldress readers would either be familiar with or films that most of my blog readers would enjoy my interracial or cuckolding interpretations and reviews of the films from those contexts.

I've found a few films to start out my Cuckoldress reviews, but I have quite a few films for Sara's Playroom in mind, too many! I definitely need to narrow the list down for Sara's Playroom. On I already reviewed the British Keeley Hazell interracial film which didn't see a theater release, sad face, but it must have been terrible, even tho the plot idea of a modern day Venus who only speaks Latin and falls in love with a black Adonis sounded interesting.

I may also extend this to Forced Fem, where I would review movies where guys have crossdressed or gone sissy. But for now I'm sticking to Cuckoldress and Saras Playroom.

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peewee the cuckold said...

Very interesting indeed. Ok, I'll list my Top Ten for you (based on a combination of cucky/ir content and overall quality/credibility), as follows;

1) Jungle Fever
2) Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
3) One Night Stand
4) Bitter Moon
5) Boogie Nights
6) "O"
7) Belle De Jour
8) Melinda and Melinda
9) Eyes Wide Shut
10) A Serious Man

Not all include cuckoldry as such, and not all are interracial, but they all include scenes featuring one or the other, or both.

Even though it is not a black man doing the cuckolding, my most personally affecting movie experience in this genre was Boogie Nights. The scene itself involves the cameraman, played by William H Macy, being drawn to an outdoor crowd at a summer party, only to discover that they are gathered watching his own wife being savagely fucked on the ground by a huge porn star. Despite his pitifully weak protests, his slut wife continues blissfully on with her fucking and the crowd dismiss the cuckold's presence with a disinterested sneer. He walks away, dejected and humiliated.

I remember being tremendously excited by that scene when I watched it as a mere 21 year old in the cinema back in '97.