Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sara's Playroom - Cuckoldress Movies Recommended

Sara's Playroom received a superb list of Cuckoldress movies to potentially review which include both American films and foreign films, both contemporary films and classic films. Here it is or Voila, as the French say:

1) Jungle Fever
2) Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
3) One Night Stand
4) Bitter Moon
5) Boogie Nights
6) "O"
7) Belle De Jour
8) Melinda and Melinda
9) Eyes Wide Shut
10) A Serious Man

Some of these films are not just cuckolding themed films, but also interracial themed. I'm not familiar with all of the movies on the list, so I will have to look up the ones I am not familiar with on or check on for movie clips.

I've already started a review of the heist double-cross movie, The Getaway, actually, I'm reviewing both the original and the remake. The original features Ali McGraw and Sally Struthers as the Cuckoldresses, I know, neither have aged well and I don't think too many of my readers will be attracted to them now. However, the remake of The Getaway features Kim Basinger and Jennifer Tilly as the Cuckoldresses, so the hotness factor is upped exponentially!

I am familiar with Belle de Jour and loved Catherine Deneuve's performance in the wickedly delicious French film. But, truthfully in Eyes Wide Shut, Tom Cruise deserves to be cuckolded for being much shorter than Nicole Kidman and, well, who doesn't suspect in reality he's gay! So it's hard to play a real man and "get away" with it. Keep the lists for Cuckoldress movie reviews or individual film suggestions coming! Thank you for assisting the Cuckoldress!

Sara of Sara's Playroom


Anonymous said...

Belle du Jour-French women are allowed to cheat on their hubby without their hubby beating, insulting, or killing them. Usually the hubby either tolerates his wifey cheating on him and getting preggers with her manstress's (male mistress) kid, divorces, or separates. French women are serial cuckoldresses while French men are always cuckolds. It's very common. French women are very domineering while French men are very submissive.

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